Kenny Vaccaro suffers broken ankle, surgery tomorrow

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While MRIs can give teams a glimmer of hope while they wait for results to come in, usually when the air casts and carts come out for a player, it’s a bad sign.

That was the case with Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro, who was hauled off during yesterday’s loss to the Panthers.

Saints coach Sean Payton just confirmed to reporters that Vaccaro suffered a broken ankle, and would have surgery tomorrow to repair what appeared to be a clean break.

Vaccaro was caught in the bottom of a pile, and his left ankle gave way under the weight of many large people.

That’s a bad break for a Saints defense which sprang a leak late against the Panthers, and might have to go on the road in the playoffs because of it. The Saints need to win to qualify, and would need a Panthers loss to avoid the Wild Card.

Vaccaro has been one of the key parts of a turnaround from worst-defense-ever to fairly respectable, and won’t be easily replaced this time of year.

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  1. Is the Rob Ryan injury bug wearing off in Dallas or is the Dallas injury bug wearing off of Rob Ryan..? Seems to be neither.

  2. Well hopefully he will return to form next year. This dude is a baller, and his level of play should put Harper and Jenkins on notice. I predict the Saints draft another Safety or CB next year in early rounds of the draft, and then solidify the O Line.

  3. Hope all goes well in your rehab, Kenny. I had to turn away when they showed the replay; not worth seeing. This young man has proven to be a solid draft pick and should perform at a high level for many years.

  4. Fairly respectable defense?

    4th in total yards allowed
    2nd in pass defense
    4th in sacks
    5th in points per game
    5th in points allowed

    Yeah, I’d call that respectable. And I’d call it one heck of a leap forward from last year. The defense kept the Saints in more games this year than their offense did.

  5. Fairly respectable defense? We’re top #5 in five categories (pass defense, sacks, points per game, points allowed and total yards allowed).

    Wow…if that’s “fairly respectable”, then I guess anyone NOT in the top #5 sucks?

    Come on…seriously!!

  6. K-Vac was in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year. He was a baller and added a lot of intensity to the Saints “D” this year.

    Roman Harper helped us get a SB Ring, and for that I’ll be eternally grateful, but he has got to be released after this season. I’m tired of watching him trying to catch the backs of receivers as they run past him.

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