Romo wants to play but likely can’t


As the Packers continue to wait for the green light to play their franchise quarterback who broke a collarbone seven weeks and one day ago, the Cowboys continue to project a belief that their franchise quarterback will be able to suit up Sunday night with a herniated disc in his back.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Romo wants to play with a herniated disc but most likely can’t.

Maybe the Cowboys hold out hope for a miracle of the Christmas and/or Festivus variety.  Or maybe they want to inject a little doubt into Philly’s defensive preparations.  Or maybe the Cowboys doctors are more willing to tilt the risk-reward analysis toward letting Romo take a Toradol shot and play because in Dallas (unlike Green Bay) there’s an owner who can remind the doctors that if they get in the habit of not letting players play then the Cowboys may be getting in the habit of finding another doctor to doctor.

While the folks at ESPN acknowledge that the Cowboys have yet to officially shut down Romo, the report that he won’t play is as strong as it can be.  Until the Cowboys officially shut Romo down, however, it’s impossible to say with 100-percent certainty that he’s done.