Seahawks won’t know Russell Okung’s status until later this week

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The Seahawks saw their long home winning streak come to a halt on Sunday, but there isn’t much time to lament its end.

There’s still home field advantage to nail down and an offense to get moving in the right direction after a rough time of it on Sunday afternoon, but the Seahawks aren’t sure whether or not left tackle Russell Okung will be able to help them do it. Okung injured his toe during the loss to the Cardinals and coach Pete Carroll said on 710 ESPN Monday, via the Seattle Times, that “we won’t know until later in the week” if Okung will play against St. Louis.

It’s the same toe that Okung injured earlier this season, leading the team to place him on injured reserve/return for eight weeks. Okung was able to return to the game on Sunday, something Carroll called “a good sign” about his outlook for Week 17 and beyond.

Carroll also called wide receiever Percy Harvin’s status “an unknown situation again,” although the expectation is that Harvin won’t play until the postseason is underway because of the hip injury that’s limited him most of the season.

20 responses to “Seahawks won’t know Russell Okung’s status until later this week

  1. Against the rams pass rush? Holy crap. If okung is out, that means a rookie would play tackle Sunday.

    I think it’s time for Seattle to draft offensive line again. A new tight guard would help this offense move again.

  2. Sweezy, this is your chance to prove you’re a starter. Otherwise we need an upgrade.
    Right guard-offensive tackle needs to be our direction In the next off season.

  3. A healthy Okung would have his hands full with Robert Quinn much less playing injured. The Hawks would be best served by having the TE on that side the whole game for extra support.

  4. Wow. Okung’s great when healthy, but he’s rarely healthy. Drafting a left tackle should be the #1 priority in this years draft and cut ties with this guy.

    It doesn’t get any easier this week against the Rams front 7. The offense has been heading in the wrong direction since they decided to go ultra vanilla a month ago and Bevell needs to open the offense back up to get some momentum going into the playoffs. I’m a Seahawk fan and the way things have been going, I’m not too proud to say that I’m worried about this teams trajectory. The defense is great, but the offense has been mostly incompetent and they won’t win if they play the way they have the past 3 weeks.

  5. The Niners would probably work with you guys in Seattle and cut a deal for one of their 3 second round picks!! LOL. Baalke boat raced Schneider in last year’s draft. The Harvin debacle will cost Seattle dearly. This was Seattle’s year to win. Niners are beyond stacked for the next 5 years. Good luck with that

  6. Rarely healthy? Mr. Glass? Always hurt?

    He was doing great the first 12 weeks of 2011, before an after-the-whistle dirty play by Trent Cole during garbage time ripped his pect and put him on IR. Seriously, somebody want to blame Okung for that injury?

    He started 15 games in 2012 and started in the Pro Bowl. He was also considered as being one of the top 5 LTs in the league.

    Yeah, he started the year hurt, and he’s possibly re-aggravated that injury. But it doesn’t mean he’s “fragile”.

  7. Quinn will destroy him if he’s not 100%, and if a rookie starts? They will have to slide protection help over to his side which should leave things open for Long to have some fun! Go Rams!

  8. From what I saw in that MNF game it won’t even matter as long as that dumbass OC they got up there keeps continuing to call only deep pass plays even though the OL is struggling.

  9. Okung…rest him and get ready for the playoff run.

    Harvin…rest him and get ready for the playoff run.

    Offense…rest it and save the scoring for the playoffs…

    Defense….rest it and get beat by Carson “4 pick’s” Palmer and one of the worst o-line’s in the league….

    Team peaked 3 months too early and is in decline.

    And Percy will still be a “secret weapon” in September. Now he’s not even practicing.

    Does number 1 in the power rankings get you a Lombardi?

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