Mike Sherman: Lack of productive run game early caused us to abandon it

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The Dolphins ran the ball 12 times during Sunday afternoon’s 19-0 loss to the Bills, which was just five more times than Ryan Tannehill was sacked by a Bills defense that feasted on an overmatched offensive line.

On Monday, Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman explained why things got so pass-happy in the second half of the game. Sherman explained that running the ball nine time for nine yards in the first half led him to move away from running in the second half, even though he says he believes balance is essential for an offense to operate at its best.

“We really haven’t had many explosive runs this year which is not good, we need to continue to build towards that,” Sherman said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “A lack of productivity in the run game caused me to veer off into another direction.”

There’s no way to argue that the Dolphins were productive on the ground on Sunday, but they weren’t productive through the air either and their quarterback was taking a pounding. Things may not have played out any differently if the Dolphins called more runs against Buffalo, but Buffalo’s defense is built to stop the pass so it may have been a missed opportunity for Sherman and the Dolphins to make some inroads offensively.

17 responses to “Mike Sherman: Lack of productive run game early caused us to abandon it

  1. Dear Mike Sherman,

    If you’re going to abandon the run because it’s not working, then why would you not have abandoned the traditional drop back and pass plays that you were calling all day long? I don’t think you called one bootleg pass the entire game. You called your first screen when you were down 13-0, yet the Bills had been blitzing the entire game. Your logic is flawed and you need to get your head out of your arse.

  2. Sherman’s lack of productive play-calling have been plaguing this Dolphin team all year. Time to get new coordinators. Coyle an his soft zone is getting as predictable as Sherman’s terrible play-calls.

  3. Dude is a joke! How he can say that with a straight face is beyond me! Calling 7 step drops and more than double pass plays to runs against a team that is killing your qb, tackles and missing one if their starting d-tackles is just downright stupid. You haven’t had any explosive runs this year because you haven’t ran the ball more than 20 times in all but I think 3 games! This guy is a joke and needs to go. Has anyone seen these guys make an adjustment this year

  4. On another note Ryan Tannehill should be the 2013 NFL MVP simply for the fact that he is still alive and not in a coma playing behind what could be the worst O Line in NFL history.

  5. I wish you would abandon your job. You are killing the fans with your play calling and bad offense. The only thing thing offensive about the Dolphins was you!!!

  6. Weak play-callers often give up on the run when it doesn’t seem to be working. Ever notice coaches/coordinators never give up on the pass when it’s not working?

  7. If they outman you on the line there isn’t anything in the rule book that prevents you from adding a 6th even a 7th offensive lineman onto the line to try to keep pounding the rock against a pretty poor run defense.

    That’s what I would have done. And you can still throw to your WR’s or RB out of that formation, and a screen pass should be more efficient with more 300 pounder OL blocking for you, than 200 pound WR doing it.

  8. The play design isn’t working. Calling the same runs gets predictable. Also these RBs cannot break many tackles. Sherman simply will not cater the plays to the strength of his players. His philosophy is to play Madden from the booth and blame the players for poor execution when they don’t work. He needs to go.

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