Munchak hopes for support from Webster


Next week, Titans CEO Tommy Smith will decide whether a man who has been employed by the franchise for more than three decades will be around for at least another year.  Coach Mike Munchak, a Hall of Fame offensive lineman with the team when the team was known as the Houston Oilers, hopes that G.M. Ruston Webster will support Munchak at the proper time.

“I think there would be a discussion on ‘Does he see it the same way I do?‘” Munchak said Monday, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “I am sure not everything would be on the same page, but that’s pretty much impossible on trying to figure out how to do it among coaches and players and other things you have to do.  But I don’t know why we’d be far off.”

Munchak wasn’t willing to say whether he believes Webster will support him.

“I think you’d have to ask Ruston that question probably, on how he feels,” Munchak said. “But this is a business. . . . We need to figure out, ‘Here’s how I think we need to do it, here’s what I think we need to do.’  And if we are all on the same page we go for it.  And if not, then obviously there’s changes made. . . .  We want to win and it’s a matter of whose vision we’re going to jump on.”

Wyatt writes that Webster likely will have a say in whether Munchak will return.  But why should anyone assume Webster will return?  If Smith intends to start fresh, the Titans could have both a new coach and a new G.M.

As Smith has said, the Titans aren’t in the losing business.  The challenge will be to assess responsibility for the fact that the team recently has been in the non-winning business.  It could be Munchak.  It could be Webster.  It could be someone else.

Regardless, if the goal is to turn a losing team into a winner, it’s impossible to declare anyone whose fingerprints have been on the franchise as safe.