Schwartz hears boos, denies yelling at crowd

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As the slumping Lions sunk toward overtime on Sunday against the Giants, Ford Field fans let their displeasure with the performance be known.

Coach Jim Schwartz heard the boos.  And he reacted to them.  After the game, Schwartz denied that he was communicating anything to the fans in attendance.

I wasn’t addressing the crowd, I was just trying to get our team fired up,” Schwartz said, via Justin Rogers of  “I think the psyche of the team at that point, we needed to have that spark.  We needed to feel like we’re going out here and overtime and we’re going to go win it.  That’s the only thing I was doing there.”

Some have argued that Schwartz was directing a profanity-laced tirade at the fans.  The video, in our view, is inconclusive.  Regardless, Schwartz wasn’t happy about the reaction.

“I was disappointed to hear boos. We’re getting ready to go to overtime right there and our crowd is great for us and they support us,” Schwartz said, via  “The team needed a lift right there.  We didn’t need to feel bad at that point.”

Maybe the fans believed the players needed a little negative reinforcement.  Given that running back Reggie Bush has called the team undisciplined and linebacker DeAndre Levy has said veteran leaders are partially to blame for a lack of focus on Sunday, the fans may have been right.

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  1. He had some very concerning facial gestures for that entire time and some really pronounced creases above his nose and between the eyes. He looked extremely angry and mad. And Stafford came off the field laughing at the reaction of boos. Both of them couldn’t believe what was going on. They expected the fans to not boo but to cheer them on like they never cheered before. They were both very confused as to why everybody in the stands was so upset.

    He also seemed to dart off the field very quickly after the loss. What was he in such a hurry for?

  2. Schwartz isn’t looking forward to Black Monday as I expect him to be fired. Lions have a lot of talented players but a pathetic team. When Rodgers misses 7 straight games& Cutler 5 games & the Lions lose 5 of their last 6 games & can’t win the NFC North they’re pathetic. Lions head coach deserves to be fired

  3. The Boo’s were very well earned and deserved.

    Lions fans may be loyal to a fault… and we’ve watched enough to know when we’re being offered garbage… again.

    Poor product. Poor effort. All game long.

    Let’s hope his hurry = packing.

  4. What a loser. There were replays online that clearly showed that he was cursing at the crowd. I don’t blame the crowd at all for booing too. We struggled against the worst teams in the nfl. Get out of Detroit Schwartz.

    Oh, and everytime the stat of matt stafford being 1-22 against a “winning” team is brought up, i just laugh. That’s the stupidest stat i’ve ever heard. Don’t you think by beating teams, we help put them in the under .500 category? It’s determined by the end of the season record. So please, don’t ever bring that up again…

  5. If Cleveland is the factory of sadness, what does that make Detroit?

    Feel bad for the fans of both these teams.

  6. One thing that I can agree on with most Lions fans: Schwartz is a scumbag and it will be fun watching him get run out of Detroit.

    He should be tarred and feathered for good measure.

  7. When the team needed leadership- the coach and quarterback acted like losers! They should have stepped up and lead their team but one smiled and the other started telling the fans to F— off! Season ticket holder for 25 years and just when you think you have seen everything. I guess I won’t receive my taped call from the coach thanking me for me a fan? Disappointed in my coach for that reaction!

  8. Whenever I feel bad about the fact that I root for the team that defines the word mediocre, I can at least take comfort in the fact I’m not a Lions fan.

  9. The fans were booing because the Lions had 23 seconds, 2 timeouts, and only about 40 yards to get into field goal range, and Schwartz had them kneel on it. There was no reason not to take a few shots. Well, except that Matt Stafford is their quarterback, I suppose…

  10. All season Schwartz has been preaching about how great and talented his team is. Then when they lose repeatedly in the second half of the season in a division that is ripe for the taking he wonders why the fans are booing?
    You tell them you’re great and then you stink, so what is left the fans to think but that you are: A. heartless and underachieving; B. led by a moronic coaching staff that could foul up a one car parade; C. the combo plate special.

  11. Schwartz should and most likely will lose his job. He also comes off as a huge douche. But Jim Schwartz hasn’t thrown 19 interceptions this year, including 12 down the stretch as the team went 1-5…

  12. i think he needs to go coach the defense at dallas.
    he will fit right in with their culture of blowing 4th qtr leads repeatedly, early and often.
    this Detroit team is one of the most talented teams i can remember lately that didnt get in the playoffs.
    one might reach the conclusion that the inablity of this entire coaching staff to instill discipline was the sole cause for missing the playoffs,again.

  13. Awww, they hurt his feelings.

    Maybe he can ask the NFL to investigate the Detroit fans for “bullying” the Lion’s players and coaches.

  14. It’s time to add Schwartz to the long list of Lions Head Coaches who never got another HC offer. I tried to maintain hope that this guy could turn it around, but it’s just not going to happen. This roster is too talented to keep his undisciplined methods in place. Let’s hope they can bring in Whisenhunt…

  15. Honest question here seeking an honest answer from ppl in Detroit:

    How has Schwartz not yet been fired yet? Is Gunther Cunningham really still a Coordinator? I grew up watching him coach Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith. Cunningham’s defenses have never been the same without that HOF duo. Maybe its time to move on to 2014?

  16. After yesterday’s events, I had figured Jim Schwartz would be fired by now. Then I remembered the Lions.

  17. madmikekc24:

    Ford loves Schwartz. There were reports that even our GM may have wanted to fire him. The first time they ever met they probably really hit it off and he really fell in love with Jim’s football mind or presentation or persona. He didn’t give him the extension for big money and in advance because he thought he was taking a chance, he was just overly sold and convinced that he was a fantastic coach and it only made natural logical sense for him to want to secure the guy that he was really happy and impressed with.

    Gunther is a guy that Schwartz feels just as strongly about, and so he’s grandfathered into being loved unconditionally by Ford as well. And you hit on a clue when you talk about those legendary players and the history. This team has a high regard for coaches with an impressive resume and Gunther’s history and legacy is massive credibility to the Lions, and pairing that with Jim’s fondness for him has kept him secure and locked into being our DC as long as Jim is here.

    And yes it’s time to put all this behind us and look forward to the future. But we already know how to do that since we have been down this type of path before with a team of coaches that didn’t work out and then need to be bought out before a new team comes in and we hear how this time we are getting the finest assembly of coaches that money can buy. Just like every other cycling of the coaching staff that has come before.

  18. At least Schwartz isn’t scared to go for the win, right?

    I mean, 2 timeouts with 23 seconds left and he didn’t even try to run a play. Nope he just gave up.

    But he’s not scared.

    Oh and Reggie.

    I promise the fans will stop booing you for the rest of the season.

    Just like how you promised you wouldn’t fumble for the rest of the season.

  19. Boos at that point were because with 30 seconds left and two time outs, Schwartz opted to run out the clock instead of trying to get into field goal range.

  20. I don’t understand kneeling on the ball at the end of regulation.

    You take your shots in this world. You just do…

    A shot at winning in regulation and you let it go.
    Schwartz was just happy to get to OT. What a loser.

  22. thestrategyexpert:

    Thanks for the insider perspective. I kinda assumed what you said to be the case. ..

    I feel your pain. Lifelong Chiefs, Royals and MU Tigers fan. We know all about blundering coaching staffs. We we’re in the same spot with todd haley, herm edwards, scott pioli, etc in recent years.

    although Andy Reid and his staff are not perfect it is easy to see the difference a qualified staff makes to an NFL team. I hope the Lions figure it out soon because it would be a shame to see all that talent and no playoff wins


  23. Freaking Lions. I hate you. Stafford’s girlfriend you’re lucky and get free ride through life, now be quiet.

    As a Lions fan who was at the game booing them, the reason was I’m simply sick of them and how they always disappoint me as a fan. It’s pathetic and embarrassing. Lions fans have the right to be mad.

  24. Just imagine what a superior coaching mind and strategist like Bill Belichek could do with the talent that Detroit has. They would win the NFC north on a regular basis and be in the playoffs.

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