Jonathan Martin breaks silence, on Twitter


We haven’t heard much from Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin since he abruptly left the team on October 28.  Apart from a prepared statement read outside the league office after he met with NFL investigator Ted Wells, Martin has said nothing.

He also has been silent on Twitter.  As several of you have pointed out, Martin has returned to Twitter for the first time since the day he threw down a tray of spaghetti and exited the facility.

The message?  “Happy Holidays!

The responses?  Creative, in some instances.

Meanwhile, Wells continues his work, largely out of sight.  While a second round of interviews with Dolphins linemen was reportedly canceled, a league source tells PFT that Wells intended to conduct the follow-up sessions by phone.

Eventually, a report will be delivered to Commissioner Roger Goodell.  The report, when finalized, will be made public.

Some expect the report to be held until after the Super Bowl.  At a minimum, the report won’t be issued while the Dolphins’ season continues.

Martin has been placed on the team’s non-football illness list.  He has been paid since leaving the team.  Guard Richie Incognito remains on paid suspension; through the end of the regular season, Incognito will have been paid for six games.

29 responses to “Jonathan Martin breaks silence, on Twitter

  1. Long shot Miami makes the playoffs, but if they do, would Incognito receive paid game pay while on paid suspension?

  2. Reading the comments posted by posters responding to Martin’s holiday greeting shows everyone the type of people who support richie incognito.

    More proof that I am on the right side of the Johnathan Martin/richie incognito controversy.

  3. Maybe the NFL should give the Dolphins some compensatory draft picks in rds. 6 & 7 for having starters missing for so long and losing money to boot.

  4. New Orleans is good at getting pro bowl lineman in late rounds.
    Bushrod 4th round
    Carl Nicks 5th round
    Jahri Evans 5th round
    Martin can stay where he’s at.

  5. What a load of rubbish. Happy Holidays, and don’t bother to play in the NFL anymore. Thank you for screwing up the Dolphins too. Stay with Mummy and Daddy and be happy. What a loser!!

  6. Yeah, I’d say it’s a happy holiday for Martin.. A two month paid vacation will make anybody happy.

  7. There can’t be any real men who are on this bird’s side. Instead of standing up for himself he threw his plate and ran away. He’s nothing but a 300+ lb adolescent. Soaked his team (and his teammates) for not just one but two salaries! I’ve met 8 year old kids with more courage than Martin.

  8. Wow. The first few comments & the thumbs up for them surprises me. People go through tough times in their lives and unfortunately for some it happens publicly. The rest of us get to screw up and deal with our demons in private. Even then we still don’t know the whole story. But I suppose everyone giving a thumbs up for the Martin hate has never made a mistake or dealt with a situation in anything other than the socially acceptable masculine way. We’re all tough guys behind the keyboard.

  9. Exactly which holiday does he think people are celebrating on December 23? Seriously, people, Christmas is a federal holiday.

  10. No, we just think its bs that he did go public and bring everyone else, and the whole NFL down. Football is a rough game. I knew that before I ever put my pads on in 7th grade.

  11. If this clown ever gets an NFL job again we will know that the liberal busy-bodies have won and we might as well all start carrying European man bags, wear girly-man thongs and relish in our diversity.

  12. Making a mistake pubicly or in private is one thing. Making a mistake and screwing over the team, the league, and the fans that support the team is b.s. Enough time has gone by that an open apology on twitter to those he screwed over is whats required. Pushing someone into an on-coming train and saying merry xmas after they get hit dosen’t cut it.

  13. No way he can return to Dolphins after being such a baby. The only thing his teammates would say to him going forward, would be, “Meow”.

  14. Honestly, i cannot comprehend how a 350 lb man can quit a professional football team because he has been bullied. No one knows about it and no player supports him as it appears at this time.

    I mean really, can you believe this? This seams like a twilight zone episode or something?

    Its probably the lamest excuse to quit a team i have ever heard if all the facts remain as they are. What a disgrace as a teammate to not deal with it like a professional man. Truly sad and pathetic.

  15. It just amazes me how much attitudes have changed since this all first came out. I said all along (and especially after Incognito showed all the 1000+ texts between them) that he was just being a cry-baby and it’s all blown out of proportion.

    Any team that signs him will have to walk on egg shells around him lest he runs home and cries to mommy.

  16. Some of you are so sensitive to Martin’s feelings I’d swear he was your boyfriend or your child.

    How would you feel if you were Stephen Ross and this coward/idiot made you shell out millions of dollars because of his spineless demeanor??? Why not be sensitive to Ross and his image??? Just because he’s rich???

    Martin is too, ya know.

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