Nate Washington isn’t open to a pay cut to stay with Titans


Nate Washington had the game-winning touchdown for the Titans on Sunday, continuing a strong season for the veteran wide receiver.

Washington has 56 catches for 880 yards and three touchdowns on the year and has maintained a leading role in the offense even as the team’s added other options in the last two drafts. Those two picks, Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter, are definitely part of Tennessee’s future, but Washington’s outlook may be less clear.

He’s set to make $4.8 million next year in the final year of a six-year contract. Washington will be 31 when next season gets underway, raising the possibility that the Titans might look to lower his salary in exchange for another year as a veteran mentor. Washington understands why the Titans might want to go that way, but he let them know that he’s not willing to go down that road.

“It’s time to move on, man,” Washington said, via Paul Kuharsky of “If that’s the way they have to approach it, I understand.”

It’s premature to get too deep into personnel matters until the Titans have decided on Mike Munchak’s future with the organization, but they know where Washington stands once that moment does arrive.

16 responses to “Nate Washington isn’t open to a pay cut to stay with Titans

  1. Think back to last off season and the Titans tried to trade him. What a Mistake that would have been. I think that Britt should be cut and keep Washington. He has been one of the most consistant players we have had.

  2. Washington is one heckuva ball player; it would be nice to see him play with a true passer. Yes, he played with Ben but he [Ben] is just a winner, not a quintessential pocket passing QB. I’m talking about one of those ‘sit in the pocket tear your heart out gunslinger types’

  3. The Titans need to keep veteran receiver Nate Washington period for the last year of his contract period. He deserves it. Keep through the last year of his contract then see where you are then.
    There will be changes to every team in the offseason, Nate should not be one of them “yet”….
    Go Titans Go!
    —-Titans Fan Dan

  4. Come back to Pittsburgh, help them get back on track. Ben would love to have you back, especially in the red zone.

  5. Kolo the Steelers could not afford this dude..he’d have to take ½ of what he makes now. They always broke

  6. It’ll be interesting to see what he’ll get on the open market. He’s a 31 year-old #2 receiver who has done as well as his QB’s have allowed. That said, there are an awful lot of teams that are looking for exactly that kind of plug-and-play guy for their system.

    He’s right to move on, though. He won’t be playing in January in Tennessee anytime soon.

  7. Well, perhaps his agent should remind him he plays football and not baseball where contracts are iron clad. Players NEVER have the upper hand in The NFL, if push comes to shove. I imagine the front office figures it lost WITH him and can do so without him.

  8. I’d like the Titans to keep him, even at this price. He has put up pretty solid numbers in TN even with instability at QB during his tenure. We have some good young WRs but having that veteran presence is nice to help teach them how to be pros.

    There have been no rumors that they are even going to ask him to take a pay cut. But he’s probably still a little miffed about them trying trade him before this offseason so he’s just letting them know early that he won’t take a pay cut.

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