Jim Schwartz doesn’t consider the Lions’ season a failure


The Lions’ collapse over the last five weeks has taken them from first place to out of the playoffs, but coach Jim Schwartz doesn’t believe this season was a failure.

Asked at his press conference today about whether the Lions’ season is a failure, Schwartz said it is not.

“We didn’t make the playoffs and I think that’s obviously anybody’s goal, so we didn’t achieve that goal. But I don’t know if I’d be as strong as to call it failure,” Schwartz said. “We haven’t done a good enough job. I mean, it’s been the quintessential close but no cigar. We’ve battled every game but we’ve come up a play short consistently, whether it was a special teams play or an offensive play or a defensive play.”

When reporters pressed Schwartz on why this season isn’t a failure, Schwartz described himself as a “half-full guy” and said he’s being optimistic.

“I could get philosophical,” Schwartz said. “When I hear failure, I hear ‘abject failure,’ nothing goes right. That’s the connotation I get from it, maybe you feel different. But I don’t feel that about our team.”

Schwartz also defended his players when asked about Detroit’s turnover problems, saying that Reggie Bush wasn’t holding the ball loose when he lost a fumble in Sunday’s loss to the Giants, and that Matthew Stafford went through his progressions correctly on his interceptions on Sunday. But Schwartz did acknowledge that it was particularly tough to lose on Sunday and then see that the Bears and Packers lost as well, which means that if the Lions had won, they’d just need to beat the Vikings in Week 17 to win the NFC North.

“That made it even tougher to swallow for sure,” Schwartz said.

Asked about his own record as the team’s coach, Schwartz pointed out that he inherited a team that had just gone 0-16.

“I know where we were when I took over and I know where we are now,” Schwartz said.

Whether it’s a failure or not, the season is over for the Lions. And Schwartz may be done as their coach.

116 responses to “Jim Schwartz doesn’t consider the Lions’ season a failure

  1. LOL. Then what is considered a failure? They have a talented team and there is no reason for them not to make the playoffs. I would consider this a failure? The fact he’s being talked about as one of the head coaches on the hot seat, would tell me it’s a failure. I think he needs Harbaugh to slap him hard in the back again and maybe knock some sense into him.

  2. They had the division. It was the Lions division. All they needed to do was beat the giants who have had their worst season since 2004! This season is a total disaster of epic proportions.

  3. Fail·ure [feyl-yer] noun
    1. an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success: His effort ended in failure. The campaign was a failure.
    2. nonperformance of something due, required, or expected: a failure to do what one has promised; a failure to appear.
    3. a subnormal quantity or quality; an insufficiency: the failure of crops.
    4. wholly inept mismanagement of a talented team of football players
    5. an inability to win a division decimated by injuries to the competition
    6. the head coaching efforts of one James J. Schwartz

  4. Wow……….. and that’s exactly why he’ll lose his job.

    Not a failure Jim?

    You were in the drivers seat in a division with Aaron Rodgers (and a ton of other Packers) injured, and a Bears team also without its starting QB and other numerous injuries.

    ….. and you still missed the playoffs.

    That may be the biggest ever head scratcher in the history of organized sports. I believe Wayne Fontes could’ve pulled that one out.

  5. Sorry Schwartz, but you have to go. The icing on the cake was you snapping at the fans (who have every right to be upset) when you should have been focusing on trying to win the game.

  6. Jim Schwartz is so out of touch with this city and fanbase its unreal. Lions fans dedicate a lot of their hard earned money and time off to this football team and going to the games. In a season where the Packers miss Aaron Rodgers for 7 games and you sweep Chicago and start 6-3, you’re telling me 7-9/8-8 isn’t a complete failure?????? You deserve to be fired after such a ridiculous comment.

    We love them and they never love us back.

  7. So losing the NFC North despite Rodgers being gone and the Bears having a backup play for the majority of the season and you don’t consider the season a failure? Wow I can’t believe this guy I hate him more than Jim Harbaugh and that’s a hard feat to accomplish.

  8. Watch Detroit come out and play like they want to win this week…they will probably show more desperation in this game than any game yet. It makes no sense but nothing makes sense with this team.

  9. If I was an OC candidate for a HC spot I’d have my agent sitting on ready for The Schwartz’s firing. To have all these weapons and lose is pathetic. Gunter needs to retire. They need a no-nonsense defensive coordinator.

  10. Well of course the season wasn’t a failure … each week, Jimbo got a paycheck in the mail … and none of those checks bounced! Success! Success!!

    Congrats Lions Fans!! Break out the Bubbly …

    Time to celebrate your team’s 3rd place finish in a 4-team division!

  11. On top of being arguably the most arrogant, self-aggrandized and narcissistic coach in the league, he’s obviously the most delusional!

    He’ll be HC at a division III school in 2 years.

  12. This is the exactly problem with Schwartz. He’s arrogant. His response should have been, “I’m totally disappointed in our season. We expected to make the playoffs and we didn’t. We improved on last year but that’s not good enough. We are a playoff team and that’s where we should be.” He has to go. The bottom line is that this team has playoff level talent and any season that they don’t make the playoffs IS a failure.

  13. Well, including Jim’s assessment, that makes ONE person on the planet who doesn’t view the season as a failure. If this is a typical example of his assessment skills, he must assume his team is NOT a bunch of immature meatheads running amuck, shooting themselves in the foot week after week with their undisciplined behaviors that cost them dearly on AND off the field. It’s amazing how the players are such a duplicate reflection of their impulsive, loose-cannon coach. Imagine taking time to YELL at the fans WHILE the game YOU are in charge of unfolds before your BACK!!

  14. Every team wants to win the Super Bowl but a more realistic benchmark is winning at least one playoff game.

    For the teams that play the first weekend winning one game means you at least deserve to be there and of course for the teams who have a bye in the first round nothing is worse than getting upset to go one and done.

  15. Everybody except the Lions top brass has known Schwartz is the problem for at least 2 years. The sooner they can him, the better off the entire organization will be. Guy is a loose cannon, and his inability to control himself is the biggest reason the Lions are the most undisciplined team in the NFL… and the reason for their failure once again. Awful coach.

  16. Swartz is a dead coach walking. My advice for him is to have his feelers get out there and get busy securing that assistant coaching position for next season right now.

    Also, have his realtor line up some serious prospects.

  17. Jim Schwartz needs to get canned. This team has numerous stars and there not playing up to there capabilities. Just like the Chiefs when you get a good coach with good players your records going to be alot different.

  18. Yelling at fans – is that a “firing for cause” option (i.e., conduct detrimental to the team)? Sure seems to be for me, and this is not the first instance of this kind of behavior.

  19. Well, as ‘Dark Helmet’ said in ‘SPACEBALLS’…..”I see your Schwartz is as big as mine”!

  20. Ownership wouldn’t be so stupid as to fire him.

    He brought back some hope to some longsuffering fans. A new coaching staff and years of trying to find new players for a new system would crush fans more than the firing of good ol’ Wayne Fontes.

    It is better to have hope crushed than no hope at all.

  21. Dude, you couldn’t win the division when 2 of the 3 teams in the division lost their starting QB for the year, and the third team is the Vikings. That IS the definition of failure.

  22. I would rather have heard Schwartz stand there and look Lions fans in the eyes and say “yes the season was a failure “.
    At least that way he could have been honest with us as he’s walked out the door. That goes for the entire organisation.
    Lions fans can see it … why can’t Schwartz ?

  23. Reggie Bush calls the team undisciplined this week and gets benched for the comment…not for a fumble.
    Thanks Reggie…u killed my fantasy team in the champ round. Couldnt you wait till after this week to call out Schwartz the tool?

  24. Can anyone name 1 Lions HEAD COACH in the last 50 years who was fired by Detroit who then went on to become a HEAD COACH with another NFL team? I believe the answer is zero. Goes to show was a lousy track record this organization has. They select losers to coach the team and it filters down to the product on the field. Garbage In – Garbage Out.

  25. Well let me say this, considering he’s trying to keep his job, why would he say this season is a failure? Of course he has to say that. I mean this guys bringing up the 0-16 season for god sakes! Is that suppose to make fans be like oh yeah Jim you have made a difference. This is a joke by all regards he needs to go already. Any coach that is half way decent would have done better than 0-16 so to bring it up is just foolish. But like I said he’s gotta try and get supporters

  26. For those not versed in Lions football, you’d think that the Lions would just lose again this Sunday in Minnesota. On the surface it makes sense, they can’t win a game now so Minnesota will beat them too. But you see, the only benefit the Lions have left to gain is to lose in Minnesota and improve their draft pick status. That is exactly the reason that Detroit will crush Minnesota this weekend. The Lions screw up everything, not just the playoffs. They’ll smoke Minnesota and lose however many draft slots in the process. Then they’ll say they were 8-8 and way better than last year. This has been going on for decades, and it won’t stop this Sunday.

  27. Maybe if Schwartz was more critical of Stafford, instead of continually insisting that he does things right despite his poor numbers the last 6 games….maybe the lions could’ve won a couple more games

  28. With that much talent on the offense and great DL, the Lions should have finished atleast 10-6.

    Dunno, I guess us stupid football fans don’t know how to measure success and failure in the NFL.

  29. Out to lunch. Further proof that he is totally disengaged from his team and the reality of what success looks like.

    Next thing to follow will be Megatron wanting out of Detroit. He is wasting his time.

    Between this bonehead and Stafford’s turnover tendencies, they would be wise to move CJ before and cash in with some draft picks. He must be worth at least two firsts.

  30. “Can anyone name 1 Lions HEAD COACH in the last 50 years who was fired by Detroit who then went on to become a HEAD COACH with another NFL team? …They select losers to coach the team and it filters down to the product on the field. ”

    This is rewriting history, plus hindsight. Several of the former Lions HCs went back to being coordinators/unit coaches (Morninweg, Marinelli) and have done well, as they did before, which is why they were given a shot at HC. The Lions have hired top AC’s (those two plus Mariucci, Jauron, and yes, Schwartz) to be head coaches, but they turned out to not be successful as HCs. Millen was a major blight on the organization, perhaps the least successful/most incompetent front office in the last 30 years.

  31. In the perfect world, the Lions would fire Schwartz and the Vikings would immediately hire him. Big loser of a coach working for a loser franchise, a match made in heaven.

  32. My original call after the Lions beat the Bears the first time, is that the Lions would knock the Bears out of playoff contention before the season ended. I was very surprised to see that Schwarz & friends did not pull that off with all the opportunities they had to do so.

    Probably time for Schwarz to go. That stretch of losses toward the end of the season is just unforgivable.

    I hear a man named “Lovie Smith” is looking to coach again…

  33. LMAO!! Not a failure?? 6W &3L with the starting QB’s of Div opponents out with injury to already out of the playoffs is not a failure? Talk about cluless.

  34. Not to rub dirt….but the second Reggie Bush was signed…myself and I guarantee a whole mess of fans from other teams in the NFC-N were crapping bricks when the season started thinking the Lions were far and away the team to beat. Cutler goes down, Rodgers goes down, the Vikings were playing musical QB’s and dealing with injuries and the Lions without a doubt should have ran away with this division.

    If he’s NOT the first HC let go next Sunday afternoon, I’ll be shocked more than I was at the Lions 2013 outcome.

  35. Completely agree. The Kittens went 3-1 vs Chicago and Green Bay this season. Sadly, that’s all Detroit and Minnesota can ever judge their seasons. Since they rarely make the playoffs, they base their level of success by how they competed against the 2 perennial NFCN champions. When Chicago loses on Sunday, they’ll also find themselves in this same sad category.

  36. I considered this statement very seriously, still couldn’t come up with any explanation.
    If Schwartz truly believes what he said, he needs to quit.
    Hugely talented, yet underachieving team. I’d love to have Megatron on the niners, the niner passing game would be unstoppable.

  37. This franchise is hilarious. Poor Lions fans.

    Every team in NFC North did all they could to leave the door wide open for the Lions to finally win the division. Schwartz deserves to be fired. This season is unequivocally a failure.

  38. Schwartz has acted like a child with his actions over the years, which has filtered down to his players. As a Viking fan, I say give him an extension.

  39. The Lions Gm Martin Mayhew Needs to go also. He has been here since the Matt Millen era and until this last draft when Brian Xander came in he was clueless in drafting any talent beyond the first round. Time to clean house

  40. Here’s my humble and soft-spoken thoughts…

    Though Schwartz could be fired for the team’s meltdown, I don’t think he should be.

    Here’s why:

    1) Rebuilding blows.

    By no means should this team be in a rebuilding mode with the talent they have. Scrapping the coach usually means scrapping the scheme, which also usually means finding new players. Why do that when they don’t need new players? They may need more depth, and a new player or two, but that’s about it.

    When has firing a Lions coach ever worked out for Detroit? In my opinion, Schwartz and Mayhew have built a winning team with players who aren’t accustomed to winning. Give ’em another year or two and I think this team goes deep in the playoffs. After all, what do they have to lose? They have sucked for decades. What’s another year or two risk? I’d rather ride that out than another 0-16, 1-15, or 2-14 season.

    2) Be careful what you wish for.

    Keep in mind that they had a chance to win every game this year, and also had a lead in every game. A play here or there and they are 15-0 right now. Though it could be the coach’s fault that they aren’t, I’d much rather bank on a coach who put them in position to be 16-0 but needs to correct some things than another hopeful savior.

    Again, just my humble opinion.

  41. So…the Lions haven’t won the division since it was the NFC Central, simply needed to win 4 of their remaining 6 games to do so, with the Packers and Bears both down to their 2nd string QB and the Vikings irrelevant, they meltdown in typical Lions fashion, and it’s NOT a failure?

    But hey, maybe Jim Schwartz is a Thomas Edison fan. Only he won’t even get 1 more season to overcome his failure, unlike Edison.

  42. In a weakened division where EVERY other starting QB except his own missed long stretches, he still couldn’t win the division despite having the best talent. If that isn’t failure, then what is?

  43. For goodness sake, the Lions were practically handed the division title on a silver platter.

    Rogers is still out, Cutler is healthy but playing hit-or-miss football and neither defense knows how to tackle. The door was wide open, all they had to do was walk in.

  44. I have noticed alot of (1) Thumbs down does anybody else think that Schwartz is having these remarks read to him? th one opinion defending him had no thumbs down?

  45. When you play poorly for 60 minutes, yes you get beat by 1 or 2 plays. It’s a miracle we were even in some of those games.

  46. Ugh… please stop talking to this guy. As a Lions fan, This is by far the third most disgusting Lions season ever.

    First was the 0-16 season.

    Second was the year Bobby Ross scared Barry into retirement.

    I seriously hope the Lions can get a no-nonsense coach like a Coughlin or a Cowher to hold these guys accountable. So much talent, it’s got to be a HC job that guys would love to have.

  47. With that attitude of thinking this season was not a failure he has low standards & low standards isn’t what I would want if I was the owner. I guess Schwartz doesn’t think he’s going to be fired either. That’s pretty pathetic when the lions can’t win their div & Rodgers misses 7 weeks almost 1/2 the season & Cutler misses 5 games. Lions had their best chance this year to win the div. Lions organization as a whole is a failure. You would think Mr. Ford w/all his money would hire a decent coach to help his team not suck so much & get more talent out of his players

  48. Schwartz is a good coordinator, but a terrible head coach. And all Stafford has is a big arm. I feel sorry for megatron, a once in a generation talent wasted playing for the Lions…ugh

  49. If a coach’s goal is simply to make the playoffs, he’s a failure before he starts. Every team, coach, and player’s goal should be winning the Super Bowl. Always.

  50. For everyone asking for Stafford’s release papers, who is your replacement for him? The guy has stomped nearly every record in Lions history, and has stats that are comparable to Brees and Manning…plus he’s almost a decade younger than them. Dumping Stafford means decades long searches for his replacement again.

  51. LOL @ those suggesting Stafford needs to go. Tell me who you’re gonna replace him with? With proper coaching and improved mechanics, Stafford can be elite. He already has the strongest arm in the league.

  52. The Lions are one Coach away from a perennial playoff team. It’s all there. The phones will be lit up when Schwartz get’s the ax on Monday.

  53. GOOOOHHDD!!!!
    I’m soo pissed right now!
    Schwartz will run down harbaugh for slapping him in the back after squeezing a win out on a 4th and fluke and killing our RBs career, but he won’t yell at a ref after years of some of the worst officiating I’ve ever seen! (Just yell at fans for booing)
    Maybe Schwartz should take a page out of harbaugh’s book and do a little more “head coaching” on the side lines instead of standing there trying to look cool. HCs should argue with refs wisely (not cursing uncontrollably like idiot marinelli) and call timeouts, red flag, and keep his team from “lionizing*” . Schwartz did NONE of those well. Sad thing is, I bet he will realize it later in life, that he should have spoken up, he should have taken a stand, he should have done something different. Like WIN. Coach to win!!! Damnit!!! If I have to hear him barely mumble about how a penalty cost us a first down or touch down and about him writing a complaint to the league office on Monday again, I’ll friggin snap. YOU BLEW IT JIM. You didn’t coach to win. You coached “not to lose” you failed Detroit. Again. You coached “not to get fined” by not calling those horse sh11 refs out and saved your money and didn’t donate to an NFL charity. Congrats Jim, you know it all. You’re right again Jim. You know buddy. Thanks for playing. Thanks for losing the easiest chance a team ever had to win a division in the history of football. Thanks for knowing so much about coaching that you forgot the basic element of sports. Fighting for a cause. Fighting for a win. I’ll take either harbaugh over this Maryland bum any day. They are both michigan men and they fight. Oh and they win jim.. They win. Take your door prize. 12 million of ’em. You stink like bum’s feet.

  54. I’m guessing the Lions’ owner won’t be quite as sanguinary. I knew this guy was different by his reaction to Harbaugh’s slap on the back/short handshake. What a weenie he looked like running aside Harbaugh off the field, whining at Harbaugh. He seemed incapable of getting it through Suh’s head that football is not about stomping an opponent when’s he’s down, he seems incapable of changing Stafford’s understanding that throwing the ball is sometimes unwise unless it’s directed out-of-bounds, and he has failed to capitalize on one of the best players in the game during his prime. In short, as a head coach, he has wasted the chance to mold great individual ballplayers into a cohesive unit called a great team. He’s a loser, and he’ll soon be gone.

  55. why is he even a coach if he doesn’t mind losing?
    ok guys, lets get out there and don’t worry if we lose….it’ll be ok, we’ll still go out for ice cream after the game.

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