Aaron Rodgers decision coming on Thursday


Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Monday that he thought it was important to make a decision about Aaron Rodgers’ status earlier this week than the team has in the past few weeks.

According to Rodgers, that decision will come on Thursday. Rodgers had his weekly radio show on 540 AM on Tuesday and said that his status for the NFC North-deciding game against the Bears “will be definitive” one way or the other by then. Rodgers said that he’s had a scan of his broken collarbone in the last 24 hours and that it is in the process of being evaluated.

“Comes down to is the bone healed or is there a large risk that’s too great that the organization wouldn’t want to put me out there,” Rodgers said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com. “Mike and [General Manager] Ted [Thompson] and Doc and myself are all in the conversation.”

Rodgers also said that any conjecture about the state of his injury that doesn’t come from him, McCarthy, Thompson or the team’s doctor is conjecture as are any reports about his relationships with those people. Rodgers went on to call unnamed sources from the organization talking about his health “cowards” as he addressed the swirl of reports that haven’t come directly from him or the other three people involved in the decision.

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  1. Romo is going to play on crutches if necessary… Favre would have played weeks ago… This is intolerable; what am I missing here? Rodgers needs to play this week from an “organizational standpoint”

  2. no one cares about this soft player hiding on the side lines because he has an owieeeeee; sharon t0 sit another week while flynn to the shagren coughs up another game

  3. Let him play… Nobody is 100 percent at this point of the season… And any hard tackle could be career ending for any player at any time. Playing football is a health risk period. If he says he is ready to go, he should be played.

    Packers stock owner.

  4. Exactly. It’s a collarbone – and they don’t heal quickly.

    Romo missed 10 weeks in 2010 with broken collarbone.

    It was a pipe dream to assume Rodgers would be back in 6-8 weeks.

    More media hysteria.

  5. remember all the quitler jokes?

    Pack’s getting bounced out and I’m going to enjoy every minute

  6. I hope they sit him. The game is better with A-rod healthy. God forbid something happens to him during the game that causes him to have to rehab all offseason, instead of full throttle training.

    Plus, most realists will admit the packers have no business beating the Seahawks, 49ers, or Panthers in the playoffs.

    So, even if GB does win and make the playoffs, will risking Rodgers health be worth losing the first playoff round??

    Swallow your pride and take a better draft pick.

  7. From the producers of The Last Days of Favre…

    Winner, for Best Drama Short Series for an NFL Franchise – “Days of Our Cheese”

    Classic! Nicely Done GenXJay!

  8. Don’t play him…take the loss….get a higher draft pick. Packers would lose in the 1st round of playoffs anyway.

  9. The Bears defense is really bad, but they are the team that ended his season for him. I think he should go out there and throw a couple extra blocks on some sweeps and screen plays. So he can show packer nation how tough he really is…. The packers are a one man team.

  10. I would venture to bet that 99% of the posters calling him names and soft are not even former high school football players and have no clue on what its like to play hurt.

    The Viking trolls especially although they know a thing or two about being soft, their flaccid state come Saturday night. But don’t be too quick to blame them, just look at some of the women in the stands at the Metrodump and you too can relate.

  11. I have a question for all these d-bag Viking fans who posted on this story:

    If you could press a button and magically switch Christian Ponder with Aaron Rodgers, would you do it?

    Thumbs up for yes, thumbs down for no.

  12. The truth is the Packers would have beaten the Steelers with Eddie Lacey if he didn’t get hurt. If the Packers had Finley and Cobb they would have won the division already even without Rodgers playing QB. All these loser hater trolls knocking the descision not to play Rodgers want to see him get hurt again and laugh here on PFT . The Packers can beat the Bears with Matt Flynn at QB next Sunday and win the division. Ted Thompson is looking at the big pig picture for next season and beyond to build another PACKER DYNASTY ! Next year because of their record the Packers will have an easier schedule and win the NFC North going away.

  13. Seriously all you idiots calling Rodgers soft, etc. must be some of the dumbest football fans around if you don’t know how the business of football is done these days.

    “Favre would have played!” Gimme a break. Of course he would, because he was tough as nails and nobody would have stopped him. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Rodgers would play if they let him too. Go educate yourself. The injury he has is often a slow healing one and carries a risk of long term nerve damage to his THROWING arm if re-injured. This decision is ultimately Thompson’s who has to think about the best interests of he Packers overall.

    God knows I want him to play too and I don’t give a crap about the “we don’t have any chance in the playoffs anyway” argument. Anyone can win any week. This season has show that more than any I can remember. And Rodgers has shown he can make this team into a contender on his own repeatedly.

    All I can say is I’d be begging for him to sit if I was a care-Bear fan too.

  14. I can confidently say that if there’s one criticism that packer fans must have of Rodgers is that they wish he acted less like a corporation unto himself and more of an old school player like Favre. Even if AR couldn’t play, would it kill him if he said “I’m hurt but there’s no way I’m missing this game”. Put it on the doctors and front office to make the decision instead of coming off like you’re trying to make a “business decision”.

  15. Put Rodgers back in the tool shed, and let him fully heal for next season.

    Packer fans have a hard time understanding and realizing that, even with Rodgers back, they won’t go anywhere in the playoffs. Seattle, 9’rs, and Panthers would run all over them. So it’s simple to say, why risk it further? Let Rodgers heal up fully, and come back next season.

    We all know Rodgers isn’t the toughest QB in the league. There’s a list of guys who are tougher. But GB is smart if they sit him and protect him for the future. I don’t care what anyone says, even the delusional packer fans… Flynn can’t carry Rodgers jock strap. And rushing him back to take a chance and destroy the collarbone makes no sense! Without Rodgers in your future, your no better than the Vikings.

  16. “Romo is going to play on crutches if necessary… Favre would have played weeks ago… This is intolerable; what am I missing here? Rodgers needs to play this week from an “organizational standpoint””

    Except Romo didn’t play with a broken collarbone and Favre retired after he couldn’t pass a concussion test. Know what Romo and Favre have in common? A penchant for poor decision making. Only person to like Favre more then me is Madden, so im not bashing him. He makes some terrible decisions.

  17. @usdscoyotesfan…

    Fwiw- Rodgers just said that he, MM, TT and the Doc are making this decision.

    The Doc only has 25% of the vote. Therefore the Doc’s vote doesn’t matter- the football types control the vote.

    And always have.

    Rodgers is the swing vote- and he doesn’t want to risk getting annihilated behind that sorry excuse for an Oline that TT and MM have provided.

    He’s making a stand that TT has to provide a significantly better Oline or he will take his ball and go home.

  18. I hate how people say they are going to have a soft schedule. You have no idea so sthu you sound like an idiot. You can be a last place team one year and the next win it all so don’t say they will have a soft schedule.

  19. I wish those that bought stock would rise up to exercise their voting power so that Rodgers can get back on the field. As a shareholder you can do that right? Right!?

  20. I have agreed with the long term decision to sit Rodgers up until now because of the guaranteed money that he is owed the next few years. However, many of the players individually and all of the players as members of the NFLPA have an opportunity to earn more money by winning a division and qualifying for the playoffs. That being said, if Rodgers truly feels he’s ready, he needs to be out there to help his teammates earn a extra check from the team (contract incentive) or the league (for qualifying).

  21. Will he ay or won’t he play. Changing opinions week in and week out. A team wondering if their qb will ever at.

    Sound like a former packer qb?

  22. One thing is for sure the NFC North probably does not deserve a playoff team this year. Clearly the Packers have the better team with a healthy Rodgers. Without Rodgers the Packers are no different than the rest of the losers that make up the NFC North. Not even sure the vikings belong in the NFL at this point. Maybe they can join the Canadian league this off season?

  23. First off, ted thompson made the decision that he wouldnt play last week, and hes making the decision that rodgers wont play again this year. Id be shocked if he did. Thompson is smart enough to see that with or without rodgers, this team goes nowhere in the playoffs. It shows more about the NFC North how the packers have been without rodgers, cobb, and matthews (among many others) for a good portion of the season, but yet have a chance to win the division.

    Signed, a packer fan

  24. If I were a NFL QB, I’d have reservations about making my return by having to go out against the guy that injured it in the first place.

    Not that Shea McClellin is a great pass rusher. Hell, he’s not even a kinda sorta decent from time to time pass rusher. Sometimes after a game I think to myself “Did he even dress for the game??” (he did, and he was the starter)

    Still, he broke Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone, and that has to mean something to Aaron Rodgers.

  25. If the Packers win, they deserve the Division Title. They will have earned it. No apologies. Same for the Bears. The haters are losers with time on their hands. Nothing new here folks……move along, move along.

  26. Thoroughbreds require a higher level of consideration before putting them back in the race after injury. There are only four or five elite QB’s in the entire league. If this were any of the the Vikings QB’s, heck, shoot them up and push them out there. It wouldn’t make any difference……..desperate teams have to take desperate measures. The Packers aren’t desperate. They gave every team in the division a free hand at assuming the leader role. The Vikings wanted it least of all, which is predictable. They like Division Titles when they can get them, (they have lots and lots,) but they prefer to play for draft position. Don’t believe me? Ask their expert fans. They’ll tell you.

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