Report: Tony Romo out for year with back injury

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If the Cowboys are going to get to the playoffs and go on a run in the postseason, they’re going to do it without quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo has suffered a back injury that will knock him out of the must-win Week 17 game against the Eagles, as well as any playoff games the Cowboys play in, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

That means Kyle Orton will start on Sunday against the Eagles and start the playoffs if the Cowboys can beat the Eagles without Romo.

The Cowboys have no other quarterbacks on their roster besides Romo and Orton, so they’ll need to sign someone to back Orton up.

Obviously, this is a major blow to the Cowboys’ chances of beating the Eagles on Sunday and any chance they might have had of winning in the playoffs if they should beat the Eagles. It’s also a major blow to head coach Jason Garrett, who may lose his job if the Cowboys lose to the Eagles on Sunday. The news in Dallas couldn’t be much worse.

128 responses to “Report: Tony Romo out for year with back injury

  1. Brutal hit for the boys. As a Giants fan I obviously detest the team, but I do feel bad for their fans over this. Wow.

  2. 4. The next step toward sainthood is beatification, which allows a person to be honored by a particular group or region. In order to beatify a candidate, it must be shown that the person is responsible for a posthumous miracle. Martyrs — those who died for their religious cause — can be beatified without evidence of a miracle.

    Obviously, mentoring Orton would apply

  3. Call me crazy but I honestly think this helps their chances. The game is already completely dependent on how anemic or not their defense is. If by some miracle their defense plays well enough to not be getting blown out, Orton is not a downgrade from Romo.

    Orton over Romo removes the December choker factor from the equation. Kyle Orton is also well beyond a servicable backup, in fact I would argue he is better than a relatively sizeable handful of starters in this league right now.

    Go Cowboys- maybe the week 17 curse will be lifted after all? Probably not though.

  4. It doesn’t matter who wins the game between Allas and Philadelphia. The winner gets knocked out in the wild card round. Only the Redskins were built to win the Superbowl from the division but we were screwed. #ThanksGoodell

  5. Initial reports from Adam Schefter state Romo hurt his back carrying that awful Cowboys defense.

  6. Anyone calling Romo a pansy is a major league jackass. The guy is as tough as they come. Get a clue.

  7. Well at least now the Boy’s fans don’t have to get their hopes up only to have them potentially crushed Sunday night.

    Congrats to the Eagles on the NFC East Crown

  8. With Tony Romo, the Cowboys chances of beating the Eagles were slim and none. Now they have none. BTW, the Eagles are 6-1 in their last 7 games.

  9. Now we’re going to hear the excuses for another year why the Cowgirls didn’t win the division and make the playoffs. The curse of Jerry

  10. As a Giants fan, even though I hate the Cowboys, I actually feel bad for Tony Romo. He is one tough player and no one can deny that. It was obvious he was in a lot of pain yesterday and I’m guessing if there was any shot, he would try to play.

    I’m hoping who ever wins doesn’t go past the first round of the playoffs, but I kind of wish I could see that game with everyone at full strength.

  11. LOL, now the Romo haters among the Cowboys fans get to see what the team is like without Romo. I suspect it won’t be pretty.

  12. I dont think this is a big deal. Orton is arguaby the best backup in the league. He’s good enough to start on more than one team. And he’s not known for choking in December.

    The Cowboys arent going to lose because of their QB. Their going to lose because their defense cant stop anyone. McCoy and Jackson will eat their secondary for lunch. Pierre Garcon made them look foolish yesterday.

  13. Do not take this, personally, you good com mentors but this site has the worst fans that comment and you can. I hate Romo … as a Redskin fan. If he is out, I really like Kyle Orton, but Nick Foles will keep it going. This site is full of hate and I, when I have time, will just say … they play the games. It will all work out. One team will win the Superbowl and I may be quoting John Madden.

  14. As a Eagles Fan I’m really sorry to hear that. Orton should not be taken lightly by my Birds. Get well Tony!!!

  15. Its the Cowboys own fault for not having a better backup than Orton and no 3rd stringer.

    if I’m not mistaken, the Eagles are playing their backup QB too. maybe thats why you need a GM Jerra

  16. Smart move by cowboys. Romo is known to choke under pressure, so what do you do? Take him out of the pressure situation.

    When Orton sucks, dallas fans and jerry jones will be clamoring for Romo’s return instead of an offseason of questions about his choking!

  17. Look on the brightside Dallas fans, at least ya didn’t trade a bunch of first round picks for romo! Then finish 2nd to last in the league, only to have those picks go elsewhere.

  18. Wow… What timing! Just last week he caused Dez to run to the locker room in tears with time still on the clock!

    Can’t wait to hear Steven A. and Skip B. get all over this, just know they will pick Romo and Jerry apart…

  19. Thank you Tony Romo! You carried this team on your back. You have given the Dallas Cowboys an opportunity to win the East. It’s time for them to carry you now. Run run run. Take your well deserved break and get better soon. Hail to the #4 highest passer rated QB of all time. Cowboys bleed blue!

  20. Opinion: The Eagles would win even if Romo was full strength. I hate the Dallas Cowboys and they just decided to move from Valley Ranch to my adopted town/city of Frisco, TX. I may move. LOL. Never. I have a love/hate relationship with Dallas … I see both sides and I like Romo as a man but I hated that 4th and goal play in DC … 24-23, Dallas won. Never celebrate a guy getting hurt.

  21. NBC needs to flex a different game to Sunday night. San Francisco/Arizona would work or Chicago/ Green Bay.

  22. Obviously a lot of people didn’t see Romo lead a 4th quarter comeback with a clutch TD pass on 4th down with a minute left. All while playing with this injury. Lots of stupid people here. Not surprising.

  23. Something woln’t be right this year without a Tony Romo choke, and the girls missing the play-offs again. They used to be America’s team, but now the are the mail attraction in the NFL LEAST.

  24. This terrifies me as an Eagles fan. With Romo in, they throw too much and lose all balance. With him out, they’re going to pound Murray, which is extremely dangerous. They scrolled a stat that Dallas is 11-0 last two seasons when Murray has 20+ touches in a game…

  25. All commentators …

    Merry Christmas … I was called and asked what I wanted for Christmas. I love the person that asked … I want all the money, and gold and silver, and smart peeps get it. Just a call … I am happy. It shows you care and…

    I wish the the best for you all and on Dec. 26 … we get to fight again!

  26. How did the Cowboys’s best defensive game of the year come against the Eagles on the road? Based off of that game they still have a shot.

  27. OMG! what’s this going to do to his golf swing?
    Everyone knew the Cowboys would end up 8-8, except the Cowboys! See the last decade or two regarding their record.

  28. — Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will miss the rest of the season due to a back injury, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Monday. —

    *DeMarco Murray fist pump*

  29. LOL, A steelers fan talking trash, rich. Even if everything falls your way and they somehow get in, they are going to get smacked around (again). If they even make it to Denver they couldn’t beat tim freaking tebow, what chance would they have if they faced megamind. They’re not beating any of the other AFC teams either. To the clown redskins troll, I think I speak for all 31 other teams’ fans (especially the Rams) when I say thank GOD you drafted RG3 as well. He sure played great yesterday…. And finally, Garrett can start packing his bags. Orton is a decent backup but Philadelphia is playing 10 times better than they were in the first meeting.

  30. Romo seen getting treatment this afternoon in Cabo San Lucas with large entourage. Had baseball cap sideways and margarita in hand.

  31. The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns everyone during the Holiday season to be careful of gifts that contain chocking hazards whether they be infants, children, or adults. Cowboys fans can blame me for Romo’s choking. I sent Romo a football for an autograph for my nephew that lives in Denton TX.

  32. All you Romo haters in Dallas got your wish. Now you get to see what the Cowboys are like without him. Hint: Jacksonville.

    I’ll be laughing at you on Sunday night.

    Eagles 49. Cowboys 0

  33. I’d rather watch them go down fighting with Orton than watch Romo perform the way he has the last 2 seasons in the final game. No reason in the world to believe Romo wouldn’t pull a Romo in another big game.

  34. This game was going to come down to defense all along. On one hand, this proves to others and even fellow Cowboys fans how valuable Romo really is, like it or not. Our QB situation would be a lot worse without him. On the other hand, Orton doesn’t make many mistakes, which would be needed to beat the Eagles. The difference is our Boy’s don’t seem to play with much heart any time adversity is faced, so they are probably already thinking loss now.

  35. Well at least he won’t be blowing a first half lead with multiple interceptions against Philly.

  36. Good news:

    1. Vikings beat Eagles without Peterson
    2. Hopefully Romo can be ready next year
    3. Cowboys will have to give the ball to BOSS Murray more.
    4. Orton is probably a top 5 backup qb in NFL.
    5. Cowboys D was impressive in 1st meeting against Eagles
    6. Redskins losses are TURNING RAMS into a fearsome team next year.

    Bad news:
    1. Lee may be out as well.
    2. This may save Kiffins job; a lot of people think he should be in a nursery.
    3. I still would take ROMO over at least 25 qb’s in this league. Let the haters hate but this guy has talent and heart. He just makes 1 or 2 bad decisions at the most amazing times.

  37. I have never been a fan of the Cowboys. However I cannot find any joy in an injury. Twenty-something years ago Jerry got hammered and somebody told him something Jimmy supposedly said and ever since he has spent his life since then trying to prove that any coach can win with the talent he picks. How has that worked? Jimmy has gone on to be a coach of Miami, a great commentator on Fox, and great spokesman of male enhancement. Bill Parcells was his best hope. He knew how to handle Romo and the rest for that matter. I learned in college about division of labor. Jerry picks relatively good talent, but he gets into jobs that really aren’t his job description. If there is no difference between the owner and the GM, you have one less mind in the conversation. I think the Cowboys will languish in mediocrity until Jerry figures this out; hey it took the Children of Israel 40 years in the wilderness and you are over half-way!

    In the meantime as a Panther fan, I invite you to adopt us as a team to pull for the remainder of the season.

  38. Should be a very interesting game……even if the Cowboys win (unlikely) I don’t see them getting past the Seahawks–who are my pick for Super Bowl champions.

  39. As a Cowboys fan, I am about to puke.

    When we finally think we could do something on Sunday like kick the Eagles’ asses, Romo goes down.

    What do we gotta do around here to win a freakin’ playoff?

    Last couple of years, we have chocked so bad, but we kept holding up and thinking the next year was gonna be the breakthrough.

    Now we are out of a quarterback, we got the worst defense in the League, a mediocre offense, a bad Coach, and an even worse Owner/CEO/Coach/Texas Salesman/Offensive coach/Defensive coach/Redneck player

    Next year, we’ll start all over again, by sucking as usual.

    Well folks, at least we got them Cowboys cheerleaders….and a great city

    Merry Christmas to all you Lucky football fans with teams that are worthy of anything.

  40. Dang, so DeMarco is going to get like what??? 40-50 touches??? Orton is still going to have to air the ball.

    No chance for the Cowboys!!

    Go EAGLES!

  41. Well let’s see, the last time they played Philly at the end of the season for a playoff birth they lost 44-6, Romo turned the ball over 3 times and was 5-14 on third down.

    Use that as your comparison to next week’s game.

  42. If Orton pulls this off, you better hide, Iggle fans !

    …..though i think cowboys were gonna lose anyway

  43. Consider this… the Eagles played several games with their third and second QBs -and they are division leaders

    So, if the Cowboys have a good system and choose a back up well, they should be competitive.

    But if they wasted millions on a starting QB and they don’t have a decent back up… well, Jerry, enjoy the post-off-season.

    Go Eagles!!

  44. Could there possibly be worse fans than Eagle fans? I saw a Bears team self destruct last night. I saw my Vikings smoke the Eagles. Don’t celebrate too early. I’ll be rooting for Dallas!

  45. Dallas,… Bring in VINCE YOUNG”… He want to play in Texas….. Vince is mobile— with talent and playoff experience…. He is hungry, motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. Vince Young know how to WIN….
    Next year he will be ready to help this team go far into the playoffs and MAYBE the Super-Bowl…..

  46. For all the bettors out there. The line on this game went from the Eagles -2.5 points to -7.5 points. Vegas is gonna be sweating this one out. Their worse case scenario is if the eagles win by 6 points. That would be crazy if a bunch of people took the eagles at 2.5 and then took the cowboys +7.5 and it lands in the middle.

  47. I’d have preferred Cowboys loosing with Romo and Jerry’s comment the following day.

    Anyway tough call for Romo and for the Dallas organization.

  48. For all you people saying Romo carried the team all year, I wouldn’t be bragging about that.

    I’d rather see Kyle Orton at QB any day. Watching Romo is like watching a car wreck. I can’t wait for his career to be over so we can get a real QB.

  49. “Randy Orton has a better shot at winning this game at QB rather than Kyle Orton.”

    This made me laugh, lol. Jerry’s getting the Legend Killer on the phone now to punt Tony Romo in the skull.

  50. It’s not necessarily a major blow to the Cowboys chances of beating the Eagles and winning the Division Title. Tony Romo’s history doesn’t instill confidence in his team’s chances of winning on Sunday. I think Romo trying to win a big game Is like trying to put out a fire by pissing in the wind, it’s hopeless!

  51. to laugh at an injury is pathetic and it sounds to me that these eagles fans think the eagles are unstoppable after beating the bears… newsflash they are very stoppable and that’s how the patriots acted then it backfired on them the same can happen to the eagles good luck! GO COWBOYS!!!

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