Pete Carroll hints Percy Harvin may be headed to injured reserve


Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin won’t practice this week, which means he won’t play in Week 17 against the Rams.

That’s no surprise. All signs have been pointing to a postseason return for Harvin, who has been in the lineup for just one game this season because of a hip injury. On Tuesday, though, coach Pete Carroll hinted that Harvin may not be back on the field until 2014.

Carroll said, via the team’s website, “that may happen” when he was asked whether the team would need to make a roster move involving Harvin. They aren’t likely to cut the wideout, which leaves a trip to injured reserve that would end Harvin’s season before the postseason gets underway.

The Seahawks are set to get cornerback Walter Thurmond back from his four-game suspension and they could clear a roster spot for him by making a move involving Harvin.

There was better news regarding left tackle Russell Okung, who reinjured his toe in Week 16. He participated in Tuesday’s walkthrough and Carroll said he thought Okung would be able to play against St. Louis on Sunday.

48 responses to “Pete Carroll hints Percy Harvin may be headed to injured reserve

  1. As a Packer fan, I have to say the Vikings handled the situation with him about as well as they could. Didn’t cave in on the contract…smart trade.

    The only way the could have done better… was to see the red flags, and stay out of that mess, by not drafting him.

  2. I’m already tired of the Percy Harvin saga in Seattle. I’m fed up with the week to week update of Harvin not playing. A trip to IR would bring relief to us Seattle fans in the sense that we won’t have to put up with this crap anymore (until next preseason). I want him to play as much as anyone else but at this point I’m just tired of this crap. #GoHawks

  3. Randy Moss is still available. Come to think of it, so are T.O. and Chad Johnson. (Why yes, I am a Panther homer. Seattle worries me. Maybe they can sign Tebow while they’re at it.)

  4. and people made fun of miami for paying mike wallace….at least he plays. what a waste of not only a contract that is as big as wallace’s but also gave up 3 draft picks including a #1.

    this guy at most will play 8 games in a year. hip injuries are much harder to come back from. see bo jackson.

  5. Traded and gave him $12mil a yr for him to only play 1 game when every body in the league knew this dude was injury prone. Pete Carroll has wasted so much money in Seattle…1st the Charlie Whitehurst trade & new contract, then the Sidney Rice contract, then the Matt Flynn contract, now Harvin! He absolutely lucked up on Russell Wilson cuz he would’ve BEEN fired.

  6. At least Percy actually played and contributed in the majority of the games while he was a Viking.

    We traded him for a reason. He wanted a big paycheck, but was a player not worth the investment based on his lack of consistent motivation.

    Happy we got 3 draft picks and only invested a rookie contract on him.

  7. str8infamous says:
    Dec 24, 2013 5:10 PM

    Traded and gave him $12mil a yr for him to only play 1 game when every body in the league knew this dude was injury prone. Pete Carroll has wasted so much money in Seattle…1st the Charlie Whitehurst trade & new contract, then the Sidney Rice contract, then the Matt Flynn contract, now Harvin! He absolutely lucked up on Russell Wilson cuz he would’ve BEEN fired.

    I am not a Pete Carroll fan by any means, but you can’t say he lucked up on Wilson… That guy had some skills in college..

    He slipped for no reason…people will say size, but at UW the OL is just as big as the guys in the NFL.

  8. The way Russell played Suckday…… Let’s hope you’re right
    I agree, sit harvin out and if he’s not better by next season, pay him his money and send him packin…. (Sry Green Bay, no pun intended)

  9. Pete and Schneider have made a lot of great personnel moves here (example Lynch), but let’s face it, the Vikings absolutely snookered us with Harvin. Congratulations.

  10. If he was healthy Seattle’s offense would be exponentially better than the last 3 weeks, but his health (and his contract) is a big setback for Seattle.

  11. @str8infamous you don’t just “Luck out” with drafting a guy like Russell who no one even thought to giving a chance, that’s just a great coach knowing how to recruit/read talent. You can’t say anything about the Matt Flynn contract because I am sure you were one of those fans who wanted Russell benched for that scrub to play. Pete Carroll has turned this team around from one of the ugliest jersey wearing, terrible drafting and consistently losing teams to the best in the league. I am just happy our front office doesn’t listen to fans like you because when the going is good you guys are the best fans in the league but once there’s a sign of adversity you guys panic jump off the wagon and want to play the blame game. Please learn more about football and the behind the scenes work that goes into producing a winning team before you bash my teams coach. Go Hawks.

  12. @str8infamous did he luck out on earl Thomas, Sherman, maxwell, chancellor, lynch, Wagner, Wright, Bennett, avril, browner, Baldwin, too? Stop looking at only the bad moves (Harvin trade not being one of them, at least not yet) Pete has transformed this in the best and deepest roster in the nfl.

  13. Not exactly a shock is it? Playing him that one game was a rather large mistake. How could they have been so reckless with this injury as well as this particular player?

  14. GenXJay says:
    Dec 24, 2013 5:10 PM
    If Bill O’Brian won’t commit to the Vikings, Seahawk fans will be really P.O.’d once Bevell gets poached.

    You obviously don’t watch the Seahawks games. Our play calling has been atrocious. We would celebrate the opportunity to bring in a new play caller

  15. Paul Allen is one of the 10 richest men in America and I don’t think he gives a flyin fandango how much is spent as long as this team is a serious contender every year

  16. I’m glad the Vikings got rid of him. Sure, I miss his talent. He’s an awesome player, and when he’s healthy, there isn’t anything he can’t do. He’s awesome to watch.

    But, i’m starting to wonder if this isn’t just something in his mind? I mean he missed half of the last season in MN, and now he just seems to consistently have problems over in Seattle. I’m starting to really wonder if this isn’t an attitude or mind issue with him. He just had to get out on the field against his old team, and if he wasn’t fully healthy, what was the point of that? Percy, it’s more than just you, it’s about the team. That’s why MN was happy to get rid of you. And now your displaying your “me me me” attitude in Seattle.

    Seattle has a good enough team to make it to the superbowl without Percy. They don’t need him or his attitude. And it sure wouldn’t surprise me if Pete shops him around this offseason and get’s some picks back.

  17. I whined and bitched when Seattle made the trade for Harvin. I viewed him as a malcontent and a malingerer. Waste of money and draft picks.
    Then for one brief afternoon, I saw genius in the move. He was a difference maker in THE game he played.
    I’m no longer interested in Percy PayCheck.
    Instead, I’ll save my hand-wringing for the lack of offensive ingenuity in last week’s game.
    Seems teams that have played Seattle twice this year were able to key on everything Hawks were going to do the second time around. That doesn’t bode well for this week’s game. Rams had it figured out the first time.

  18. wkdblc52 | Dec 24, 2013, 3:01 PM PST
    Paul Allen is one of the 10 richest men in America and I don’t think he gives a flyin fandango how much is spent as long as this team is a serious contender every year

    Um, have you heard of the salary cap?

  19. If Wilson didn’t pan out Carroll would be on the street right now, but he did.

    Percy was a good risk by the Seahawks, but so far it hasn’t paid off at all. If he’s hurt next season too look for him to be cut.

  20. Insiders know the baggage Percy carries, injury prone, migraines, pouts, plays when he wants to, likes the weed, isn’t going to listen to anyone, not even the head coach. Harvin was so intent on being back to play against the Vikings that he talked Pete Carroll into letting him come back before he was fully healed. Exactly why the Vikes got rid of Percy, he wants to tell everyone else who’s in charge.

  21. How about judging the trade after 3-4 years? Let’s see if the Vikes draft well with the additional picks.

    Even if Harvin doesn’t play this year, if he comes back in full health the next year, and after, contributes to SB runs every year, then it’s a success trade. The money doesn’t matter, because there is a salary cap, which grows every year, so if they continue to manage their contracts and draft well, the real financial effect of the large contract is negligible.

  22. Hey, “itscurry”, Hawks fans start to freak out and look for the emergency exists on the bandwagon when things get tough because we’ve been conditioned in this city to expect the worst! I’ve been in Seattle 20 years and in that time I’ve seen incredible Sonics teams tossed out in the first round, only to finally get to The Finals and face Jordan in a comeback season and lose it. I’ve seen a magical ’95 Mariners team win in one of the best 5-game playoff series ever, then blow it in the next series. Not to mention the 116-win Mariners choked in the postseason, and playing at a AAAA level since (yes, AAAA feeder club for the MLB), and a great Hawks team win a trip to the Super Bowl in ’05 only to battle the refs AND the Steelers and choke in crunch time anyway. Oh, and the Sonics up and moved on us (thanks inept local government and the Starbucks’ CEO). Never mind Hendrix & Cobain checking out at 27, yet McLemore continuing on…Just saying, add the rain and we’re all close to slitting our wrists…

    Go Hawks…for the love of Dog, this city needs a championship…

  23. I’ve been patient with the whole thing all year, but this is becoming pretty ridiculous. It went from “well he can choose surgery, but it’s not that big of a deal and he’ll be able to play through it if he doesn’t have surgery.” Then when the Vikings come to town he’s totally fine and ready to play. After that game it was just a little flare up that’ll keep him out of practice for a few days. Now here we are a month and a half later and he still hasn’t even practiced and might be put on IR? What a joke. There’s either something major wrong with his hip or he’s completely milking the Seahawks for his paycheck this year. Meanwhile Dennis Pitta shredded his hip after Harvin’s “minor” surgery and Pitta’s already back playing.

  24. Harvin is always “hurt” or has a “headache”. Now Seattle is stuck with his problems for the foreseeable future. I would be surprised is he played at all next year, he will probably get injured in the off season watering his lawn.

  25. CB Xavier Rhodes is the 2013 1st round draft choice that the Vikes got for Harvin in addition to a 3rd and a 7 in 2014. Vikes fans can probably answer this better but it appears Rhodes will at least play when hurt and has been serviceable as a corner this year when able to play.

  26. Now I am no doctor but I can point you to one who will back me up. his name is Dr Joel WAllach and he will tell you a cortisone shot is absolutely useless. the moment i read about percy’s cortisone shot i called it he was finished. you can look back in the article pft posted. you’ll find my comment. search cortisone to find it.

  27. I would definitely agree that the Vikings got the better deal but as a Vikings fan I’ve seen harvin make absolutely incredible plays out there. If he gets healthy and is able to play games for you next season, people won’t call this a bad trade. Throw him a screen pass and watch him work

  28. @Itscurry. I just called a spade a spade thats all. I’m not a Hawks fan or hater (Bucs fan) but lets be honest here, Pete lucked up the yr he won the division going 7-9 & having a home field wild card game to a Saints team that had 10 wins. After that, Pete was a mediocre HC that did nothing but make questionable signings at QB, costing SEA money & draft picks (Whitehurst), then he grabs Rice from MIN & overpays him for 1 good yr he had with Farve. Pete had to be spot on right about Russell Wilson or he would’ve been fired…especially after overpaying Flynn for 1 good game against DET. Like I said he lucked up, similar to how NE lucked up wit Brady outta college.

  29. Well said Hawaii….

    Paul Allen has owned the Seahawks for how long? How much has he spent? How many division titles have the Seahawks won with all the money he has spent?

    Salary cap management is more important than wads of cash in the NFL.

    Although wads of cash is not a bad thing.

  30. Yeah, it figures that they would bring him back to play this one game against his old team then he would put himself back on the shelf. Glad you decided to receive damaged goods for the remainder of his career and thanks for eating that contract too, your team is so good that you don’t even need him!!!

  31. Percy Harvin’s contract will force Seahawks to release few good players when it’s new contract negotiation for Russell Wilson. I am guessing Beast Mode will be the odd man out dude to his age.

  32. jerrykill, I have the same thoughts on Harvin, don’t really know the truth but he does display either some performance anxiety behavior or perhaps even hypochondriac type behavior?

    an injury like this and a player of this caliber isn’t released unless he is absolutely 100% healed and rehabed especially when the team is winning without him, I didn’t see Percy take one big hit then suddenly his hip is “sore” again and now its “back to IR”?

    something isn’t right and its my guess he is gone after this season and Pete has him figured out and its just that Percy just doesn’t want to play and he will create false conditions to stay off the field?

    hypochondriac or he’s LAZY, possible he just has a glass hip but if that’s the case a guy like him needs to play and perform with pain until he just can no longer stand the pain with meds, otherwise he goes down in history as a flop, nothing more nothing less, he goes out and deals with pain for the next 5-6 years he has a chance to go down as one of the greats, I am guessing he chooses the prior, he has no desire to do this and that was the scouting report on him, X for Carol or whoever decided to recruit this guy.. too bad the dood is a beast and would fit in well with the seahawks, not many guys around like him

  33. ricosauve49ers says:
    Dec 25, 2013 4:02 AM

    Somewhere in Minnesota, a GM and an owner are laughing…high fiving saying to each other, “you the man!” “No no you the man!” lol

    In the off-season after trading him probably, but be honest there isn’t much to cheer about when it comes to Vikings.

    Unless you enjoy 10 loss season Seasons.

  34. This year he’s missing games with a hip injury. But wait till next year when he’s missing games with migraine headaches or some other fluky injury like he always was in Min.

  35. nuther farce in this league, what a joke and of all the stoopid rules the NFL has why don’t they have one that says “hey you don’t play no pay!!!”

    unbelievable fans have to pay for a guy to sit on the sidelines and make no mistake the fans finance this league, you think these owners would take money out of their own pockets to watch their players get beat?

    lol @ the National Farce League, Harvin is either a Hypochondriac or he is strung out on pain pills, maybe both but there is NO WAY, and I mean NO WAY, a player of his caliber is cleared to play when he is not 110% healed and rehabed, he didn’t even take a hit in the vikes game then suddenly he is too sore to play now headed to IR?

    can you say head case or STRUNG out on pain pills?

    either way its a joke fans have to pay for this guy to milk the sidelines, I had a bad feeling when they picked this guy up simply because of the pressure he puts on the cap, they could have picked up TWO young track stars and taught them how to catch, shake tackles and score TD’s by now and been a true power house, now the Hawks are nothing but a sketchy week to week wonder, wonder how they will play today..

    the league needs to STOP with this BS injured players coming in with scammish doctors from college getting these players huge contracts when they should be on the DONE list, doctors are in on it too, they get big bucks looking after these players so the longer they can keep them in the game the more money they make..

    this is our game people, we pay for it, with every ticket, jersey and advertising product we buy..

    fact is people that don’t even watch are forced to pay, who do you think pays for the advertising in these games? advertising budgets are tacked on to the cost of a product, Wheaties pays a player a million bucks for a year to have his pic on the box that money goes into the cost of the box of cereal, that’s why when this season is over I am going to make sure I don’t buy a single product that’s advertised on NFL games and I have written them all down..

    its nothing more than criminal and an insult what this league is doing these days, its one thing to have fans finance the a sport and another to cheat them while they do it..

    sick of the cheating, corruption, witch hunts, bias unfair incompetent officiating and ever increasing prices, then the loons go and schedule the superbowl in the middle of the winter in storm country then say, “oh we might have to reschedule it” where do these incompetents come from?

    if no one is going to demand excellence or demand they’re all replaced with impartial and fair commissioners and officials I’m out, you guys can have it, my hypocrisy only goes so far…

  36. This is not over…….Harvin, like RGIII, is a long term investment and one that we are going to have to wait to see if it works out. Obviously, if he goes on IR, that means the first year was a bust, but with a long term vision, that may be the right move. Lets wait and see………

    I like him to return in 2014 and beyond to help this team continue to be a force in the NFC.

    Go Hawks!

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