Ryan Tannehill says his knee is fine

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Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill left Sunday’s 19-0 loss to the Bills in the second half after injuring his knee on Buffalo’s sixth sack of the game. 

Tannehill would return to the game, taking a seventh sack in the process, and then hand things back to Matt Moore once it became apparent that the Dolphins were completely squandering their golden opportunity to solidify their playoff chances. After the game ended, Tannehill said that he wasn’t in danger of missing the final game of the regular season against the Jets.

“No, I feel good,” Tannehill said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Because the Ravens did their best Dolphins impersonation against the Patriots on Sunday afternoon, they still have a good shot at winding up in the playoffs. They need to beat the Jets and need a win from either the Chargers or the Bengals to make them the sixth seed. Keeping Tannehill upright would be a good way to improve the chances of that happening.

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  1. Good job Tanny has good knees he has spent most of the season on them. If he had even average protection we would already be in the playoffs. Maybe some running room also might help.

  2. .
    Just another example of how hard it is to consistently win in the NFL. The Dolphins went from a big home win vs the Patriots to being shut out on the road. It’s not that easy to have a winning season in today’s NFL . It’s even more difficult to string together a dozen consecutive winning seasons as the Patriots have done.


  3. Dear Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito…Merry Christmas!

    Sincerely…The Bills defensive line.

  4. Bills Defense just brought us delirious Dolphins fans back down to Earth, and gave us a solid reminder of how bad our O-line is.

    Thanks for that reminder. Now, can the Dolphins remind us why we should go to the playoffs? Sure hope so.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks the fire alarm at 3am had an impact on the players?

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