Browns have no desire to play Alex Tanney at quarterback


The Browns offense never really got into gear during last Sunday’s 24-13 loss to the Jets and there’s nothing left to play for this season, but that’s not going to lead the Browns to take a look at quarterback Alex Tanney.

Coach Rob Chudzinski confirmed Tuesday that Jason Campbell will be the starting quarterback for the season finale against the Steelers. Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland reports that Chudzinski said the Browns will “keep it the way it is” and said that he had no desire to see what Tanney can do at quarterback.

Perhaps he’d feel differently if the Steelers were employing moving cars on defense. All bets are off if they need a last second play that calls for the quarterback to bounce the ball off both uprights before finding a receiver.

The Steelers are still alive in the playoff race, so the Browns’ decision could wind up having some bearing on that front. Given the six-game losing streak the Browns will carry into Sunday, though, the needle may not have moved that much had the Browns decided to see if trick shots carry over to actual football.

Tanney started the year as a member of the Cowboys practice squad and they’d probably love to have him back now so that they could avoid the dumpster dive for a healthy body at the position that they’ll be performing this week.

15 responses to “Browns have no desire to play Alex Tanney at quarterback

  1. Why not take a look? Are they afraid they might lose the game? It’s not like they’d be sitting down Joe Montana to see what the kid has got. That organization stinks from the top down.

  2. Neither team is going anywhere this year… I’d like to beat them so that it improves our third round pick we stole from them last year… Thanks. Do yinz want to make another trade? (The Colts are on the other line…)

  3. The REAL PROBLEM is the wide receivers.

    Sure… the Browns quarterbacks aren’t “franchise” quality… but… no quarterback wins with those jokers.

  4. That doesn’t surprise me when this coaching staff trades away Thad Lewis for weeden and Wallace. This is same coaching staff that cut Brian Hartline and kept Greg little! This is the same staff that had Josh Gordon on the trading block for god sake! This coaching staff stinks, offence, defence and head coach!
    Start the kid Chud! Maybe it will give the team the same spark it had with Hoyer as the starter. Because after watching last weeks game, this team has given up.

  5. Brian Hartline was drafted in 2009 by the Dolphins…he was never cut for Greg Little by the Browns…and this is the first year for this coaching staff…who never wanted Weeden to begin with…and although Thad Lewis has looked good he certainly isn’t the next coming of Joe Montana. That being said I don’t care who starts at quarterback if they can win in Pittsburgh….something Cleveland has forgotten how to do for over a decade.

  6. At this point in the season, with the way Campbell has played, If he comes out flat again they should pull him and insert Weeden, if he flounders, who cares it is his last game in C-Town anyway, If he plays well we may be able to get a 7th rounder for him from a drunken GM.

  7. I won’t insult the Browns fans by saying that I know what they are going through, but as a Steeler fan living in Browns country I have to say that this is certainly the best team that the Browns have put together in ten years. By that I mean from the front office and the guy sweeping up after games. Remember the angst after trading Trent? It proved to be a one sided deal to the Browns favor. You have a quality, young defense, the best wide receiver in the league, and two first round draft picks. Compare that to where you stood a year ago. I look for the Browns to compete for the Super Bowl in the next two years, hang in there Brownies!

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