Lions sent fans playoff tickets, then were eliminated


Some Detroit fans opened their mailboxes on Monday and saw something unusual mixed in with their Christmas cards: Lions playoff tickets.

One problem: The Lions were eliminated from playoff contention on Sunday.

The Lions began selling playoff tickets when they were in first place in the NFC North late in the season, and the team mailed out some of the tickets last week. Now those tickets are collector’s items, worthy of a place alongside the Lions’ 2013 calendar as a memento of what a lousy existence it is to be a Lions fan.

Fans who bought playoff tickets will have the money credited toward their 2014 season tickets. Of course, some fans will be so disgusted by the Lions’ late-season collapse that they no longer want 2014 season tickets.

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  1. Well, what a nice memento.

    I have an unused 2004 Cleveland Browns AFC championship game ticket. Think about that, the Jeff Garcia/Butch Davis/Lee Suggs Browns would have had to have been the #1 seed in the AFC to be able to print that ticket. That makes me lol

  2. If they weren’t sent and they won the division, fans would have been angry with the first round less than 2 weeks away. While a tough reminder it’s a non story.

  3. Lifelong lions fan. Yes they blow and yes this is pretty damn stupid. But lousy existence? Really. Like lions fans have nothing else in their lives?? If that were the case there would be far more people blowing their heads off in the state of Michigan. C’mon man.

  4. So do the fans who coughed up the bucks & don’t buy 2014 season tickets get their money back? If I were in that category, I’d be more than disgusted if that premature playoff ticket money was forfeited.

  5. i wouldn’t beat yourselves too much, lion fans.
    an “enron” type business in wisconsin suckers “novelty stock” to it’s most ill football knowledge fan base.

  6. “The Lions began selling playoff tickets when they were in first place in the NFC North late in the season, and the team mailed out some of the tickets last week.”

    Jerry Jones pulled a stunt like this back on ’07, and Coughlin made sure the team knew about it before kickoff.

    As bad as the Giants have been, they always find ways to raise hell when given the opportunity.

  7. I’m a Bears fan and I can say the Detroit Lions should have won their division easily this year. Bears collapse and Green Bay poops the bed, wide open for Schwartz to get in his own way.

    As someone else mentioned its time for Schwartz to go, he can’t coach his way out of a paper bag.


  8. This is common practice among professional sports teams. They can’t wait until days before the game to actually start selling them. I used to work for a MLB team’s box office and if we were even in playoff contention we had to sell tickets for every game. Even though there was no way we could play some of those games.

  9. Why can’t teams near Great Lakes get out of their own way?

    Merry Christmas!

    Go Bills! – so here’s to a happy next year.

  10. The worst part about the whole thing is, I called for a refund and was told the only way they would refund my money is if I signed an affidavit that I no longer want my season tickets next year. What a total bs excuse for an organization, well guess what, I don’t want my tickets next year, either, total classless organization run by the worst coach in all of sports. How Jimbo the Clown still has a job is beside me

  11. I love it! The most classless organization lead by a spoiled silver spoon owner and a midget cry baby should have easily won the NFC North with Chicago and Green Bay decimated by injuries…but can’t! Time for midget to go, too much talent on Detroit to play undisciplined ball and blow their chance. Maybe a new head coach won’t tolerate dirty undisciplined play!

  12. Would someone please list their tickets on eBay. I want to buy one, matte and frame it. I have a spot for it betwee framed Packer stock and a jersey of a former quarterback.

  13. It’s a cheap rope to hook the season ticket owners into the next year by only crediting the purchase to 2014 season tickets. On the good side, they likely will get to see an entirely new coaching staff that is well practiced in the art of the post-game handshake.

  14. As others have said nonstory, a typical practice of any professional sports team.

    It is another great example of sports media trumpeting a story that isn’t. At least you got that

  15. Funny but I’ve got to imagine that this isn’t that uncommon in pro sports. I’ve seen plenty of laughable Red Sox World Series tickets to games that never even came close to happening.

  16. Jay Cutler, Charles Tillman, Henry Melton, Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Nate Collins, Lance Briggs and Jermichael Finley. All of these players missed a large portion of or all of the season. And the Lions STILL can’t win the division.

  17. Whoever said the Lions should blow it up and start over is an absolute MORON. Megatron, Suh, Ziggy Ansah, Fairly, Tulloch, Delmas, Glover Quinn, Chris Houston, and Stafford are ALL special talents and with the right head coach (I honestly believe Gunther should keep his job, number 4 rush defense and number 1 3rd down defense in the NFL) they will be playoff bound SOON.
    O’Brien from Penn State should be the guy. Great with qbs to help out Stafford and it seems like guys WANT to play for him. Schwartz lost this team after the 4-12 in ’12. Keep Gunther and bring in a brilliant offensive head coach and all you sh*t talkers will be singing a different tune next year.

  18. lousy existence? wow that’s pretty harsh man. kick em while they down. that ain’t right. hang in there Detroit stay loyal!! GO BIRDS!! That’s the real birds. The Eagles. This ain’t our year. But lookout we coming.

  19. Lions are the anti-tebows.

    Tebow will play garbage football and wind up winning.

    Lions will dominate the line of scrimmage – light up the scoreboard and figure out ways to choke.

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