Pryor’s agent slams Dennis Allen


The final game at Candlestick Park isn’t the only excitment in the Bay Area tonight.

The agent for Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor has gone public with an allegation that coach Dennis Allen has an agenda for making Pryor the starter for Week 17.

“I think they’re putting him in hopes that he fails,” Jerome Stanley told Scott Bair of CSN Bay Area.  “That’s what I think Coach is doing.  I think they’re putting him in hopes that he has a bad game, so he can then justify the Matt McGloin situation.  I think that’s what’s going on, I do and it’s ridiculous.”

Some would say it’s ridiculous for Stanley to go public with such an inflammatory allegation, since it will now be hard for Pryor to get a serious opportunity elsewhere — unless Pyor hires a new agent.

“You have to understand the [situation] Coach is putting him in, he doesn’t want him to look good,” Stanley said.  “And you can write that.  He doesn’t want him to look good because, if he looks good this week, it makes the past five weeks look like a bad decision.  [Allen] doesn’t want [Pryor] to look good, he wants him to look bad.  That is what is going on.”

What’s going on now is that, unless Pryor publicly disavows Stanley’s remarks, the situation becomes very awkward for Pryor, Allen, and the Raiders.  If Pryor doesn’t disagree with Stanley’s remarks, Allen risks looking weak and ineffective unless he says or does something.

Stanley’s comments suggest that Allen backed McGloin as the starter, and that someone else has made the decision to give Pryor another look.  If Pryor stinks in the regular-season finale, Allen’s support for McGloin becomes justified.

“I expect Terrelle Pryor to be a successful starting quarterback in the NFL,” Stanley said.  “I expect that.  I’ll be shocked if it didn’t happen.  Terrelle Pryor is the best and most dynamic athlete in the NFL playing the quarterback position.  He also has won games and been productive when given the opportunity.  It’s not brain surgery. His coach stumbled upon a gem, the find of the season in Terrelle Pryor.  He stumbled upon him and then he botched the discovery.  It was ridiculous, just ridiculous.”

The situation is now officially ridiculous.  And the ball is in Pryor’s and/or Allen’s court.  Expect to hear something from one or both of them soon.

94 responses to “Pryor’s agent slams Dennis Allen

  1. Hey smellsrotten, how’s that team o yours? How bout you, joeblowstoronto, could we get your opinion?

  2. seriously, I was pretty high on Terrelle Pryor myself at the beginning of the season. I even have a Terrelle Pryor Jersey. But the truth was that he just can’t read defenses and he stares down his receivers. He is great at running but all too often he runs in the wrong direction and takes the 20 yard sack. McGloin was the right choice at the time.

  3. Can’t say I disagree with him. You’ve been playing McGloin this whole time with pryor healthy, and you decide to put pryor back in against the BRONCOS for no apparent reason in a meaningless season? What could he possibly learn from this? How to handle a blowout?

  4. Well, I’m a fan of Dennis Allen and think he’s overall not had the talent to succeed in Oakland thus far.

    But is Pryor’s agent wrong? Hell no. Allen has been gazing at Matt McGloin since training camp as his franchise QB, an even though at 3-5, Pryor had the team on a decent start, he was benched.

    I don’t pick a side on Pryor v. McGloin because I hope neither are any higher than 3rd string on the Raiders’ depth chart come Training Camp 2014.

    I’m becoming fearful Allen’s (and supposedly McKenzie’s) crush on Matt McGloin would keep the Raiders from drafting a QB in Round 1, which in a QB driven league, is the absolute #1 need of this franchise. Unless Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr, and Manziel are all gone by the time Oakland picks, you take one. The QB isn’t on this roster or in free agency.

    Wake up, act like grown ups, and get yourself a franchise QB. And that’s not 5’3″ Matt McGloin.

  5. Thank you Jonathan Martin. Every grievance, issue of intimidation or alleged bullying will now turn into a public fiasco. Even if the allegations are unfounded or hearsay.

  6. I did think Pryor got the hook a lot faster than he should have… and for McGloin no less? He’s hot garbage.

    Why do some qbs get the benefit of a few bad seasons while others get a bad game or two?

  7. Pryor could just like… go in and look good and play well in spite of the team around him.

    NFL scouts and even good football fans will know by watching if he plays well in spite of a crap team around him. We can tell. Duh.

    This agent sounds kind of dumb. He’s pandering (and failing) to people that are way more intelligent and discerning about players than he is.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, your Oakland Raiders. And you thought the dysfunction ended with Al?

    Does his agent actually think this will improve the situation? Allen will be gone after this season and is this something a new coach really wants to deal with?

  9. Pryor needs a new agent. If they want him to fail he should go out and prove them wrong. Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like Pryor’s agent thinks he will succeed. Not a good play by the agent.

  10. i know u all love vince lombardi, george halas, and all the “greats of the game”.

    imagine if vince lomardi was coaching against the hurry up spread option where the opposing team had just as much talent if not more than him and threw it 50 times a game and he was on the nfl network across the country with cameras in his face and agents of his players were calling him out in the press, and he had a salary cap to deal with, and he wasnt allowed to practice tackling or players on his OWN team would rat him out to the union, and every team in the league had roughly the same talent…..

    id like to see if the guys from back then could handle football the way it is today

  11. I’ll just say this. The Chargers easily defeated the Raiders this last Sunday. The last time we played the Raiders Tyrrelle Pryor singlehandedly crushed the Chargers defense in a way Matt MgGloin never could.

    I’m perfectly fine with the Raiders dumping Terrelle Pryor, he’s the far superior QB.

    smh @ Raiders

  12. Raiders should draft a qb first. Keep mcgloin as a backup. Convert Pryor to a reciever. Get a new coach. Use all that free agent money to get the best defensive ends on the market.
    Oakland needs a makeover compete in that division

  13. I watched him in high school, I watched him in college, and I watch him now… Pryor is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Here is another prime example. Merry Christmas everyone!

  14. Pryor hasn’t been an exact savior for the franchise. Raiders aren’t going anywhere and that in itself sucks. Hope raiders can get their act together, sign some free agents and build via draft. I hope Pryor gets better for raiders sake and our fans sake

  15. Wow! An idiot opens his mouth and the coach must respond or appear weak? How about the coach demonstrates his confidence and reserve by riding above the fray and letting it pass without comment. Not dignifying the comment is that is to be respected.

  16. Im a big fan of TP but I think his agent is crazy. He’s putting him in a situation where Den is going to sit their starters and its a home game. Anyone with half a brain knows TP’s ceiling is high but in terms of this year Mcgloin has looked more poised and throws a better ball. The fact that TP is even starting this week should contradict his complaints. I hope TP puts this clown to rest. If he agrees with his agent then I’ll have to look at him in a different light.

  17. It doesn’t matter what they “hope”. Your client needs to go out there and show something. It’s on Pryor to prove them wrong. What does he prove by not playing in week 17?

  18. How is it any problem for Pryor, I’m sure he’s talked to his agent about what he said and has no problems with him saying it. Dennis Allen is clearly getting fired next Monday. The tea leaves have been pointing that way for awhile now.

  19. ” If Pryor doesn’t disagree with Stanley’s remarks, Allen risks looking even more weak and ineffective unless he says or does something.”

    Fixed your sentence.

  20. I think the agent is out of line on this one. I’ve been a Raiders fan of years and haven’t missed a game in a long time. I’ve noticed that Dennis Allen legitimately likes Terrelle Pryor. Just from sideline demeanor and how they interact.

    At this point the Raiders know what they have in McGloin. A decent quarterback with some potentiantial. Allen also said 4 weeks ago that they were willing to give both Terrelle Pryor and McGloin playing time. There’s no reason to not play Pryor.

    That being said, I’m rooting for both Pryor and McGloin. Both have shown themselves to be capable to potentially start. I think what the Raiders are doing is evaluating if they need to bring in someone else through free agency or the draft or if they’re ok potentially starting McGloin/Pryor next season.

  21. This “you are internationally setting up my client to fail by playing him” meme is officially out of control.

  22. Pryor is “the best and most dynamic athlete in the NFL playing the quarterback position”? The “find of the season”? The best and most dynamic, find of the season QB generally shouldn’t have 5 TDs and 11 INTs throwing the ball. Who is this clown of an agent? What a dope. Good luck getting other teams to give him a shot in the offseason as no coach is going to want to deal with an unproven QB with an agent who will openly blast him in the press.

  23. Jerome Stanley should be in Canada looking for a prospective team his client may fit. he surely doesn’t fit the Raiders … or any team in the NFL as a qb.

  24. This is a joke. Look at the Raiders offenseivr numbers since Matt came in. It shows how horrid Pryor is at throwing, and we have had no 3rd and 49 with Matt in there, since he has the balls to actually throw the ball.

  25. the only way out of it for Pryor is to fire the agent…. today…. otherwise he looks like he’s supporting that statement and embarrassing the team

    I’d like to know what the upside is that the agent thinks he’s going to get out of this move? Even if the allegation is true, how does saying this help his client?

    Doods lost his mind.

  26. Yeah. Makes sense.

    If Pryor is so dam “great” why is his agent so convinced he’s gonna fail?

    Does that make any sense at all?

    “How dare that meany coach start my pro bowl level client. Doesn’t he know my client sucks and is gonna be embarrassed out there”?



  27. So, the agents client (Pryor) gets a final shot at QB to show what he can do with a healthier O-Line, a healthier DMC, and a healthier WR corps. And he says Pryor has no shot at winning? He’s being set up for failure? I think its the opposite.I think he gets one last shot to prove what he can do and at least he’s getting that opportunity. Id fire that agent immediately.


  28. This is the same Terrelle Pryor who told the Raiders coaching staff his knee was good to go against the NY Giants then has a terrible game and blames his poor performance on his knee?

    Just checking.

  29. Pryor is a terrible QB right now. He can’t read a defense at all and his accuracy is suspect.

    Allen made the switch because he had to evaluate the rest of his team, particularly his pass catchers.

    Streeter, Mychal Rivera, and Andre Holmes came alive once McGloin took over. Now for next year, the raiders know they have good skill players.

    McGloin will likely never be a full time starter, but he can a least run a pro style offense and right now Pryor can’t. If Pryor had played each game then the raiders would likely have no idea if their receivers could play. They’d just know if they could block and do scramble drill but not if they could run routes and get open.

    McGloin looks like a solid backup. Pryor still looks like Tebow with a better arm.

  30. Here’s an idea: go out and prove Allen wrong instead of crying about being given an opportunity. Why in the world is the agent such a crybaby? Could it be that he is upset that Pryor won’t be getting a big fat contract next year to line the agent’s pockets?

  31. If McGloin is the starter, even though he is 1-5 then why bring in the back up for the toughest and last game of the year against a division rival? What coach brings in the backup against a tough apponent when the starter is healthy? That makes no sense. If they have given the job to McGloin then why not stay with him? Why Pryor in the last game? I believe they did this to Pryor last year against S.D.? DA makes some pretty stupid HC calls. Reid and Fox will dominate this devision unless an EXPERIENCED HC is hired.

  32. To the rocket scientists out here that think the broncos will rest their starters.
    They haven’t clinched home field advantage yet, and the patriots are right behind them!

    Anyways he’s right Denis allen is a bum fire him now!

  33. Get rid of the whole structure. Wish we could get rid of Davis. But Allen and Mckenzie have done a terrible job, and we have no hope for the future. If Davis some football intelligence, he would of saw the strides Hue Jackson was making, and would of kept it going.

  34. As a birds fan watched him in the foles beat down and was not impressed. He looked like a less technically sound kordell stewart. Don’t waste your time Oakland. Find a nice pocket passer in the draft. Running qbs equate to 0 Super Bowls.

  35. Being a Raider fan, Im kinda torn. I mean McGloin looks the part of a starting QB considering hes a rookie. Since he started starting hes #1 in pass plays of 20+ yards which is impressive. But he only led the Raiders to 1 win. While Pryor needs a lot of work but is so dynamic. He also led the team to 3 wins. Its too bad were in a “win now” league and QBs are rarely developed, especially by the Raiders.

    But if I had to pick Id say just stick with McGloin for the last game and try to draft Clowney. Next draft is pretty deep in QBs so we could try to grab another 1.

  36. I was all in on Allen before but after reading these comments from Pryor’s agent i’m not too confident anymore, if at all. His agent isn’t making this stuff up, this has been going on since last season when Pryor was not given a fair chance from training camp. For him to say these things makes me imagine that there is a lot more going on in Oakland than we know and big moves are imminent, one way or another. Pryors getting traded or released. Either way Reggie Mckenzie is the GM and we’ll be a lot better next year. I hope Reggie preaches patience and gives Dennis Allen one more year to prove himself. I hope Dennis Allen gets his crap together and actually starts making good calls. Fire the assistants we need better coaches all around. If not Dennis Allen what about Lovie Smith?

  37. Next year the Raiders have Sio Moore, Miles Burris, Stacy Mcgee, Lamar Houston, D.J Hayden, Charles Woodson, Nick Roach and Tyvon Branch returning on defense. Thats a lot of continuity. On offense they have Menelik Watson, Jared veldheer, Stefen Wisnewski, Mike Briesiel, Matt Mcgloin, Latavius Murray, Rod Streater, Denarius Moore, Juron Criner, Mychal Rivera and Nick Kasa. Thats a lot of continuity. The talent is there next season, Dennis Allen deserves one more season and if they don’t make a deep playoff run, fire him.

  38. I know he is Pryor’s agent but I’m guessing he hasn’t watched him play dude went over a month without throwing a td that’s Bobby 3 sticks kinda bad

  39. Seriously … is this a joke?
    If his agent is actually calling Pryor a failure why would his coach start him.

    What’s amazing is … Palmer lead a 5-11 team to a 10-5 record in less than a year … Flynn gave the Packers a shot of still making the playoffs with his play and yet both of them could not crack the 4-11 Raider lineup … now that’s funny.

    HELLO Reggie … built an OL and DL and hire an experienced coach and any average QB will look good even JaMarcus.

  40. Pryor isn’t ‘the find of the season’ as his agent claims. That title would go to Nick Foles.

  41. Pryor, heck, any quarterback would do well with the right coaches and team around him. Just look at Andy Dalton in Cincy. Three years in the league and three payoffs. Its still a team sport.

  42. Dont agree with this agent at all. Pryor started so well, great debut against the Colts, against San Diego late on MNF he played very well.

    Then suffered an injury, shouldnt have started against the Giants as he obviously wasnt 100%.

    McGloin as an undrafted rookie QB has done very well, i’m not surprised he kept the job once Pryor was healthy.

    The seasons over (was ages ago !), good to see what a healthy Pryor can do. He flashes a lot of talent (San Diego, 23a, 18c) but is very erractic, potentially he could be great but he needs time/experience.

  43. Get off Allen. He’s a good coach IF you give him some talent. Pryor is dime store candy. Exactly what the Raiders could afford this year. Did ANYONE expect playoffs or SB this year? El Tardo would be your name. Next year they have a litttle money to blow and D&D haircut Davis WILL blow it….. rest assured. “fastest receiver that can’t catch a cold goes to…. Oakland”. Al will be proud.

  44. I don’t understand. They are trying to make your client look bad by playing him? McGloin benefits from being benched how?

    The Broncos have a terrible defense. Maybe having more confidence in your client would be a better way to approach this.

    And to Pryor. Fire this clown and hire Jay Z.

  45. If he wanted to get him out of Oakland, he didn’t have to blow them up…
    Pryor is definite trade-bait anyway.
    Now his agent has probably narrowed the market somewhat.

  46. Chris Cooley commented on the decision to start Pryor on his local DC radio show yesterday , and he said he didn’t understand the reason for the switch based on the info he had on Prior from people he knows involved in the situation.

    Cooley was told Pryor “is as dumb as a box of rocks”. So maybe there is something to Pryors agents gripe. Pryor is being set up to fail.

  47. Let’s look at this honestly for a minute….

    We treated the entire off season as though Matt Flynn would be the starter. And he would have been had he not re-injured his elbow….

    1-2 weeks before the season it’s decided “this isn’t gonna work” and they install Pryor. His read play book and all that was intended to be a sub package and in 2 weeks they tried the best they could to make it a full offense….and the league naturally caught up to it…

    Pryor goes down and they can go back to the Flynn inspired offense with McGloin…and it worked for a week or two until the UDFA in McGloin naturally came out and it stalled….

    Both of them have shown ability on a team that has had to cycle thru different schemes all season. I think the team just wants to see Pryor one more time and give them just a little more tape going into the off season. I think if either of McGloin or Pryor showed they could lead a team and a funtional winning offense it was Pryor. If they stick with Pryor as a QB this offseason and give him the entire off season in building an offense around him I think you’d see a different QB. Why shouldn’t they want to see him one more time before committing to that? With or without Allen at the helm?

  48. Anyone with a shred of football knowledge who watches Pryor for 15 seconds knows that this guy has no business playing quarterback in the NFL…period!

  49. I think this agent may need a course in logic. If his client is so great why begrudge the fact that he is starting? Why say the motivation is to justify his benching? This justification could occur only if Pryor plays poorly….the same person he claims was a great find.

  50. I absolutely love “The Factory of Madness” !!!!!!!

    I firmly believe Al Davis is still running this team from the great beyond.

    Dysfunction Junction !!!!!!!

  51. Any OSU Buckeye fan could have told you Raider folks that Pryor isn’t an NFL QB. Not surprising. Any OSU Buckeye fan can also tell you that he has a history of being a bad apple. This isn’t surprising as well. It’s funny how fans only look through rose-colored glasses.

  52. I’ve got bad news for you agent of sports, nobody has looked particularly good against anybody. McGloin has better numbers than your guy, that is all the justification they need. Pryor IS going to fail and the Raiders as a whole, are going to get creamed.

  53. Agreed: Pryor “is as dumb as a box of rocks”.
    Just watch him in warm-ups before the game. It’s amazing how poorly he throws the ball. From only 12 yards away, one pass will sail over the WRs head and the next pass will bounce in the dirt, well short of the target.
    The ONLY thing he can do well is scramble around and use his speed and excellent stiff-arm to create a miracle out of a busted play.

    But, you cannot build a NFL franchise out of busted plays (which occur so often because the QB is not comfortable in the pocket and bails at the first sign of panic).

    Only uniformed fans who never played the game at any level think “Pryor can be a great QB”. These people see one exciting play, where the QB runs back & forth, dodging tacklers and running fast for a 55-yard run and they think, “Wow! He got me excited and cheering … that means he is a Great QB, right??”. Wrong.

  54. Neither the Raiders, the Redskins, nor the Cowboys are going to the playoffs this year. So, instead, each franchise is fighting to get the most inane and laughable headlines.

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