Stafford’s girlfriend thinks Detroit fans shouldn’t boo


Lions coach Jim Schwartz has denied reports that he yelled at Detroit fans who were booing his decision to play for overtime at the end of the fourth quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Giants. But the girlfriend of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is openly criticizing the fans.

As she watched her boyfriend throw away the game on Sunday, Stafford’s girlfriend, Kelly Hall, took to Twitter to complain that the fans shouldn’t boo. Hall wrote that it didn’t even feel like a home game for the Lions, considering the way the Detroit fans were treating the team.

That created a bit of a stir online, and Hall apparently found the whole thing funny, as her only tweet since then was this:

But while Hall may find it funny, Stafford shouldn’t. Over the last six games, the Lions have gone 1-5 and lost fourth-quarter leads in all five losses. A big reason for the Lions’ meltdown is that Stafford has thrown 12 interceptions and fumbled six times in those six games. If Stafford’s girlfriend doesn’t want to hear booing, she should tell Matt to take better care of the football.

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  1. Pretty soon Kelly and former HC Schwartz will be able to cheer the Lions while sitting in the stands or watching in their respective living rooms. If Kelly’s boyfriend doesn’t stop throwing picks, he will be watching The Lions from the bench, instead of behind center.

  2. He should come play here in Cleveland. We won’t boo, don’t worry. We’ve been known for not booing QB’s.

  3. And the answer is….”Hahahahaha”

    What is… the sound that Scrooge McDuck makes when he dives into his pool of gold coins?


    We also would have accepted… what is the sound that a child makes when they have one gift to open up for Christmas as opposed to the year before when they didn’t get any gifts.

  4. As much as I admire Stafford for dating a stripper, he needs to exert some control over her and shut her up. Lions fans have every right to boo this chick’s future ex-husband, since he’s strongly responsible for flushing his team’s playoff chances down the toilet.

  5. Yeah, piss off the people that pay for your house. If it weren’t for the fans, you wouldn’t be making $20 million a year Ms. Hall.

    Also, I’ve been “hahahaing” about your boyfriends quarterback play the past 6 weeks. HAHAHAHA

  6. The Lions have a ton of talent and they continually throw games away, many of them on questionable throws by Stafford. In a divison where the Packers are injured seemingly at every position and playing with a backup QB, and the Bears nearly the same, How is it possible that the Lions didn’t win the NFC North??

    That’s why fans are booing………..

  7. In my best Sam Wyche voice,

    If anyone sees someone else booing, point them out and we’ll kick them out of here. You don’t live in Philadelphia. you live in Detroit.

  8. The silence after the field goal is probably worse than booing because it was the fans demonstrating the same apathy that the Lions have displayed the last two weeks.

  9. This trash about not booing the home team when they are playing horrible football is a bunch of horse crap. Bottom line – You dont want to get boo’d, play better ball. Its one of the fans only tools to express their displeasure of how the their team is playing. Next, fans should stop going to the games. Fans should not cheer incompetence if they desire change. Period.

  10. This concept that some have that home team fans should blindly cheer every stupid thing their favorite team does…. it just boggles my mind.

    Smiling and clapping isn’t being a fan.

    Feeling every rise and fall with life and death urgency. Feeling physical ache at bone head plays by your favorite player. Willing the win from the marrow of your bones in physical contortions of despair and praise. THAT is the good stuff.

    I’m proud of the Lions fans to boo their quarterbacks bonehead plays. It shows they are FANS. And not ticket buyers.

  11. Hey Kelly–Players suck, fans boo. That was a BRUTAL interception. At that point of the game, with a 7 point lead and the Giants haven’t had a first down in the second half, you just cannot throw a pick. Lions must be the dumbest team in the league.

  12. I’m just glad I picked up Foles weeks ago and put stafford on my bench, got me places in my league

  13. And for those that say he couldn’t get the girl if he wasn’t a player. I say your wrong.

    He could also get her if he were rich.

  14. I was going to say Stafford should be embarassed for this Giselle-esque move, and then I saw her Tiwtter picture. And then I remembered what Giselle looks like.

    They can both say whatever they want in my book.

  15. Oh Darn! OH DARN!!

    Everything’s not Perfect!

    Your sweetie is pulling down about a million bucks a game, and those mean old fans have to BOO him because well … like … the team doesn’t win every game!

    ew! gag me with a silver spoon!!

  16. At $175 a seat, if I want to boo, I’m going to boo. I can also understand the frustration of watching your team squander a choke hold on the division and end up out of the playoffs entirely.

    A girlfriend is supposed to be supportive and outraged when they think their man is being treated unfairly, though. No sense in jumping down her throat for tweeting about it.

  17. She probably hasn’t endured decades of losing like Motown fans have. Plus, he gets paid millions to throw a ball, while the rest of us are middle to low class. He WILL be held to a higher expectation, as will the team. Get over it chicky.

  18. Steelerben… she is supposed to stand by him and take whatever he would take, share in that load.

    She doesn’t get a free pass, she stepped into the ring with the lions.

    She gets some of those boos now. Surely she knew that was going to happen.

  19. Kelly, your trophy wife opinion on the matter means so little to me, but just to clarify.

    At a visiting stadium the fans would not boo the Lions flushing their season down the toilet. They would simply laugh, if that because it is so expected at this point.

    The ones booing actually care, they bought tickets and were filled with hope the Lions could get the job done. They were the same ones on their feet when the team needed noise the most. You just insulted some of the most devoted fans.

    Just go away, take your boy toy with you.

  20. I was on hold, so I read her twitter feed. She just graduated from nursing school, and spent some time recently shopping for xmas presents for needy families. So cut the kid some slack.

  21. I was at the game. 190 bucks n 40 for food n pop. Kids first game, and she was booing real loud, cuz the Ford field fan experience n lion play was awful. They didn’t even put the out of town scores up the whole 3rd qtr and the replays were late and awful and covered by Ads. Won’t go again

  22. Most Lion’s fans have lived through many sucking seasons. In many of those seasons, there was little hope and little care. The past few seasons, there’s been a lot more hope. This season, we had every reason to believe. The stars became aligned. Our schedule was suddenly the weakest. Our strong division was suddenly bad. The door was wide open. Like someone said, we only had to walk through it.

    This booing has built up for years. Any Lion’s team playing well, making few mistakes, winning winnable games, would be given appropriate slack. To me, these Lions are 32 in the power rankings. A team in first place two weeks ago, now with season over in week 16.

    Stafford now has zero confidence. The team is demoralized and embarrassed. Schwartz is covering his butt even throwing Stafford under just a bit with his remarks about Staff being over-aggressive in this bad streak.

    All this talent and what good has it been. At least, I can watch football in peace for many weeks left.

  23. Why didn’t she go help Stafford “relax” at halftime?

    Or she’s in on it with the refs and the league office and she cut Stafford off 5 weeks ago.

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