E.J. Manuel still may get back to play season finale

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While they don’t have a playoff berth on the line, the Bills still have some things to prove.

For quarterback E.J. Manuel, proving he could get on the field and stay on the field might suffice.

Bills coach Doug Marrone said Manuel practiced today and threw well, and that he’d wait to make a decision on his starting quarterback until after he saw how Manuel recovered.

The rookie quarterback has been sidelined three times by knee injuries this season, which could simply be a function of bad luck.

The Bills are going to give him every chance to prove it, though Thad Lewis will be ready for another replacement start in case Manuel isn’t ready.

10 responses to “E.J. Manuel still may get back to play season finale

  1. Why bother at this point ?
    Just let him regs the knee going into the offseason . He can’t prove anything in the finale against NE. We all already know that half of his passes are in the dirt and the other half sail 5 yards over the head I their intended target, what else is there to see?

  2. I think a bigger deal is bills playing their 4th game without Stevie who are 2-1 without him. Woods looks like the real deal and it will be interesting to see how they move forward with or without him.

  3. His antics his lack of concentration at times his injuries not to mention his lack of chemistry with Manuel. It’s no surprise if you watch games his 2 favorites are woods and Goodwin. He was fitz #1 target and now that he’s gone his numbers have dropped but it isn’t all on the qb it’s his responsibility too to get a connection with Manuel. Whaley and marrone have no loyalty to him that was gailey and nix. Bills have to look long and hard in the offseason about Stevie and I know I’m not the only bills fan that has questions about Stevie moving forward. Clown? Child please.

  4. Count me in as one of those Bills fans that thinks there is a possibility we’ve already seen Stevie’s last game as a Bill. I’ve always liked having him on the team and wouldn’t exactly like to see him go, but I do see it as a real possibility. It depends on what kind of value they could get for him on draft day

  5. Stevie Johnson is expendable. He’s a potential starting receiver on most teams. Trade him for a high draft pick or 2. Injuries, drops and excused absences.

  6. Rest ej. If he gets hurt he misses the offseason if it’s a big injury.

    As far as Stevie

    You guys are nuts to think we can do without him. Typical bills fan move of what you’ve done lately garbage. Ej has clearly never learned how to throw to Stevie. He’s had some drops but I feel ej doesn’t ever look for him as much as he should. Watch who he looks for first then second. After two reads ej gives up but if you wait for Stevie he will get open, he would be Wes welker if someone legit was throwing to him. Really look at the bad throws ej has thrown to him. I’ve watched every single play this season. It’s on both to get up together and develop chemistry. Look at Thad Lewis, the kid sustains drives and makes adjustments. Didn’t see any running back get tackled behind the line like when ej is in and doesn’t check out of the call. Hate this piling on sj13, some is deserved and for the guy that said crap about absences? Two injuries and his mother dying doesn’t work huh?

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