Terrelle Pryor apologizes for agent’s criticisms of Raiders

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The agent for Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor might think his client is being set up to fail by being handed a Week 17 start after losing the job previously to Matt McGloin.

But in an unusual role-reversal, the player himself is now trying to douse the flames set by the agent, knowing he still has to (for the moment) work with these people.

Pryor tweeted out an apology last night, saying he’s looking forward to Sunday’s game against the Broncos.

“I apologize for the recent comments towards the Raiders organization,” he wrote. “That’s not what I’m about. I’m thankful for this opportunity given to me by this great organization and the phenomenal fans. I’m very excited to play with my teammates Sunday! We hope to make you (fans) proud!”

That’s swell and all, but it might be a one-week fix for the awkwardness to follow.

With coach Dennis Allen’s future uncertain, every on-field job with the Raiders could be at stake, so Pryor could help himself a lot more by playing well.

20 responses to “Terrelle Pryor apologizes for agent’s criticisms of Raiders

  1. If the agent really was speaking out of turn and saying things Pryor didn’t feel, then I expect him to be fired today. If he isn’t fired, then we can assume this whole thing was orchestrated, which means Pryor doesn’t even have the guts to say what he feels publicly but feels the need to hide behind mommy and daddy (i.e. his agent).

  2. Pryor. A couple pieces of advice. Find another spot on the football team to succeed such as H-back or tight end because you are clearly not an NFL QB. Also, fire your agent because he’s not helping your career.

  3. Apology not accepted. Ohio State should have been given the death penalty if USC got hammered that hard.

  4. TP played well for the Raiders early this season & they seem to have forgotten that. I mean, was McGloin really all that good? I have no horse in this race but this kid has been all about the Raiders & respecting Al Davis from day one. I hope for his sake that he gets a chance to start for another team. I think he could wind up being a halfway decent QB. Minnesota maybe?

  5. This whole thing of getting a true GM just hasn’t worked. Improvement is marked by the Win column. FACT! Where is the improvement? I miss that coach that beat the Texans and cried after the loss of Al Davis. Funny how so-called Raiders fans dissed Al even the day before his death. You showed your true colors and it ain’t silver an black.

  6. I feel like I have more confidence in Pryor than his agent does. He played pretty good against the Broncos in Denver. Why can’t he do the same in Oakland? This isn’t a set up. It’s an opportunity.

  7. What is it with people…people like Eli manning and Alex smith sucked for yearrrssssss before becoming viable options…people like Pryor and rg3 barely get a full year and they get pulled…give the man time to develop, maybe a full year and a full offseason of being with the first team. Time to work through mistakes like many first year qbs make. He had the talent and had shown flashes and is way better than he was when he came out of ohio state. Not saying you have to be married to the guy but you won’t know what you have without in my opinion at least a 2 year commitment

  8. I agree with his agent whole heartedly. Many, Many fans do as well. So, if Pryor goes in and blows up Denver then how will that look for DA? DA even made the ANNOUNCEMENT that TP was starting against his former EXPERIENCED HC, the next if not the best team in the NFL a week prior to the game? All year long DA has held back what his game plan was until game time. Why now? Why not just hand Fox the game book too? This is so transparent on DAs part it should cost him his job. Setting up a young player to fail as a stepping stone to further or save his own ass? What good HC does that? Lather,rinse, and repeat thank you very much!

  9. Pryor and McGloin are both very young and both have shown promise on a not so good team. So… what is everybody’s issue again?

    Excited to see Pryor get another opportunity this Sunday, as I’m sure he is too.

  10. Fire McKenzie the worst GM in the NFL.
    Tired of the uniformed making excuses for this GM who has not brought any talent to the Raiders but let any bright spot leave.Carson Palmer 11-5 in Arizona.Who do the Raiders have?an undrafted free agent at QB and Pryor who got beat out by an undrafted free agent.

  11. This is Christmas candy for Pryor haters (see 1st commenter) and troubling for fans like me who have been most impressed with Pryor’s public image of hard work, dedication to improving and team first attitude.
    I can understand Pryor and his agents frustration with this staff but this distraction taken with Pryors knee injury excuse after Giants game is damaging.
    There is some truth in what Stanley said but an absolute lack of professionalism in the way he said it and the timing he chose to put it out there.
    It’s a shame because while I think Pryor could develop into a good QB it probably won’t be in Oakland and his missteps in the press could limit his opportunities in places he may thrive if he develops a reputation as a locker room distraction before he develops as a consistent passer.

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