LeSean McCoy: Our confidence level is out of this world

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The Eagles laid a beating on the Bears on Sunday night, continuing a finishing kick that has left them with a chance to win the NFC East by beating the Cowboys next weekend in Dallas.

Philly’s first meeting with the Cowboys was one of the low points of their season as they mustered just three points in a floundering offensive performance. Running back LeSean McCoy had 55 yards on 18 carries in that contest and said after Sunday’s win that the Cowboys didn’t see the best that the Eagles had to offer the last time around. He promises it will be different this time because the Eagles are different this time.

“Just the confidence level is out of this world,” McCoy said, via CSNPhilly.com. “We feel like every play is going to work, every play is going to be effective. There’s always this feeling like, ‘We can’t lose.'”

The Eagles certainly couldn’t lose with the way they played against the Bears last Sunday night. Anything similar next Sunday night and there will be another home game for the Eagles in January.

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  1. That was a world class beatdown on Sunday night. They could’ve put 70 on the bears if they didn’t shut it down for the entire 4th quarter.

    I swear they ran the same running play over and over and over and over and still got 10 yards a carry off of it.

    Unfortunately, if they don’t win next Sunday, it’s all a footnote.

    It’s great to have confidence but over confidence will get you every time (see the Vikings game).

  2. I wish he and DeSean would just shut up. It’s like they’re in a contest to say the most stupid things that motivate the opponent…….kind of like Jerrah and Stephen

  3. Itdoesnt matter if Eagles play as bad ad they did the first meeting, Dallas is so devastated by injuries on defense, and Tony Romo is in December mode. There just isnt any way Dallas can compete, esp with Kiffin running the “D” (does it stand for dumbasses, in his case??).

    This is one Dallas fan that doesnt need to see the last game to know how it ends: three straight years, playing for playoff spot against a division rival, three straight losses. At least now theyll have lost to all three rivals

  4. This will be 2 teams coming in playing 2 different ways. Dallas will come in playing scared to lose. The eagles will come in playing like they smell blood and see the light at the end of the tunnel. If the eagles get a lead early Dallas will quit.

  5. I’m an Eagles fan, but I’ve watched far too much football to get overconfident about next week. Anything can happen in a division game and all of the Cowboys’ players are pros. They don’t want to get embarrassed in their own house.

    I think the win this week will give them some much needed confidence … it’s going to be a tough game and the Cowboys are more experienced that the Eagles (at least in the sense of playing in their system).

    We’ll see … it could go either way.

  6. They will roll Dallas. 1st meeting when Dallas was without Ware, Murray & Lee and still won- that was a fluke.

    Dallas will have no answer for McCoy, Jackson or Foles. If they can barely beat Washington, they stand no chance against the team who just embarassed the same Bears team that emabrassed Dallas 2 short weeks ago.


  7. Really? Like haleyistheman00 said earlier, they got smoked by Minnesota, who was w/o AP, last week but win a home game the next week and their confidence level is sky high? Really? They acted last night like they are already in, and they are not. I hope Dallas smokes them, too.

  8. man oh man, what w good game it’s gonna be on Sun night…. for the Eagles!!
    Old Man Kif just needs to come outta the box late Sun night and retire to the old folks home… I’m sure a lot of girls fans would like Kiffin to take Jerrah with him… oh no, then Stephen would run the team… into the ground!! LOLOL, you can’t make this stuff up!!!
    Birds roll in Allas, 45-13~!

  9. We’re from Philly and we fight. That is all.


    I knew the philly fans would like this. They think they are part of the team. Yeah we’re fighters. we all fight in positive ways, but that’s not the way the philly fans will take it. the linc will turn into the dump the vet was with every opposing team’s fan getting into some altercation before and after games. kinda sad.

  10. “Just the confidence level is out of this world,” McCoy said, via CSNPhilly.com. “We feel like every play is going to work, every play is going to be effective. There’s always this feeling like, ‘We can’t lose.’”

    McCoy continued, “…except when we play the Vikings. Man, I hope we don’t run into that buzzsaw again anytime soon.”

  11. Lol so the since the eagles beat the bears and cowboys didn’t you’re guaranteed a victory? That’s like saying we beat the Vikings and you didn’t (with no AP) so we are going to win. Did you forget we already beat you in your own stadium? It doesn’t matter, nothing matters except for what happens Sunday night! That’s why the game is played.

  12. All you cowgirl fans want to go back to the first game this year. Foles was starting only his second game this season and also had a concussion. He has been lights out ever since. Can’t wait to see him dismantle that thing you call a defense. Maybe you should get your DC a rocking chair so he can watch the game. Go Eagles!!!!!

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