Shanahan “sure” his situation will be resolved quickly

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As the Redskins close in on a season that could still secure the first overall pick . . . for the Rams . . . the head coach expects to know sooner than later whether he’ll still be the head coach.

Asked by reporters on Monday whether his job status will be resolved quickly after the season ends, coach Mike Shanahan said, “I’m sure it will, but you’ll have to ask Dan [Snyder] to make sure.  I can’t answer that.”

Well, he did answer that.  And his answer suggests that the answer will be Shanahan gets paid $7 million to not coach the Redskins in 2014.

Then again, there’s a chance (in theory) that Snyder quickly will tell Shanahan that the owner wants to sign Shanahan to an extension.  Because Snyder hasn’t said anything since the situation plunged into dysfunction 16 days ago, there’s no way to know for sure what Snyder wants.

Shanahan wants to stay.  Supposedly.

“I’ve told you from day one, I love these guys,” Shanahan said.  “We’ve been working extremely hard to put this thing together.  We’ve had a couple of bumps, which we all know, with the salary cap, but I’m looking forward to building this football team.  But like I said, it’s a situation that I’ll get the chance to sit down with Dan at the end of the season and we’ll go from there.”

With Shanahan entering the final year of his contract, the fact that he’s gotten no indication from Snyder that Snyder wants to keep Shanahan isn’t a good sign, if he truly wants to stay.  The fact that there have been no leaks regarding the next must-have coach for Snyder nevertheless raises the possibility that he could offer Shanahan a new deal — if for no reason other than to call Shanahan’s possible bluff.

Either way, Shanahan likely will find out where he stands fairly fairly soon after the season.  And then the rest of us will.

33 responses to “Shanahan “sure” his situation will be resolved quickly

  1. I don’t mind Shanahan coming back.
    But without Kyle, without Haslett, without Raheem Morris, and WITHOUT KEITH BURNS!!!!!!

    Truth is, this team has some pieces to build around-Morris & Helu, RG3 and Cousins, Jordan Reed and Pierre Garcon, Kerrigan & not much else on defense, Trent Williams, Kai Forbath……Then again, the other44 are basically “a bunch of guys”, maybe some keep for vet minimums if possible. Point is, the next guy has some things to work with & build around. Whomever it is…..

  2. Kirk Cousins has had 4 tds and 5 ints and a QB rating of 70.7 in his two starts. RGIII had 16 tds and 12 ints for a QB rating of 82.2 on the season. RGIII wasn’t playing as bad as advertised; he was just the scapegoat.

  3. The Redskins have never lost 7 in a row in the Snyder era…..till this season. The skins are about to go 0-6 in the worst division in football. it took 3 #1 draft picks and a 2 to secure RG3 who plays a style of football that doesn’t work in the NFL. with that 2nd pick we could have Clowney….who sure would be nice for our worst defense in franchise history. its year 4 of Shanahan’s tenure and we are way worse than in year one. I don’t know how he can look in the mirror and think for one second he did everything he could to make this team better and will get 7 million just to go away. Mike Shanahan should be ashamed of him self. As far as Snyder goes….I just want to take this time to thank the NFL for not alloying John Kent Cooke or Howard Milstein to buy the team and letting Snyder buy my beloved franchise and turn it into the biggest joke in football. Fans need to step up and show this owner we won’t stand for this by not going to camp, not going to games, don’t buy the merchandise.

  4. Of all the 11 current NFL coaches who were coaching at the start of the 2010 season (when Shanahan got hired), Shanahan has the worst record of all of them over the past four seasons.

    Of all the coaches who got hired since 2010 and who have a full season under their belt (13 coaches fit this criteria), only Jim Schwartz, Leslie Frazier and Greg Schiano have worse records since Shanahan.

    He’s lost three of his four seasons by double digits. He’s in the midst of a 7 game losing streak. He insisted on changing the defense to a 3-4 scheme and, since then, we went from having a top-10 defense to consistently being ranked near the bottom.

    It’s not all his fault. And it’s not that he’s a bad coach. He’s just been really, really bad here. And he’s gotta go. I am still amazed that there are people who watch football who are even debating whether or not he needs to go.

    Enjoy retirement, Shanahan, and enjoy the $35 million! It just didn’t work, dude.

  5. The next ‘must have’ coach will be hard to come by. Everybody just wants to look at the win-loss record and not at all of the front office meddling and bad decisions, which Shanny didn’t make for himself, that have led this proud franchise to where it is now. It is ok for the owner to LOVE his QB, but to make the coach play him when he wasn’t ready at the first of the year? Sit RG3 for the first 4-6 weeks, let him practice and start trusting the knee, and maybe the Rams wouldn’t be grinning about a mid round pick instead of top 2. Any coach that signs on better get it in his contract that Dan stays home and stays quiet. Until that happens, nobody can be successful as the HC in D.C.

  6. Clean house Dan!! Every single person, including Allen … since he has done nothing to buffer the animosity between Snyder and Shanahan.

    Bring in a real GM and let him build this team – including finding a head coach and coordinators.

    With $32M in cap space this season, you can rebuild quickly. Plus you might get a 2nd rounder for Cousins.

  7. The only thing that could be worse for the club and their franchise QB than having Shanahan return, would be bringing in Griffin’s college coach.

  8. Black Monday

    100% Guaranteed Shanahan and the entire staff will be FIRED.

    Dan Snyder will let his QB RGIII pick the next Redskins head coach.

    If Art Briles were smart, he would say no thanks and stay at Baylor.

    Kirk Cousins will be traded for a 3rd round pick.

  9. Shanahan coached teams only won the Super Bowl through salary cap cheating.

    In the last 15 years Shanahan coached teams have won a grand total of one (1) playoff game.

    Goes to Washington and his cap cheating almost immediately costs the team a huge penalty.

    Makes one of the worst and most costly trades in nfl history to get RGFragileEgo and then badly mishandles that player.

    Don’t get why anyone thinks he’s a good coach.

  10. Rams front office should all be arrested along with Shanahan for grand theft. Rams stole draft picks in exchange for a faulty quarterback and Shanahan stole millions of dollars.

  11. Rams front office should all be arrested along with Shanahan for grand theft. Rams stole draft picks in exchange for a faulty quarterback and Shanahan stole millions of dollars.

  12. No one will want to coach this team????

    Are you guys nuts? If the Detroit Lions can get a head coach after finishing 0 and 16,then…..

    Who says this team will continue to be God awful?
    Like someone said earlier,There are some good pieces on this team,Garcon,Morris,Helu,Trent Williams,Young Jordan Reed,Kerrigan and Perry Riley!!!!

    Now lets talk about RG3! This kid is still young and its obvious he hasnt gotten over his injury.He had one bad year out of 2 and yet lots of people seem to think he`s done…..I find that totally ridiculous and in the back of your minds I think you do too!!!!

  13. RGIII had an ACL repair last year. How often does it have to be repeated that those take 2 years to fully heal? Nobody whose game relies on speed and agility is as good the first year back. Add to that having to play the first place schedule, and everyone should have expected the team to regress.

    Even so, they underperformed my expectations.

    On the other hand, almost no matter whether it is Shanahan or someone else coaching, next year they’ll have a fully healthy RGIII and a last place schedule so look for a big bounce back.

  14. It’s not complicated–bad ownership produces bad football teams. No owner (other than Jerry Jones since he became the GM) has demonstrated his incompetence as much as Dan Snyder. These owners refuse to understand that they don’t know how to hire competent people to run the football side of the business. Once an owner gets involved with personnel decisions–like trading away three first round picks to move up in the draft–you’re destined for failure. It doesn’t matter how good RG3 is if you can’t protect him.

    BTW–I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that these are the two franchises that had their salary caps penalized by the NFL.

  15. Shanny, what if Danny, to spite you, doesn’t fire you until say May or so?

    He knows you want out to find another job. He might let the other head coaching positions become filled and then fire you.

  16. sportsfan18 says:
    Dec 24, 2013 2:57 PM
    Shanny, what if Danny, to spite you, doesn’t fire you until say May or so?

    He knows you want out to find another job. He might let the other head coaching positions become filled and then fire you.


    He would have 7 million reasons not to care.

  17. Butterfly on T. Coughlins wall: “Get me Dan on my private line…Hi Tom I’m tryin to buy support for teams nickname…Dan can you do anythin! Tom I thought I could trust this one to bring the hatchet down before QB’s big payday but he went rouge. Got 14million I can borrow or he’s back next year. Dan the league needs you, I need help on Sunday, ratings, ticket sales are down, just fire him & get RG3 on that field! You know the rules Dan my boys can only do so much to Cousins, with that hand pickd O line I’m in trouble, I could loose, get that other QB back out there for this last game before I retire. Sorry Tom fans got the Senate on me I’m layn low, your QB will bail you out. His dad is allowed in the locker room, he’ll bail you out.

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