McCarthy: Important to make quicker decision on Rodgers this week


The Packers didn’t have any update on quarterback Aaron Rodger’s availability for Sunday’s NFC North-deciding regular season finale against the Bears, but coach Mike McCarthy said that he’d like to make an announcement before we get too much closer to kickoff.

The team has waited until Friday the last two weeks to announce that Matt Flynn would be the starting quarterback, but McCarthy suggested the timeline would be sped up for this week’s game.

“Aaron Rodgers? A lot of conversation going on. Hopefully, we can get the question answered sooner than later,” McCarthy said, via the team’s website. “Aaron wants to play. He fully accepts and understands everything that is going on with his injury. This is clearly a decision for [General Manager] Ted Thompson and I. I think it’s important for us to make a quicker decision.”

The Packers will practice Tuesday and then take Christmas Day off. A meeting with the team doctor about Rodgers’ status should also happen in the near future, so the decision could come before Santa’s sleigh makes it way to Green Bay.

McCarthy also offered no update on linebacker Clay Matthews, saying he was still being evaluated after injuring his right thumb. McCarthy did add that the training staff doesn’t feel good about his outlook.

44 responses to “McCarthy: Important to make quicker decision on Rodgers this week

  1. I hope GB can pull it out… with Chi. poor choice @ QB it makes it even more possible.

    My friend is a Bear fan and he says they like the strong arm.

    As a Packer fan that watched Favre for 15 plus years. A strong arm only gets you so far. When you don’t use your brain.

  2. On the other hand, Mini fans have months to decide how “a soft team with only one fairly good player, a bad head coach, and a horrible GM” has somehow in the last 4 years won a Super Bowl and gone 7-1-1 against the granite-hard, talent-laden Vikings.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. We all know it will just be a matter of time before it is Flynn for the wynn! At the very least, one more week of meaningful football. More than certain other teams can say.

  4. Clay Mathews is frequently missing games due to injury. He is the “leader” of the defense.

    Clay went back in the lineup – risking reinjury.

    Rodgers might be “saying” he wants to play, but is hiding behind TT’s skirt- making TT the bad guy that won’t let him play.

    Just sayin’….

  5. Ego check, gbtrolls. the comments of McCarthy has given way for too much credit starting matthew this season.
    Let us not forget the vy experiment or the toll of tolzien. Disasters.

  6. If we had beaten the Bears earlier in the year at Lambeau, I’d say let the Bears just put us out of our misery. However, losing to the Bears twice in one season is just not acceptable.

  7. For all the GB seasons we’ve ended recently, we figured it was about time to give the great fans of G.B. an early x-mas present beating the Lions.

    They better start Rodgers or that will have been all for naught.

  8. As a Packers fan following this “will he return this week” circus that has been going on since the injury. All signs are pointing to no Rodgers for another month at least. Extreme risk was used as a term to describe why he did not start vs the Steelers… Which means the bone is far from full healed… The Packers will not start him until fully healed since they are such a overly conservative team.

    In my opinion… A risk vs reward decision should be talked about. This is a contact sport, there is always a risk of injury, obviously Aaron knew that coming in, and he knows the risks of playing again. Players come back not 100 percent healed all the time… and even some players have their best games after returning from a injury.

  9. It doesn’t matter. All they have to do is hand the ball to their running backs 30 times and they’ll gash that pathetic Bears defense that seemingly gives up 10+ yards every time the opponent runs it. It’s unbelievable, I’ve never seen anything like it in the NFL, it’s like the opponents are playing Madden on Rookie difficulty.

    And it’s not like it started last night vs Philly, it’s been going on ALL YEAR, so clearly no adjustments or fixes have been made by Mel Tucker the DC. I never thought I’d see a team with professional players and professional coaches be so unable to stop the run when they’ve had all year to get it right. I know the talent is bad, but come on, do some coaching why don’t you. Hell, put 9 guys in the box if you have to, and let the opponent kill you through the air, at least it wouldn’t be as emasculating as giving up six 10-yard runs on every drive.

    Also, Cutler is playing this week, and as much as I’ve had his back for years, I’m done with him. He has NEVER come through vs Green Bay, & I don’t expect that to change now. I’ve seen too many stinker games out of him where he puts up like 3-6 points against Packer defenses that none of the other NFL teams seemed to struggle with. Hell, last night (and I know the loss wasn’t just his fault) he made Philly’s porous defense look like the 85 Bears and only put up a crappy 11 points against them.

  10. i’m very skeptical of the “medical clearance” excuse. have the packers actually released the scans/x-rays their making determinations from? i seriously doubt rodgers is in any greater danger of injury than he was when he was healthy. i therefore hope they continue to be overly cautious and lose so this kind of behavior doesn’t get rewarded.

  11. Let him play so the headline after the game reads: “Bears officially ends Rodgers season this time.”

  12. If Romo of all people can play a meaningless October game with a broken clavicle under the risk that it can puncture his lung, Rodgers can surely play with a much more healed bone with the playoffs on the line.

    What’s the risk? He breaks it again and has all offseason to get 100% healthy? Let him play!

  13. There is no shame backing into the playoffs. I am the most famous Acme Meat Packer fan of all time, and even those who know nothing about football know who I am, and they all know that I live with no shame, no matter what happens. Win and we’re in!

  14. It gives me great joy to know that our team can lose all it wants and still have a chance to join the great tradition of NFL playoff football this year, and then after one more game come back home to our long, cold, lonely, depressing winter with nothing else to look forward to. I’m just glad I have my sewing circle.

  15. Rodgers may be soft, but Matthews is a complete wuss for not being able to play with a bad thumb. Put a fathead on it and get back out there Nancy…

  16. McCarthy tomorrow. “We spoke with the doctors, Ted, and Aaron and in the best interest of his health he is out. Matt will get another start” you heard it here first.

  17. As usual the Bears can’t win the division without winning against the Packers and the Green Bay Packers cannot win their division again without beating the Bears.

    Every year it seems if the Packers don’t win the division, the Bears will.

    With 22 World Championships between the 2 great franchises, it just seems very appropriate the two have another confrontation to decide the winner this season.

    It is a great and historical rivalry.

  18. Speaking of making quick decisions, perhaps MM should try that unique concept at the end of the game when the clock is running.

  19. Catch 22.. If Rodgers gets sacked and lands on that arm, that could be a injury that sidelines him for a very long time.

    On the other hand your season is on the line and Rodgers gives the Packers the best chance at winning. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision.

  20. Should be a decent game. Packers and Bears usually put on a good show. This is how it should be, two great teams that have both been around for a long time taking the division title down to the wire. Good luck to my Pack but if they don’t do it, I’m glad it will be the Bears. Go Pack!!!

  21. If the packers win the north after all these injuries, then the rest of the division needs to hang it’s head in shame. Rodgers won’t play and Clay is done, so it’s the packers second string vs Chicago’s starters.

  22. There were signs of this last year under Mel Tucker in Jacksonville. How does a DC on the worst team in football a yr ago become the DC of a Playoff caliber defense and turn them into the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. Pathetic this guy needs to go.

  23. coming from a mavericks fan. green bay fans are the only ones that cheer on 3rd and 18 and the receiver comes up 9 yards short—the fans are certain the refs will just move the sticks back. the packers have gotten every referee break in the last 20 years…spots 2 yards ahead of where the guy landed, 1 foot, 3 feet out of bounds and called a catch and on and on.

  24. As a Packer fan is great to have this classic matchup to decide the NFC North but does anyone expect the NFC North winner to be anything more than a one and done wildcard weekend participant?

    The winner should proudly raise a banner 2013 NFC North winner but do it with no fanfare because it certainly does not deserve any. How the Packers finishing 2-4-1 in the weeks since Rodgers went out can still be in contention makes this division a joke this year. Sorry, just calling it like I see it fellow NFC Northern brothers.

  25. I’m a Bear fan, and I have to say Rodgers is one of the most dominating players in the NFL. That said, they won’t need him to win. All they have to do is hand the ball off and watch any one of their running backs run through the first level untouched. Couple that with Cutler’s history against the Packers and you can keep Aaron in a hoodie on Sunday.

  26. I have agreed with the long term decision to sit Rodgers up until now because of the guaranteed money that he is owed the next few years. However, many of the players individually and all of the players as members of the NFLPA have an opportunity to earn more money by winning a division and qualifying for the playoffs. That being said, if Rodgers truly feels he’s ready, he needs to be out there to help his teammates earn a extra check from the team (contract incentive) or the league (for qualifying).

  27. All 32 teams have 16 games to make something of their season. The season can only be extended if you qualify for the playoffs. Do not apologize for how you got there. If it were easy…..all teams would be there. Doing it while being undermanned is particularly satisfying. Don’t think for a minute that the Vikings or the Lions wouldn’t change places without a second thought. There are only two teams worth discussing in the North Division. May the best team win next Sunday.

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