Peyton Manning gets offensive player of the week to go with TD record


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is a frequent recipient of the AFC offensive player of the week for games when he doesn’t set a new NFL record for the most touchdown passes in a single season.

That makes it something less than surprising to learn that he has been named the honoree for Week 16. Manning threw four touchdown passes against the Texans, leaving him with 51 for the season. That’s one more than Tom Brady threw in 2007, making Manning the league’s standard bearer.

Manning was 32-of-51 for 400 yards on the day, leaving him with 5,211 yards for the season. He’s the fifth player to throw for 5,000 yards in a season and he’ll set a new single-season record if he can throw for 266 yards in the regular season finale.

It’s safe to say that those records and the Broncos’ division title will make Manning an easy choice for the MVP of this season. It would be the fifth time that Manning has been so honored and the player of the week award is the 26th that Manning has received since entering the league.

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  1. What are the odds that Manning pattempts over 50 passes next week to put the TD record out of reach for anyone? Then he will show up at the press conference, and give his “awe shucks guys, we accomplish everything as a team” shtick. Every player should want to own every record at their position, they are extremely competitive, but just quit pretending that you dont really care about the individual accomplishments, it cracks me up

  2. I like Manning and respect everthing he has ever accomplished. He has lived up to his 1st overall pick back in 1998. He and Brady continue to be relevent and win because they are students of the game and never admire their work. They act like they are rookies fighting for a spot. Manning does seem like a stat piggy though. Every chance he gets to throw a td he will but sometimes he piles it on thick even when his teams are killing it. He and Farve are greedy for stats. Being that way you either get richer (stats and wins) or go bankrupt (lose stats and lose games). Tom only got really stat greedy in 2007. Tom nowadays only throws when he has to. Maybe not as exciting but usually better. But Manning is a something to be admired. But trust me, he loves personal achievements. Any quarterback does but some are more modest about it. He has worked hard and earned everything. Great Quarterback.

  3. These records and his overall performance should make Manning an easy choice for offensive player of the year, not MVP.

    MVP should be about the value of a player to their team. Take a player under MVP consideration and think ‘what would be the impact to the team if we replace the MVP candidate with Joe Average?’ The Broncos are still a playoff team with Joe Average as QB.

  4. Andy Dalton vs. Minnesota Vikings:

    136 QB rating – 4 td – 0 int

    I know it’s the Minnesota Vikings… so… here are some other statistics against the Vikings:

    flacco = 64 QB rating – 3 td – 3 int
    ben roeth = 90 QB rating – 1 td – 1 int
    Wilson = 151 QB rating – 2 td – 0 int
    Newton = 143 QB rating – 3 td – 0 int
    Rodgers = 130 QB rating – 2 td – 0 int
    Foles = 103 QB rating – 3 td – 1 int
    Cutler = 97 QB rating – 3 td – 2 int
    Stafford = 96 QB rating – 2 td – 1 int

  5. To claim Peyton Manning is the greatest QB of all time is to claim that you’re about 15 years old and have no historical reference. As a quick counter, what about Joe Montana? In an era when defenses could play more aggressively against receivers, Montana was one of the best and has a perfect 4/4 record in Super Bowls. When comparing QBs, at least set forth criteria for “best of all time”.

  6. I consider Joe Montana… THE GREATEST QUARTERBACK EVER…


    …Peyton Manning… the best passer ever.

    It’s a lot easier being the greatest quarterback when your DEFENSE is 4th ranked or higher in 8 of your 10 seasons (49ers) than 2 times in 13 seasons (Colts).

  7. Please go away you egomaniacal money grubbing one-and-done loser. And MegaHead is not even close to the best QB ever…he’s just a stat and money chaser, and can’t hold a candle to Joe Montana.

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