Rex Ryan: Missing the playoffs is a thorn in my side

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As Jets coach Rex Ryan looks back on his tenure as the team’s head coach — a tenure that might come to an end after Sunday’s game — he admits that three of his five seasons haven’t been up to par.

“Well, obviously we’ve had a lot of good moments,” Ryan said. “We’ve had some down moments. I don’t like the fact we haven’t been to the playoffs for three straight years. That’s a huge thorn in my side and everybody else’s, this team’s, even in our building. The reason I say [that is because] it represents the commitment the organization has and the goals of the organization, the goal of the organization is to win championships and multiple championships and we haven’t done that. I haven’t been successful at doing that yet. I understand that. We’ve had some moments where we’ve been close but we haven’t gotten there. The biggest disappointment is the fact that we haven’t gone to the playoffs in three straight years.”

But while Ryan acknowledges that the last three years haven’t been anywhere near as good as his first two years, he believes he is a better coach now than he was then.

“I think you improve through experience,” Ryan said. “I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. I think that’s probably the greatest thing that you learn as this thing goes on.”

Regardless of whether Ryan believes he is a better coach or not, however, missing the playoffs for three years in a row usually gets NFL head coaches fired. There’s a good chance he’ll be out of a job in a week.

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  1. Better season then I thought they would have. Especially with the QB situation. So he deserves some credit for that. And my team did worse then I thought they would.

    A Dolphin Fan!

  2. I think he’s a pretty good coach whose team ran out of talent. Never had the QB either. I think it’ll be good for him to move to a team that isn’t surrounded by media 24/7.

  3. And it would have been four out of five years if Indy didn’t cheapen out in Sexy Rexy’s first year and play its B team, instead of going for a perfect season.

  4. He must have seen he writing on the wall from Week 1, because we’ve heard hardly a peep out of this loudmouth.

    I can’t feel sorry for Ryan’s imminent demise; the guy yapped so much his first four years, you’d have thought the Yets had actually WON something. Talked a huge game, but couldn’t walk the walk.

  5. I hope my team beats his on Sunday, and if he is fired, I would hope he would come to Miami as DC, we sure need an upgrade at that position and also the OC. Bill

  6. -‘Mess of a team he was given’???
    -‘Handicapped by Bad QBs’???
    -‘Never had the QB”???

    Seriously folks???… Try:

    -Mess of a team he let develop
    -Bad QBs he selected or traded for
    -Never selected nor developed the QB

    He is 100% responsible and accountable.

    Where he’s a good guy or not is not relevant.

  7. His big mouth got his guys to perform the first couple years. You want a coach who truly believes his team is the best. If the coach doesn’t believe then why would the players. They bought in to his bravado and it worked for a couple seasons then his shtick wore thin on fans and media. However, I think he is still a good coach who will help turn around another struggling franchise. I’d much rather have him than our crappy Gym Shorts although he wouldn’t be a fit right now. The Lie-Downs need a QB guru like that Trestman fellow before Stafford sinks past the point of no return. He will surely be booed off the field in next years home opener and his fragile state of mind won’t allow him to bounce back. Officially Lionized

  8. Rex deserves another year. He did a good job this season.

    I could see bringing in a guy like Lovie Smith, but Rex’s players do play hard for him. They love laying for him. They just need better talent.

  9. I suspect the “pain in Rex Ryan’s side” will be nothing compared to the Root Canal Bruce Arians will experience in the likely event the Cardinals are 11-5 and don’t make the playoffs.

  10. In Rex’s defense. Hey, this team was chosen to possibly have the first pick in next years draft. I really don’t like the guy when he opens his mouth sometimes, but he did seem to shut up and coach the second half of the season. I think the ownership will flip a coin to determine his fate for next year. That’s a 50/50 chance, and a lot better odds than he had at the start of the season.

  11. “Rex Ryan: Missing the playoffs is a thorn in my side”

    Maybe having you as a coach is a thorn in every Jets fans’ side……

  12. Rex sets the expectations high due to his mouth. However with his roster and playing a rookie quarterback he should get to play out his contract which is one more year.

  13. Concentrate on getting in the playoffs first, Rex!!! If he went 0-16, he’d strut around like he went 16-0. Jeez, stop telling everyone how great you are.

  14. Sounds to me like Rexy is trying to “kiss some azz” in hopes of saving his job. None of his normal bravado but all that company line talk. Woody is dumb enough to eat it up too.

  15. If missing the playoffs is a thorn, then missing advancing to the Super Bowl, as Rex promised repeatedly, must be a body blow.

  16. Rex is certainly a good defensive coordinator and he’s been a reasonable head coach. His major flaw is his coaching of the offense. Sometimes “Ground and Pound” is the right game plan. Sometimes it isn’t. You can’t only have one way to win the game as team and if that fails put it on the QB. That doesn’t work long term.

  17. I am a Jets fan and he is not a thorn in my side. Far from it. I hope he comes back and the team upgrades their offense to give him a chance to compete. The offense as it is now is an embarrassment. Wide receivers, tight end, offensive line and even running back needs to be addressed. Not to mention a rookie qb that has no veteran to push him. That they have won 7 games, with a chance to win 8, is a big accomplishment.

  18. Let’s get a god damn snack !

    Rex is responsible for never giving a crap about developing an offense in an offense driven league.

    That falls completely on him and it will cost him his job.

    A head coach must care about both sides of the ball……he has coached as a defensive coordinator in a head coaches shoes and will pay the ultimate price for it.

  19. don2074978 says:
    Dec 24, 2013 7:09 PM
    I suspect the “pain in Rex Ryan’s side” will be nothing compared to the Root Canal Bruce Arians will experience in the likely event the Cardinals are 11-5 and don’t make the playoffs.

    You mean 10-6?

  20. polegojim:

    Ryan never had control of buying the groceries, particularly not the QB…the scouts and Tannenbaum picked Sanchez, and Idzik picked Smith…you live in a world far distant from this one…

  21. Who has done more with less this season. Who is going to replace him? LOL Rex had no choice but to hype up his teams, he completely went out on a limb for his players no matter how bad they were.

    Imagine if they had a decent QB Rex’s first 2 years, they would have won the Super Bowl.

  22. Firing him is a mistake. Not sure the jets can get a better head coach. Unless they can get Lovie they need to keep him. Texans job is gonna be most wanted followed by detroit if they let Schwartz go

  23. Pats fan here- Rex does NOT deserve to be fired!!! He’s had a mediocre roster the last few years, yet he continues to get the most out of his team. He LOVES the game and is so entertaining. He’s GREAT for the NFL. So many coaches are bland and boring while Rex is always worth listening to because he’s honest. I have nothing but respect for Rex and would like to remind his detractors that he went to two straight conference title games once upon a time. He can COACH. BIG mistake if Woody lets him go.

  24. People seem to be making a lot of excuses for him, but truth be told, Wrecks missed the playoffs 4 out of 5 years.

    If not for the 15-0 2009 Colts deciding they didn’t have the balls to go for the perfect season and pulling their starters, Wrecks would have been 8-8 and out of the playoffs that year.

    Making the playoffs 20% of the time still isn’t bad for a franchise that hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since before Man walked on the Moon. Personally, I hope they re-sign him to an extension.

  25. So may morons commenting who know nothing about Rex Ryan.

    The job Ryan has done this year, most NFL coaches cannot, his players run through a wall for him, and love doing it.

    With an established QB, and even marginal talent on offense, a Rex Ryan team is a playoff team every year.

  26. How about that Mike McCarthy guy? Not long ago, he was an offensive genius riding high at 5-2. And then Aaron Rodgers went out, and lo and behold, he went 2-5-1 in the next eight games. I guess it’s a lot harder to look like a genius when you don’t have a good quarterback.

    Well, that’s been Rex Ryan’s lot from day one.

  27. cwk22 says:
    Dec 24, 2013 6:08 PM
    Better season then I thought they would have. Especially with the QB situation. So he deserves some credit for that. And my team did worse then I thought they would.

    A Dolphin Fan!
    You’ve always been a righteous dude!

  28. finsblood13 says:
    Dec 24, 2013 7:45 PM
    Jets still in the league??? Go Fins!!

    Be happy! Jets will be in south Florida Sunday. Ross won’t have to buy his own tickets to avoid a sell out.

    When Tannehill is on the ground, he’ll be eating grass and you’ll be eating your words.

  29. Sexy Rexy — what happened to your guarantees that the defense will be top 5 (top 5 in only one category – rushing – doesn’t make them top five)? I can’t imagine anyone would consider being -110 points in the pf/pa category as top 5.

    How about the guarantee Dee Miliner will be in the running for ROY (maybe you wanted to preserve his chances by pulling him out of the game a couple times)?

    And for all the jests fans squawking about how bad his players were, didn’t he have all of the Mangenious’ players when he went to the playoffs but chose to cut them and bring in “his guys”? I’m sure he had a say in which players stay and which ones got cut. Maybe if he came into this decade of the passing league and left the ground-n-pound league he might stand a chance of being a coach again one day.

  30. I agree with Rex on the fact experience is a head coach’s best friend. The Bengals owner stuck with Marvin Lewis. Paying off now.

  31. The fact is that Rex Ryan is a terrible coach. The Jets have the most pre-snap penalties in the NFL, which shows a total lack of coaching and discipline. He can’t manage the clock to save his life. He’s incompetent on the offensive side of the ball. He can’t recognize a great offensive football player in the draft. He sucks. He’s a defensive coach, that’s all. Time to get a head coach that knows what he’s doing both offensively and defensively.

  32. I’m a Pats fan, I hate Rex, however he’s proven to be a good coach, he deserves to get fired not because of coaching but because he allows a circus atmosphere. Not org deserves the negative attention he brings. Be interesting to see if he gets fired, what org would want him. As DC you can control his antics, but as a HC, who wants that? I see a marriage with Dallas, Jerry will think he can control Rex. Should make for high drama? With Jason Garret as HD and Rex as DC, I predict like his dad did a fight between the two.

  33. Putting your #1 QB at risk “playing to win” a meaningless preseason game says it all. That was just the beginning of his downfall. Bye Rex!

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