Broncos barge back to the top of the power rankings

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The Christmas Eve schedule, with no PFT Live and no Pro Football Talk on NBCSN and an annual breakfast outing for the men and boys and men who act like boys in the family, caused me to forget about the usual Tuesday routine.


The power rankings are posted, better late than never.  Even though some of you would prefer never to late.

Broncos fans definitely will be happy.  After an extended absence, Denver is back at the top of the league.  Just in time to go one-and-out in the playoffs, which many assume they’ll do.

One thing we’ve learned — when it comes to the NFL, assume nothing.

16 responses to “Broncos barge back to the top of the power rankings

  1. Lets be honest here. The Broncos have never truly been anything else but #1.

    Aside from some bad breaks, lucky bounces and a short preparation week the Broncos would be undefeated or at worst 14 – 1 right now.

    Bad Break – Hillman’s goal line fumble vs. Indy
    Lucky Bounce – Muffed punt vs. New England
    Short Week – vs. San Diego

  2. I wonder why the Chiefs are higher than the Bengals when the Bengals have both a higher ranked offense and Defense than KC, and they haven’t laid any eggs at home unlike Kc

  3. Bronco’s ARE NOT the best team in the NFL, by far. If a team has a good pass rush and a couple lock-down corners , you can hold Denver to 21 points or less. Arizona , Seattle, and San Francisco would all stomp Denver . Peyton Manning would have trouble walking the next day after the beat down those teams would give them, & all of those teams have offenses that would light up Denver’s average at best defense.

  4. Are u guys even watching the denver games?? There defense is the only thing hurting them and Neither sf or sea has met a high powered offense such as Denver’s and are u kidding me kaepernick makes one read and scrambles and Wilson has no weapons beside lynch so there screwed if they meet the broncos. Falcons made niners d look atrocious and Carson Palmer beat the hawks in there house…get real fake football fans

  5. Bill Mack attack lol ur not watching denver play u see sports center highlights and think u kno it all, ur what we like to call a fantasy fan get the facts before running ur mouth bout my boys

  6. I’m so sick of hearing about Peyton is the greatest nonsense. . Want to beat Peyton? Play Nickel D and force him to throw the ball over 5 yards. It’s easy to complete over 80 percent of your passes when they’re all screens and 2 yard out routs. All he cares about is padding stats and covering up his sexual assault charges. I’m a diehard Eagles fan and I know Foles is decent but he’s also the product of a soft favorable schedule.. As is Manning….Brady, Brees, Rodgers.. those are easily the NFL elite QBs. Manning is a joke, New England proved that.. how about Chargers? He’s down 2 scores with under 2 minutes and he’s still dumping it off.. why? That’s all he’s got. KC has proved to be mediocre so that leaves 3 decent to good teams Manning has faced.. All 3 were losses.. He torched New England’s 5 starting rookies for 150 yards lol.

  7. Unbelievable so basically setting the nfl record for passing touchdowns and breaking the nfl record for passing yards in a season…ever not just this season EVER!! All of y’all who claim he’s soft are just straight haters and numbers don’t lie.

  8. Peyton manning hasn’t lost games for his team, the defense has and being the man he is he has accepted the blame which is a true leader. And the eagles have had the softest schedule n the weakest division in the NFL get real and can’t wait til playoffs. Broncos would’ve been in Super Bowl last year if not for a Hail Mary poorly defended by Rahim Moore once again not mannings fault. Damn I need to quit reading these posts I get fired up over haters ignorance

  9. Peyton hasn’t lost games? Really? Seems to me he has thrown quite a few game ending picks.. including that pick 6 in the Super Bowl.

  10. I think Seattle is truley the best team. It’s fair to say like Denver, every top team has had a hiccup or two, no one’s invincible. I would put Denver number 2.

    1 Seattle
    2 Denver
    4. Carolina
    5. New England
    6. Philly
    7. Indy
    8. Cincy
    9. Arizona
    10. New Orleans

  11. Notice I didn’t put Kansas City in my top 10. Losing 2 games at home gets you knocked off in my opinion, especially last week. One hiccup too many, there a team that can lose to anyone and beat anyone, scary team, but oppose their will on weaker teams.

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