The Wests are winning


Not long ago, the AFC West and NFC West occupied the bottom rung of their respective conferences’ ladders.  That has changed dramatically, just in time for a New York/New Jersey open-air Super Bowl.

Three years after Seattle secured the NFC West with a 7-9 record and two years after Denver captured the AFC West at 8-8, the previously-maligned quartets of teams could make up half of the entire 2013 postseason field.

In the AFC, losses by the Ravens and Dolphins coupled with a Chargers win over the Chiefs would put Denver, Kansas City, and San Diego in the playoffs.  In the NFC, a win by the Cardinals over the 49ers coupled with a Buccaneers upset of the Saints in the Superdome would propel Seattle, San Fran, and Arizona to the elimination round.

Also, wins by Seattle and Denver over teams that once played in Los Angeles (Rams and Raiders) would give the NFC West and AFC West the top seeds in each conference.

While anything can happen once the tournament begins, six cards in a 12-team deck could come from what recently were the two worst divisions in the sport.

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  1. While I would loooove to feel good about our chances in the post season, after Sunday, I’m not. The Hawks defense was solid throughout the game, but the same can’t be said for the O guys. To be truthful, they looked sloppy at best. I’m also getting weary of listening to the varied reasons each week why Harvin won’t practice/play. Its for sure that I, am not paying his salary, but I’m still feeling uneasy about the excuses we hear constantly from those who are.

    Its past time to step up the game, Pete. If we can’t beat the Cardinals at home, who will we be able to win over, on the road?

  2. The NFC east is pathetic (my chiefs are 4-0 against them) the AFC east has 1 1/2 good teams . The bigger point is its stupid to continue the divisional way of scheduling. The play offs should include the 6 best teams in each conference, regardless of division. The AFC or NFC could play everyone AFC or NFC team once each year (15 games) plus 1 other game. Then the top 6 teams go to the playoffs. This way you avoid the 2009 11-5 patriots or this years 11-5 Cardinals or whoever being excluded from the playoffs, while a 7-9 or 8-8 dumpster fire (hello Dallas.) gets in. Of course this logical choice would never occur in a league that uses 1930 technology and referees born about the same time to determine the outcomes of games

  3. Seattle’s running game and offensive line stinks! When is the last time they had 100 yards rushing? As a Seahawk fan, I’m afraid if the don’t get this fixed pronto, they’ll be staying home. Wonder what happened to “Beast Mode?”

    And for all the sports writers who are used to how it was “Back in the day”, you better wake up. No use dreaming about their ancient team going to the playoffs, with 6-10 records. If they get in through the back door, they will only be “One and done”. This year just about everyone in the NFL LEAST SUCKS.

  4. When the Seahawks went to the play offs at 7-9, every East Coast biased journalist was screaming and raving, demanding a rules change so more east coast teams could participate.

    Now that the Cardinals are probably going to get screwed, where is the outrage? Total silence.

    If it was up to ESPN, the Giants and Patriots would automatically get #1 seed every year.

  5. Well, the Hawks have seen some better days, for sure, but being a fan since 1976, I still enjoy watching them play. That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such horrid offensive playing by this team since inception. I could be wrong, but….. What the hell is happening?
    I’m at least disappointed in the effort of play by the offense and yet, I guess it could have been worse???? I just don’t know what to expect from Seattle…. One week they can’t make a play to save their life and them next game a shutout! C’mon Seattle stop playing with your fans emotions and STOP pissing off Vegas!!!! Lol

  6. Oh yeah, forgot to say, I’m used to disappointment by this team so I’m not shocked or stunned this is happening 🙂
    Merry Christmas all!!!! May your year be full of joy and may the 49ers get a bad case of diarrhea right before next Sunday!!!! Lol

  7. And if pigs weren’t pork, they’d be steak.

    The odds of this AFC/NFC West scenario happening are Lotto long.

  8. thehighhat says:
    Dec 24, 2013 3:47 PM
    Tell that to the East-coast Sports Propaganda Network… they have covered Tony Romo more than the entire NFC West teams combined!!!

    Don’t forget the “run” the Jets and their overrated coach, Rex Ryan get, it’s ESPN’s favorite topic next to Romo and the Cowboys. Out west? there are no teams…

  9. To sum things up regarding NFC West dominance in the playoffs….in the last nine years the NFC west teams that host a game in the playoffs has sent everyone home! You don’t want to play in the NFC West in the tourney!

  10. seaeagle707 :

    I think you and I are probably the most realistic sports fans on the face of the NFL planet. You a Seahawks fan and me a Niners fan.

    You are spot on about your assessment and lets be honest, our Niners have a pretty bad secondary when Roddy White can put up 144 yards and a TD in Candlestick on the final game of the4 stadium…… Navarro Bowman saved their asses on that one, right after he almost lost it for them. when he botched that onside kick.

    We both have a lot to look forward to and it’s gonna be a hell of a playoff and I’m sure we’ll see you guys in week 2/week 3 of the playoffs. When it happens, it will one of the most epic playoff games in NFL history(at this point in your stadium).

    Good luck brotha!!!

  11. Wow, some of you, hawks “fans” seem a little too worried about this team. Look, we lost a close game to a good upstart team on a circus catch. Yes I know, 2 Weeks before that, we lost. By 2. On an unusual blown assignment, allowing a gore run to get them into range. Guys, these things aren’t above being able to get fixed. Trust me, that’s what they’re talking about right now. We play the rams Sunday, and they’ve already surprised us once this year. Typically, the same team won’t surprise us twice in the same season. We take care of business, secure home field advantage, and we’re two wins away from the super bowl. Have some faith, stop worrying so much. Go Hawks!

  12. Umm it was the Chargers who won the AFC west with an 8-8 record.

    I am sure you remmeber that epic Denver collapse.

    Just not sure how you got that confused.

  13. Don’t kid yourself that there isn’t an East Coast bias. How many times this year have we had to watch the Redskins and Cowboys? The Redskins are a terrible team. Ask St. Louis who made the best trade ever by staying away from RG3 and getting a top 3 pick next year because of the talentless squad they put on the field this year. Another great example is this statement I’ve heard a million times in the last ten years. “The Cowboys have one of the most talented roster in football but just under achieve”. You gotta be kidding me. They have a couple big names only being made bigger by the lazy media. It’s even funnier when they praise the Cowboys “talented” roster and then rip Jerry Jones. Jones deserves to be ripped but how can their roster be so talented if he’s doing a bad job. The point is they’re not! QUIT SAYING THEY ARE. I BET AGAINST THEM EVERY YEAR AND I WIN.

  14. I agree that while the Seahawks performance on the offensive side of the ball is cause for a bit of a concern, they’re still clearly the team to beat. I’m a die-hard Niners fan and I look forward to the possibility of sending Seattle home early, however, I’m not thrilled about the prospect of traveling to Seattle in order to do so. Bottom line, come playoff time, Seattle is going to be a tough out. No need to panic..

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