Rex Ryan: I’m not disgruntled


After Sunday’s 24-13 victory over the Browns, Jets coach Rex Ryan wouldn’t discuss a report from Jay Glazer of FOX Sports that he told the team on Saturday night that “word on the street” was that he was going to be fired at the end of the season.

Ryan faced more questions about that report when he spoke to reporters on Monday and some about Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News’ report that Ryan was especially fired up because he’d heard the Jets had started talking to potential replacements. Ryan said the only thing on his mind right now was the Week 17 game against the Dolphins.

“I’m not disgruntled about anything,” Ryan said, via Mehta’s colleague Seth Walder. “You know again guys I’m not going there. My focus is just on this Miami thing.”

Ryan wouldn’t say whether he’s spoken to owner Woody Johnson or General Manager John Idzik about his future, but we should have a pretty good idea about where things stand a week from now.

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  1. Maybe it’s just a coincidence , but ever since Mike Pettine left the Jets and went to Buffalo , the Bills’ defense has been much stingier , and the Jets’ while still good , not as good as they were when Pettine was in New York.

  2. If he gets fired, its 100% chance he comes to the Redskins.

    We need drama… thats all we have in DC.

  3. Not that I want rex to get fired, but if he does I would love to see my Giants grab him for the DC spot to replace Fewell.
    He wont be out of work long…it just might take him a while to be a HC again.

  4. He may find a job as a coordinator, but I don’t see teams going after him as a head coach. He’s a defensive coach in an overwhelmingly offensive league and his defense is a little bit above average. Also, he talks way too much. Most owners want their coaches to be conservative when it comes to talking to the media. He needs to learn how to be a little more like Andy Reid in press conferences.

  5. Maybe Rob Ryan was just the opening act. Jerry Jones should simply replace Garrett with Rex Ryan as Head Coach. Jerry has a need and Rex has an ego that can only be matched by Jerry’s. Perfect combination.

  6. Ryan talks about himself and his greatness all the time. And rarely wins.

    Belichick talks about himself never.
    And wins all the time.

    You’d think Ryan would pay attention.

    But you’d be forgetting the Ryan family is the creepiest and most disgusting family in the history of the NFL.

    All they do is lose.

  7. People love to hate on Rex Ryan. But any honest observer would have to conclude that he’s way overachieved.
    Compare him, for example, to Mike Tomlin and Mike McCarthy.

    Ryan has the Jets at 7-8, despite one of the worst offenses in memory.

    1. Geno Smith has a 65.3 QB rating — 12 touchdowns, 21 picks.

    2. No receiver has caught even 40 balls, or totaled 500 yards.

    Tomlin’s Steelers, also 7-8, have Ben Roethlisberger and a profilic receiving corps. Not to mention Leveon Bell.

    And McCarthy’s Packers, 7-7-1, had Aaron Rodgers for nine games, not to mention possible offensive rookie-of-the year Eddie Lacey.

    If the Jets beat Miami and finish 8-8, it’s hard to imagine that any coach on the planet, Belichick included, could have done more with less this year.

  8. The post about Mike Pettine is dumb. He may be helping the bills but if anything this years D has been an improvement from last years. Imagine if they didn’t have to be on the field for 80% of the game how much better they’d be.

    Love or hate Rex, for the talent they have he’s done a good job this season and he’s learned to be quieter about it.

  9. I’m not a Jets fan but a Mountaineer and have watched Geno some this year. If Rex gets this team to 8 wins that’s a great job given a rookie QB and zero offensive talent. Start over again with a new regime and you throw away a year of Geno’s development in this offense and still have no playmakers to get the ball to. I’d give him another year (can’t believe I just said that) and give him and Geno some players to work with on offense.

  10. “I’m not disgruntled about anything,” Ryan said

    Note to Rex-“disgruntled” means angry or dissatisfied…as in disgruntled like say maybe the Jets fans and the Jets organization…

    Rex, I think maybe YOU of all people SHOULD BE disgruntled!

  11. Rex was a total clown up until this season….this season though, he grew up as a coach. I used to kill him constantly but I now actually root for the guy….hope he gets another year. To fire him after this year, with a rookie QB, and STILL winning at least 7 games, would be bogus.

  12. The NY media just doesn’t accept that he wont talk about his job status, they just keep pestering him and pestering him with the same question back to back over and over again. Maybe if you asked him if he was exasperated…

  13. I notice of all the non-Jets fans here…..the NE posters seem to have the most venom. Is it your expectations have not been met in 11 years?
    The drinking water?

    Hugging is banned in NE?
    Your coach is so warm and fuzzy. Emulate him.

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