Kaepernick sides with Gore over Harbaugh on TD play call

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When faced with the decision to rebel against authority, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick ran the risk, and chose to side with the guy closest to him.

Kaepernick said he went with the judgement of running back Frank Gore instead of the play call sent in by coach Jim Harbaugh, which resulted in Gore’s 2-yard touchdown run.

They were leading 20-17, and Gore had just been stopped on first down.

“We had a different play call and Frank said he wanted the same thing,” Kaepernick said, via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com. “I wasn’t about to argue with him.

“I don’t think Coach was too mad because we scored. So it was all right.”

The score was the final offensive touchdown for the 49ers at Candlestick Park, pushing them to the win that clinched a playoff berth.

“I kind of saw the defense, how they were playing, and we were at what? The inch line,” Gore said. “And the ‘backers were playing like 5 yards back. I knew it was a quick hit, and I know I quick-hitted it. I barreled through. I knew they were going to come on top of me because my running style is low.

“I’m happy he listened to me. That the thing I love about Kap. He listens to his teammates.”

Of course, that works right up until the point it doesn’t, at which point Harbaugh might have a little more to say about it.

31 responses to “Kaepernick sides with Gore over Harbaugh on TD play call

  1. Good for Kap. Sometimes I beleive the 49ers win in spite of harbaugh. Guy doesnt know half the rules of the game and just flips the F out on the sidelines on every flag it seems. Save it for college where u belong jim.

  2. Give the old guy a touchdown. I mean it’s against the Falcons for crying out loud. Sad to see Atlanta lose this one, they gifted this one. San Fran’s Christmas came early yesterday.

  3. as a Hawks fan this pains me to say, but I love it. players are the ones on the field, and have a feel for the game… Kap rolling the dice and backing his back was ballsy and what leaders should do.

    go hawks.

  4. If you can’t trust your QB to audible, you can’t trust your QB. And the wisdom to audible away from using your own arm shows a maturity 49ers fans should appreciate in Kaepernick. The kid’s going to be a good one for a long time if he keeps this attitude.

  5. Win in spite of Harbaugh? Clearly this guy didn’t pay attention to any of the previous 3-5 seasons before Harbaugh arrived.. Much of the same roster… Only 5 win seasons were normal and an 8 win season was the best they could pull

  6. Its obvious Harbaugh can’t coach at this level. His players hate his passion & enthusiasm…listen, he’s played in the league, and understands his job is too put 49er players in a position to succeed & win. Not sure he’d win a Mr. Congeniality contest, but then again neither would Belichick, Coughlin, etc would either. Maybe Carroll or Payton. But seriously, his record speaks for itself.

  7. This just goes to show Kaep is so arrogant he thinks he’s smarter than the coach. Niner fans are lining up to strap on knee pads and show Kaep how much they worship him but this guy embodies everything the rest of the country can’t stand about the niners. That was a dirty win handed to them by rotten calls and built on the backs of an Atlanta team that played poorly, showed up late and SHOULDVE walked out of stab-city, I mean the stick, with a big W.

  8. Also two things to remember about Gore.

    1: He practiced against the same scheme for the first 3.5 seasons in the league so he probably knew the tendencies enough to relay that to Kaep.

    2: When Nolan was HC he was quoted on a few occasions as saying that he would always listen when Gore gave input because he had a really good perspective of how certain plays can go.

  9. I wouldn’t listen to that big mouth idiot either. Watch him ruin that team over the next couple of years. Can’t draft worth a diddly-dang.

  10. Big deal…No SB for the whiners…BTW, this is the last time we’ll see this whiney team in any kind of playoff contention for a long time…Cardinals and Rams are coming up strong for next year…Seahawks have owned this division since 2004…Since 2000, Rams and Cardinals have 2 NFC west titles, Whiners 3, and the Seahawks 5, and counting the win this Sunday against the Rams, make it 6 for Seattle…Hey Gore, who owns the west?

  11. A NO BRAINER CALL. You have one of the best short yardage RBs of all time behind one of the best OLs in the league! You run that play 4 STARIGHT times if you have too. Just like you did in last years Super Bowl…….OH wait……..

  12. In the old days, quarterbacks called the plays. Since the 1980’s, however, the coaches have called practically all the plays. There are advantages to both systems. It is good to see that Kap has matured enough as a quarterback to know what play may work best, because neither the quarterback nor the coach is always better at deciding which play to run.

  13. I love all the negative comments from the Seachicken fans… Like any other loser, have all the stats but one… NO SUPER BOWL WINS !!! In fact that trash pit in King County only has 1… yes folks 1 World Championship, and it is proudly on display in OKLAHOMA CITY !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA The City of Chumps against the City of Champions.. no contest.

  14. “I knew they were going to come on top of me…”
    I would have expected this comment more out of Kaepernick!

  15. So if he didn’t score, what would all of you “Darn right he made the right decision – heck with the coach” niner fans views be then?

    Audible = QB Options – why all the noise about it?

  16. cmsaint9 | Dec 24, 2013, 8:18 AM PST

    Good for Kap. Sometimes I beleive the 49ers win in spite of harbaugh. Guy doesnt know half the rules of the game and just flips the F out on the sidelines on every flag it seems. Save it for college where u belong jim.


    Idiot Saints fan. lol. Since Jim Harbaugh became 49ers HC 2011:

    3 playoff appearances.
    2 NFC West titles (possible 3)
    2 NFC Championship appearances (possible 3)
    1 NFC title (possible 2)
    1 Super Bowl appearance (possible 2)
    1 NFL Coach of the Year

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