Trestman shoots down QB controversy, Cutler will start


While there were many things questionable about the Bears last night, the identity of their quarterback for next week’s loser-leaves-town match against the Packers is easy.

Bears coach Marc Trestman dismissed any potential quarterback controversy immediately after last night’s 54-11 loss, saying there was “no question there” Jay Cutler was going to start over Josh McCown in the NFC North-deciding game against next week.

While there’s a solid argument to play McCown, the reality is the Bears didn’t protect well enough to give any quarterback a chance last night. Cutler was sacked a season-high five times, and hit so often that the sack number seems low.

We lost the line of scrimmage,” Trestman said, via Michael Wright of “We didn’t do as good a job as obviously we’ve done at protecting Jay. He got hit probably more in this game than he’s been hit at any time during the season.”

Trestman wasn’t willing to pull Cutler last night until it was truly ridiculous against the Eagles. But with the season on the line next week, it will be interesting to monitor the situation, especially since it’s far from certain that Cutler’s the guy the Bears want to build their future around, given his pending free agency.

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  1. Cutler’s not who he was in Denver.

    If Chicago moves on it’s not because Cutler hasn’t had enough of a chance in Chicago. Sure, the Bears may not have had a stellar team in any given season, but how many seasons has it been since Cutler torched opponents on at least a semi-regular basis.

    Can’t win with a Jekyll & Hyde QB.

  2. Eagles throttled my Bears. They took away any advantage we thought we might have on offensive and played inspired football in all phases.

    I get Mel Tucker doesn’t have all the parts that made the Bears D a solid unit but for God’s sake do something else but sit back and take a beating.

    It doesn’t matter who starts at QB for the Bears if our defense plays like a lousy Pop Warner team.

    Kudos to Philly and hope you crush Jerrah’s team in their own house.

  3. As a Bears fan: I used to say the NFC north was the toughest division in football…. Not today. The Bears do not belong in the playoffs. Their defense is totally pathetic……….

  4. Just goes to show how far out of control the QB narrative has gotten in Chicago. The defense gives up six TDs and couldn’t have stopped McCoy even if he gave up running and started barrel rolling into the end zone…and the day-after post-mortem is about the QB.

    No one thinks Cutler played well last night. But by the time we all finish watching film of missed tackles and Chris Conte doing his Chris Conte thing, there won’t be enough hours left in the day to figure out what percent of the blame for the loss belongs to Cutler.

  5. the bears are very dumb. never ruin a hot streak by going back to a qb who’s been holding a clipboard for month(‘s). stick with your hot hand ( mc cown )

  6. Let Cutler walk and fix the defense for crying out loud. Draft A.J. McCarron and resign McCown.
    This is pathetic as a Bears fan. Never did I ever think in my wildest dreams a Chicago Bears Defense would be this bad.

  7. You can’t blame it all on Cutler. That run defense is like a swiss cheese, and the O-line didn’t exactly give him the best protection. If the same Eagles team shows up next week,Dallas is done.

  8. Cutler is the Jeff George of his era. That means he’s been a decent quarterback whose physical abilities would have seemingly translated into more. That makes him a tease and it probably relates more to what’s between his ears than in his right arm. Josh McDaniels was actually right about Cutler (and so very stupid and wrong about Tebow 🙂 .

  9. After watching the game last night; the Bears’ Defense couldn’t stop a pop warner running back let alone an NFL running back. The Bears need get rid of the soft Lovie defense and get an aggressive defense to match the aggressive offense. As far as last night goes it wouldn’t have mattered if Payton Manning was the Bears QB, this is the worst defense in the league next to Dallas’ defense.

  10. I have to agree with Cobrala. I was living in Denver when they had Cutler and he really seemed like the 2nd coming of Elway. And he was tough..I think something happened..and I wish I could place my finger on it,but it’s puzzling.

  11. Can someone explain to me why Cutler is being killed for this? In the first 5 minutes of the game, the Bears’ Special Teams unit shanked a punt (Podlesh) and fumbled a kick off (Hester) Cutler’s protection was invisible last night (7 sacks) and yet he is getting the blame today? How many people actually watched the game instead of looking at the score and deciding it was time to bash Jay?

  12. Aside from the ugly pick-6 at the end, let’s also blame Jay for these blunders, too:

    Shanked punt
    Fumbled kick-off by Hester
    Forte getting tackled for a safety
    This year’s o-line playing like last year’s o-line
    Numerous dropped passes
    Chris Conte being Chris Conte
    No pressure on Foles
    Two Eagles RBs each go over 100 yards
    The hiring of Mel Tucker

    Yup…Time to change QBs!

  13. Jay didn’t play well, but last I checked, there were about 40 or so other players and about a dozen head coaches who didn’t do their jobs either.

    So if were going to bench everyone that didn’t play well Sunday night, wouldn’t that be a forfeit?

  14. Got to agree with the folks that say Cutler isn’t what he was in Denver. With the exception of last night he actually finds a way to win. What’s up with that?!?

  15. Phil Emery needs to grow a pair and fire Mel Tucker, since Trestman is afraid! EMERY HIRE A GREAT D-COORDINATOR!

    The once proud Monsters of the Midway have become the laughing stock for RB’s throughout the NFL! Ughhh

    BTW – no excuse for the second or third string backups on Defense, they are NFL players, cream of the crop, elite. If they aren’t they shouldn’t of made through camp.

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