Randy Moss: “I could still put up 15 or 16 TDs”

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New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is the only player in the league with more than 12 touchdown catches this season.

Graham’s 15 touchdowns is the most of any player in the league with Dez Bryant, Vernon Davis, Calvin Johnson, Julius Thomas and Demaryius Thomas all tied for second with 12.

However, Randy Moss still believes he could post those kind of numbers if he was still playing in the NFL.

Moss has not played since catching two passes for 41 yards in the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in last year’s Super Bowl. The time away from the game hasn’t lessened Moss’ confidence.

“If I had to go out here and feed my family by getting back on that football field, I could still put up 15 or 16 touchdowns,” Moss told his current employer, FOX Sports. “I can still play the game.”

Moss has had just four seasons in his career where he has posted at least 15 touchdowns. He caught 17 touchdowns in 1998 and 2003 and 15 touchdowns in 2000 with the Minnesota Vikings. Moss’ career-high of 23 touchdowns came while with the New England Patriots in 2007.

Moss said he’s not going to play, just that he would still have the ability to produce if he had an opportunity.

“I can still run. I can still catch. I still got vision. If I still got those things, if I still have the things that God blessed me with, then why can’t I be able to go out there and put up 15 or 16 touchdowns?” Moss said. “I can still do it. Age is just a number to me.”

Moss is third all-time with 15,292 yards and second in touchdowns with 156.

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  1. Joe Montana after he had been retired for a few years once said something along the lines of “I can still go out and light it up and throw 4 TD passes in a game… but I can’t do it for 16 games”

    Moss needs a reality check on age and the ability to sustain injury

  2. Randy could probably also still get at least one coach fired.

    Sure he’d not be up to his 2010 stats in which he got 2 of the 3 coaches he played for that season fired. But he could still get someone canned.

    He still has those skills. Age is just a number.

  3. Through all of the ups and downs of his career I always had a lot of respect for Randy Moss. I defended his oftentimes selfish ways in debates with other football fans on several occasions (long before he became a 49er) but when I saw his alligator arms show up in the Super Bowl with his last shot at a ring on the line I lost nearly every ounce of respect I had for him and his career. It’s a shame, he really could have been the best of all time.

  4. “If I had to go out here and feed my family…”

    If he had anything close to Jerry Rice’s heart, he probably would be one of the 5 best players to ever play…at any position.

  5. He probably still could. The most gifted wideout in nfl history, with megatron a close second. Sadly, moss had the heart of tin man.

  6. Moss is a tragedy. His attitude and work ethic kept him from being the greatest to play the game. What a shame

  7. Well…come on over to Detroit big talker. You could put up some big numbers next to Megatron.

  8. William Wallace is seven feet tall….

    Wallace: Yes, I’ve heard, and if he were here today, he’d consume the English with fireballs from his eyes, and lighting bolts from his arse…

    Ok Randy…lolz

  9. You know what? he probably could. It is a fairly common held belief in league circles that Randy Moss would have far surpassed Jerry Rice if he had a fraction of the dedication that Jerry Had.

  10. When asked for a reaction to Moss’ comments, Duante Culpepper replied “I betcha I can throw a football over them mountains.”

  11. Anybody can say what they could do when they don’t have to go out and prove it. I hung up my cleats 30 years ago and I believe I could still compete at the NFL, bad knees and all. See how easy that was. Many former NFL players have continued delusions of grandeur (see Fran Tarkenton, the greatest QB of all time), Moss is no exception. He hasn’t been relevant for several years now.

  12. Greatest Viking of all time. Yes, even better than 28. Nobody struck more fear nor dictated more defenses than you Randy. Only wish you had Rice’s work ethic.

  13. considering the rules the way they are now, compared to when randy started and played through, i wouldn’t doubt him.
    to not have to anticipate a big hit for going across the middle, to run free and go after balls, in the right offense, moss could prolly still put up those numbers.

  14. Moss is the greatest of all time. I love Jerry Rice and he defiantly was the total package, but if everything was equal (qb, coach, teammates) Randy would be the more productive player.

    Thumbs down if you agree.

  15. I don’t know which is more sad, that I believe he probably could in this offensive driven league or that he never put out the effort to do it continually! The most telling phrase from his interview was when he said if he still had to feed his family he could do it. So pretty much the only motivation he had was money!

  16. Moss has had JUST four season of 15 TDs or more, Curtis…Just? He’s a wide receiver, not a QB, let’s not suddenly assume average receivers are hauling in 15 TDs each season. C’mon man.

    Having typed all that, Moss is crazy if he thinks he would still be able to put up those kind of numbers today. If he had to feed his family, yeah, he’d be better than he was when he was a 49er, but that isn’t saying much as he was an average receiver at that point. You had a great run, Randy, but it’s over now.

  17. Randy Moss signed 2 of several contracts that totaled over $100 million. Guarantee you a third of that is left. Cant make this stuff up….hahah

  18. JUST four seasons in his career where he has posted at least 15 touchdowns?! How many other WRs can boast that accomplishment?! I bet they’re all in the Hall of Fame.

  19. no. no you cannot. you proved this year, after year, after year. with what, 3-4 teams?

    people defending him claiming teams would have to put up with him, did I miss where the 49ers were having such issues during his time there when he claimed he was the best WR ever, and played a LOT of games yet didn’t have anywhere near a pace of a 15 TD season?

    he was a 40 catch guy. that would have been an amazing catch:TD ratio

  20. moss is just not the best of all time, those claiming that he is, were too young to see enough of jerry. who at the end of his career was still putting up 80 plus catch seasons. he did this without some stupid size advantage between WR’s/DB’s that no longer exist, he did it with less speed than the freakish moss, he did it in a WCO.

    best WR ever is Rice, the stats show this. the tape showed this. the rings show this.

  21. I’m probably one of moss’ biggest fans and I admit he wasted talent half of his career. That’s not to say he didn’t accomplish a lot, which he did, but imagine if he had Megatron’s mindset. God forbid if I mention He had Jerry Rice’s work ethic and commitment. I loved Randy cause he was freak, but he out played his hand. Do I think he can still do it? No. He would have shown it in the Super Bowl if a ring was that important to him. In fact, he would basically embarrass himself if he came out of retirement and accomplish a 15 TD season WITHOUT a ring. It would truly dawn on his true motivations towards the sport.

  22. After that remark, I’m betting Fox Sports doesn’t have a substance abuse testing program.

  23. In related news, Randy also stated that he is still capable of striking meter maids with his car, his aim is still pretty good at squirting gatorade bottles at the refs and he still can disrupt a locker room if the catering food isn’t to his liking.

    Anybody out there interested in a 3 game rental and this time it wouldn’t cost you a draft pick.

  24. And now the full quote.
    ““I could still put up 15 or 16 TDs…. if I happen to be in the mood to do it and if the team first backs the Brinks truck to my door.”

    Buh bye Randy.

  25. Just a few thoughts on some of the posts I see in this thread.

    Most all the great ones believe they can still do it after they retire. How many retired NBA guys do you hear say that they could still go out and get 20?

    Comparison to Rice (statistically) are unfair. Does Randy Moss not work hard, or is that just something you heard in the media? Could it be the Jerry Rice played in 1. An offense that was a head of its time 2. For a hall of fame coach in Bill Walsh 3. On great teams with hall of fame quality players on offense and defense and 4. (most importantly) spent the majority of his career with 2 great QB’s in their prime? Compare that to Randy Moss who played on some terrible teams coached by the likes of Mike Tice and Art Shell. The QB’s? One Hall of Fame QB in Tom Brady for 2 full seasons (both of which Moss led the NFL in receiving TD’s).

    Alligator arms in the Super Bowl- this is a completely false. The ball in question was WAY overthrown. Everyone other than Bill Romanowski has acknowledged that Moss couldn’t do anything about that ball.

    Finally, Moss garnered a lot of respect from DB’s last season which helped the 49er offense. If you read any of the analysis of the all 22 stuff by Matt Bowen on National Football Post, he detailed how coverage dictated towards Moss opened plays up for others. If you want a second source, read Peter King’s Monday Morning QB either the Monday following the Super Bowl or 2 weeks following where he has a not that Moss would have a market for his services following his play in 2012.

  26. If Moss had could combine Rice’s work ethic and longevity with Moss’ own ability Moss could have been the best of all time.

  27. “If I had to go out here and feed my family by getting back on that football field, I could still put up 15 or 16 touchdowns,” Moss told his current employer, FOX Sports. “I can still play the game.

    This is why he isn’t the greatest ever, because he played when he wanted to.

    What shame.

  28. This is why, for some players, the only contract worthwhile to the team is an incentive laden one.

  29. You can’t separate brains and heart from the body; they are PART OF the body. So this guy was fast and tall and had good hands. Perhaps he still is. Still, he never reached his full potential as a professional athlete and it’s way too late now.

    He shouldn’t even be in the conversation with Jerry Rice.

  30. Did you seriously say he had “just” four seasons with 15 or more touchdowns? As if that’s not an outstanding feat? There’s only been 32 such seasons in NFL history!

  31. “Age is just a number…”

    Sure is, Randy. It is a number until you go across the middle and get a snot bubbler put on you.

    Young recievers jump up and talk trash after hits like that, old guys wait for the gurney to come out so they can be carted off the field.

    Funny thing is, Moss was a good reciever who never put forth the effort to be great. Most fans wiegh his greatness by a few productive years and his antics the rest of the time. If a player makes a few plays and acts stupid enough, a lot of fans think that player is great.

    Randy Moss was just good. He left great on the field by taking plays off and having a terrible attitude about a team sport. His talk in this instance is more “Look at me” time for Randy. He must miss that part of the game.

  32. So why did you quit Randy?
    Oh, you were just playing to feed your family, and not because you really loved playing football?

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