Jerry Jones: Tony Romo could be cleared to play

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Add Jerry Jones to the list of members of the Dallas Cowboys’ organization unwilling to rule out Tony Romo for the regular season finale against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night.

Romo reportedly will miss the rest of the season with a back injury suffered against the Washington Redskins. The injury is reportedly a herniated disc that will require surgery that will keep him sidelined the rest of the year.

Head coach Jason Garrett quickly disputed the notion that Romo’s status has been determined. During his Monday press conference, Garrett said the plan was for Romo to get treatment on his injured back but wouldn’t declare him out in a must-win game for the Cowboys.

Jones furthered those statements by saying that Romo could be cleared to play against Philadelphia.

All I’m saying is he has back spasms, symptoms that we’re treating as we go along in the week to see if he will play,’’ Jones said, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “There is nothing structurally that will rule him out if he feels good and is cleared to play. Nothing.’’

Jones wouldn’t speak to the exact nature of the injury or whether it will require surgery. It could just be an attempt from the Cowboys to keep the Eagles guessing as to who will start for them in Sunday’s battle for the NFC East title.

If Romo can’t play, Kyle Orton will get the start for the Cowboys. Orton is 12 for 15 for 129 yards and a touchdown in limited duty since signing with Dallas in 2012.

77 responses to “Jerry Jones: Tony Romo could be cleared to play

  1. Lol no he couldn’t. Jerry, you crazy. Play Romo with that back and that offensive line, you’ll be carting off your franchise QB with gimp legs.

  2. As a big fan the Cowboys, I really hope this is true. This is Romo’s team and he deserves the opportunity to prove himself. The man has more guts than glory and he deserves some good fortune.

  3. “Nothing structurally” preventing Romo from playing football? How about the herniated disc? I guess it depends on which vertebrae affected but there’s a chance he can’t even feel his hand right now, much less getting crushed during a football game. Take him out. Spinal injuries are not to be played with.

  4. It’s sad how this team is clinging to the hope that romo can put off his BACK SURGERY and risk nerve damage to their 108m$ QB to TRY and win one game. You gonna win the SB this year with a QB that has a herniated disk Jerry? Dont expect romo to be flying around making safeties and linebackers miss like he did against the skins. If he plays, you better keep a stretcher on the sideline, cause he wont make it out of the first quarter.

  5. “All I’m saying is he has back spasms” — sorry, Jerry. A herniated disk in your spine is far from just back spasms. I can absolutely envision Jones and Garrett telling him he needs to play since he’s the franchise and their 100 million dollar QB. Jones, cuz he’s a spineless wannabe GM desperately trying to cement his credibility as a GM and Garrett, desperately trying to keep his job. If they lose, Garrett says, “Romo was hurt.” — and perhaps throw Jerry under the bus as the reason why.

  6. Jones: “All I’m saying is he has back spasms, symptoms that we’re treating as we go along…”

    Only Jerry could turn Romo into the Black Knight from “Monty Python & the Holy Grail”.

    “‘Tis but a scratch…I’m invincible!”

    Jones is obviously pathologically incapable of telling the truth.

  7. Won’t be the least bit surprised if Romo plays. Tough as nails… this is the same guy who played after his hand swelled up like a balloon, after he broke his rib and punctured his lung, and who tried to re-enter a game RIGHT after breaking his collarbone.

    Schefter/Mortensen jumped the gun and could end up looking very foolish.

  8. As a Cowboy fan I really hope he is able to play. And I will say its not because it gives the Cowboys a better chance to win. I question a lot that they’d be able to compete with anyone in the playoffs. I really want him to play this week to show that ESPN and their reporters were wrong to report something so quickly. We see this time and time again on CNN or news sites outside of sports where it means more to report something first whether or not its accurate.

  9. And I COULD be signed to play QB for the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, if we’re strictly speaking in the realms of what is theoretically possible.

  10. Two things…
    “…we’re treating…”? What, Jerry has added team doctor to his responsibilities? What a guy!
    Looks like unless Romo can’t walk, he’d better play.

  11. Leave it to Jerry to put his two cents where he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The man just loves to hear himself talk.

  12. Orton may end up playing a better game than Romo. The Eagles may let up some with Romo out. But as long as that Cowboy defense is on the field the Boys have no chance.

  13. Jerry,
    Way to keep philly on edge of their seats.
    Keep’em guessing who’s behind center..
    But the problem aint at qb.. Romo would be great to have Sunday but Orton is also more than capable and
    Knows the offense..

    Problem is keep getting Murray involved,
    Dez,Witten will get theirs. Use Murray till he throws up.

    Key to success is defense.
    Blitz nick foles alot, and dont give him time
    To throw. Double McCoy and the Boys win.
    McCoy is the key to philly.

  14. Man, Jerry just shut up. Shut up!
    Regardless how you feel about Romo, no one can tell me that he isn’t as tough as nails. But this to me is just ridiculous. Let the guy get his treatment/surgery and let time dictate the outcome. What, Jerry is a freaking doctor now? How does he have this much nerve to talk this damn much about everything. His desire for attention, is what has ruined this team. Forget the bad drafts (Kavika Pittman, Quincy Carter, etc.) or the terrible hires (Dave Campo…really?) it’s his incessant need for spotlight and attention that has ruined this organization.

    Thanks Jerry

  15. I get it, now it’s jerry the gm, jerry the h/c, and jerry the doc. Damn you’re talented Mr. Jones. You need some kind of promotion for all you do on this perennial playoff team. I always wondered how it stayed, well, so below average.

  16. Yeah sure jerrah… just so the iggles dont get ready for the disaster called ORTON…
    pinching the nerves in the lower discs doesnt heal fast… losing control of your thigh muscle isnt something u can power thru…

  17. Ok, enough of this. Can we just wait till we know Romo’s status for sure? Every 15 minutes there’s a new report that conflicts with the report that came out 15 minutes prior.

  18. This situation would be a test for ANY GM and HC.
    And now we see the back peddling and contradictions.

    Truth is the Dallas Cowboys only have 2 QBs and now face the problem that comes with that gamble. There is no young QB waiting in the wings, a rightful heir being groomed all along to take over the reins.

    Put Romo in the next game and they are going to blitz, blitz and blitz. Herniated disc is no joke.

    [tears open a pack of KoolAid and pours it down the sink]

  19. We all know he’s not playing, so stop with the BS…someone in the organization let this slip.

  20. Kyle Orton will thrive in a one game situation and maybe even in a playoff game or two, but he’ll drop the ball if he is ever named the starter of any team.

  21. Jarrah, I thought you loved Tony?
    Now, it’s out to the meat grinder with a herniated disc?

  22. Hope Jones is trying to keep the Eagles guessing and not thinking of doing further damage to Romos back just to win the division, never know with this guy

  23. Owner, check. GM, check. Puppet Master and wanna be coach, check. Team doctor, check. The circle is complete.

  24. hmmm something stinks ….he has an injured foot, no wait….it’s his back….well he is out for the season and needs surgery….no wait…..he might play. The league needs to get involved because the truth buzzer in Dallas is deafening.

  25. Romo and Gruden to Oakland. Manziel and McFadden to Dallas. Jerry makes headlines. ESPN has something to talk about.

  26. Of course JJ believes Romo could be cleared to play against Philadelphia; the doctors that would clear him are on Jerry’s payroll. I sincerely hope that Romo gets a 2nd opinion once the inevitable “clearance ” is obtained

  27. Clearly Romo or no Romo, they are no match for Chip Kellys intricate 11 headed offensive monster machine tour 2013. Just suit up Garret to play. Who cares? Theres simply nothing they can do about the pain train that is a comin.

  28. Dallas ALWAYS over hypes anything that happens to romo to give the appearance he is battling through unbelievable pain just to win for the boys.
    Like when they claimed he had fractured ribs and a PUNCTURED LUNG. Of course it wasn’t true but that didn’t stop the cowboys hype machine from spreading the story non stop.

  29. It doesn’t matter. If Romo does play, he will not be able to scramble, so it will be the same as if Orton was playing, The Eagles are going to steamroll the Cowboys. The fans will be leaving at half time.

  30. “All I’m saying is he has back spasms, symptoms that we’re treating as we go along in the week to see if he will play,’’

    If they are only treating the “symptoms”, that means they are not treating the CAUSE. Romo is still going to have back problems going forward.

  31. All eagle fans are hoping Romo plays. He is a choke artist under normal conditions.
    Can you imagine what he would do under the influence of all the drugs they would have to pump into him to get him on the field. Of course Jerry has proved that a body can still work under adverse conditions. His has been working without a brain for many years.

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