Terrelle Pryor to start Raiders’ regular-season finale


Terrelle Pryor is once again the starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders.

Coach Dennis Allen announced today that Pryor, who opened the season as the Raiders’ starter but was benched for Matt McGloin, will return to the starting lineup on Sunday against the Broncos.

Allen said the decision wasn’t a reflection of disappointment in McGloin as much as it was a desire to see what Pryor could do.

What we don’t know is whether this decision has anything to do with the recent talk of unrest in Oakland, where Allen is thought to be on the hot seat. Perhaps Allen thinks that if Pryor shows in Week 17 that he’s making progress in his development as a pro passer, it could help save Allen’s own job.

Pryor started eight of the first nine games this season, while McGloin has started the last six (Matt Flynn started one game for the Raiders).

Pryor has completed 135 of 234 passes for 1,591 yards, with five touchdowns and 11 interceptions, for a passer rating of 66.0. Pryor also added 527 rushing yards. McGloin has completed 118 of 211 passes for 1,547 with eight touchdowns and eight interceptions, for a passer rating of 76.1. McGloin has just 27 rushing yards.

40 responses to “Terrelle Pryor to start Raiders’ regular-season finale

  1. Why the heck not.

    McGloin has proven he can be a good backup in this league. Not bad for an undersized, undrafted rookie.

    Pryor? He has looked like a better version of Tebow at best.

  2. I had high hopes for Matt mcgloin. When will this losing end with the Raiders??! . . .with next year’s cap money we can afford to bring any Qb on board, but the market is so weak, I don’t want Matt schaub, or Josh freeman. . .I guess we’ll Draft a rookie (whom by the way don’t look all too promising. all hype imo)

  3. So besides being a worse clock manager and play caller than my 9 year old on Madden, he is also wishy-washy.

    Allen must go.

  4. I dont think our Quarterback issue is gonna be solved next year either, the only way i see that happening is if we bring Johnny Football into town, which will be GREAT, because he is the only promising quarterback out of the whole group besides bridgewater which will be gone. Carr is good physically but not much mentally decision wise which results in interceptions. Manziel brings it all to the table and would nice for him to prove every doubter wrong in an oakland raider uniform!

  5. I’m glad Pryor will get 1 start behind a mostly healthy OL this year. Just to be clear, Matt Flynn was the front office and coaches golden boy and played himself off this team the Raiders were lucky Pryor had improved enough and stepped up to get them 3 wins. Pryor was never in the brass’s plan and Matt Flynn was road kill.

  6. Terrible Pryor is Tebow with a tan. Mark Davis is a damn fool if he doesn’t look to solve his qb problems in the upcoming draft.

  7. Why start him? We’ve seen what he’s got. If he’s contained in the pocket, he’ll run backwards and lose yardage or throw a pick. He’s only dangerous as a runner on a busted play.
    He’s not gonna scare anyone with his passing.
    I doubt he’ll be in the mix next season.

  8. let’s look not at the last decade but at the entire existence of the Raiders–lets go back to beginning–they do not do well at drafting a qb—last one 1/2 way decent was Stabler–that was almost 50 years ago.

  9. Isn’t this what 4-11 teams playing for only a draft position do? After seeing what McGloin can do, you give Pryor a chance to practice and play. They will likely draft a QB next April, so why not see if Pryor can showcase his skills for a draft pick? Some people make a big deal about the obvious…

  10. Anybody who thinks Allen must go is clearly an idiot. How do you expect Allen to be good when this year was suppose to be rebuilding? Everybody thought this team was going to be terrible this year and look at how many close games we were in. Give Allen one more year and if he cant get it done next year then let him go. Allen has a good draft coming and 70 mill in cap. just let him go from there

  11. As I predicted McKenzie has been a disaster for the Raiders hopefully he will finally be fired . The Broncos will easily win it will just be a matter of much they want to embarrass a talentless team. The Raiders need a high quality GM Mark Davis start searching.

  12. Al Davis Lives! No reasonable mind would let Palmer, Flynn, and Campbell leave when all you have is Pryor and Mygroin.

    Strive for success in 2014, or in the raiders minds, going for 7 wins

  13. Watch a game and take note of the coachable things that he is missing like ingame adjustments, discipline, and clock management (the worst ive ever seen)

    And EAD

  14. I would have just kept McGloin playing so once and for all everybody knows that unless your playing the Texans, your not going to win a game

  15. Hard to rebuild when you have hundreds of millions of dollars in dead weight players hanging on your team. Thankfully, Reggie McKenzie has cleansed the Oakland roster of much of the dead weight. The wasted draft picks on failed trades, here’s looking at you Palmer, the cap hell of having multiple top 5 picks pre rookie wage scale, all the burden, gone. The Raiders were like an episode of Hoarders and the cleanse is finally over. Either keep Dennis Allen for another 5 years to build the team his way, or hire someone else to build it their way. Doesn’t matter. I see bright things in the future once some talent is injected into it

  16. Raiders should draft a qb first. Keep mcgloin as a backup. Convert Pryor to a reciever. Get a new coach. Use all that free agent money to get the best defensive ends on the market.
    Oakland needs a makeover to compete in that division

  17. So tired of people making excuses for McKenzie.These fans are the dumb and dumber crowd.
    McKenzie has not drafted any talent in 2 years that would be able to make any other team in the NFL. Plus his signings are abysmal. The trainwreck is readily apparent to those that don’t listen to all the lame excuses.

  18. This is basically an audition for Pryor’s services. If he plays well, he might just generate some trade value in the draft. He would be a great backup complement to RG3 in Washington or some other read option playing team. I think it is pretty obvious the Raiders do not see him as the future of the franchise.

  19. That dougydoug comment had me Rollin. Anyway as we all know if you don’t have a line on both sides you won’t win. Mcgloin to me has shown a lot as a rook. I’d take bArr or The guy from Pitt with the 3 pick then maybe a flyer on bortles Johnny football in rd 2, as neither are goin in rd 1. Texans taking Bridgewater and that’s it for qb’s in rd 1. Teams know Famous Jamis comes next year and he is twice the prospect BRIDGEWATER is. Mariotta is also better than anyone but Bridgewater and Winston. No need risk a 1 thus year on a qb

  20. Keep Allen and his assistants for one more year. If after that, then get rid of him and find a coach with experience. Tony Dungy or Chuckie would be good. Find a QB that can play football thru free agency. Cutler is a short term answer until another “Gannon” comes along. Draft a DL and OL. The draft is full of them this year. I don’t think Pryor nor McGloin is the answer, but McGloin is better than Pryor. Move Pryor to WR, great size and better fit for him. If not, use him as trade bait and see what he’s worth. My 2 cents on the matter.

  21. Unless the raiders are going to draft McCarron or Murray there’s no point in drafting a Qb. Pryor is gone which is fine. McHamstring is gone too which is even better. I kinda hope they draft Carlos Hyde at rb to be honest. He reminds me of a young mojo drew. I think they should hire Lovie Smith to coach this team. At worst he would put together a monster defense. At best we would go deep in the playoffs or possibly a championship.

  22. Trade down and get more picks. I think were a lot closer than people think. I’d like to take bortles but with all the cap space we have I wouldn’t mind signing say a, locker, cutler or even trade a late pick for cousins. Clowney, cj Moseley, or bortles if we don’t trade down. RAIDERNATION!!

  23. Actually Pryor is a much better clock manager in the real NFL than your 9 year old son is on madden. And what is your 9 year old doing playing madden? Step up and buy some games for your son instead of making him play dad’s video games.

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