ProFootballTalk: Saints praying for pretty playoff picture

The ProFootballTalk crew discusses the NFC playoff picture. Mike Florio talks about the Cardinals’ victory over the Seahawks in Seattle, the Carolina Panthers’ win over the Saints, Cam Newton’s clutch performance and more.

3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Saints praying for pretty playoff picture

  1. It would be poetic justice, because the officials gave them an early Christmas present by calling a phantom roughing the passer penalty that gave them an undeserved win over the 49ers.

  2. Yea, justice would be if the officials would have called the blatant strangle hold on Saints D end by Patriots left tackle on the game winning touchdown pass with no time left. Or if they would have called the hold in the end zone on the Panthers last defensive stop against the Patriots. (remember the no call on last play to give Panthers win). Those two bad calls would have the Saints 2 games up on both Panthers and AZ. , with maybe even home field through out playoffs. So 49er fan quit crying, it happens all the time.

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