Adrian Peterson wants to play in Metrodome finale

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson missed Week 15 because of groin and foot injuries and then took to the bench after the first half of Week 16 because there was no point in risking further injury with the Bengals running away with the game.

Coach Leslie Frazier said that sitting Peterson for the finale was something the team was considering and Peterson did not practice with the team on Tuesday. He told reporters on a conference call that he was going to push to play in the final game the Vikings will play at the Metrodome.

“I am feeling all right, not as healthy as I would like. I am going to push to try and get out there this week,” Peterson said, via the Pioneer Press. “There’s not much to play for but pride and each other. That’s what we are playing for. … It’s the last game in the Metrodome, so we definitely want to close it out the right way.”

Toby Gerhart is likely out this week because of a hamstring injury, which could leave Joe Banyard to do a fair amount of work in the backfield against the Lions. The Vikings return to practice on Thursday, which is when we’ll get an update on Peterson’s status as well.

44 responses to “Adrian Peterson wants to play in Metrodome finale

  1. This guy only gives a crap about the rushing record not the Vikes. They should trade is ass and start over. He’s so worried he won’t be number one.

  2. No soup for you. The rookie Eddie Lacy has performed nearly as well with weekly stacked lines and with two fewer games. Peterson’s best years were wasted and behind him. Viking fans have fewer and fewer false gods to worship everyday. But ice fishing is underway. You can drink until you fall down and nobody has to notice. At least ya got that goin for ya.

  3. The Vikings have nothing to play for, so why not just give AP the rest of the year off?

    That way he won’t risk additional injury, and best of all it might give him some extra time to go home and find out what kind of guys are raising his illegitimate offspring.

  4. Yes, anything can happen on any given game, but we’re talking about the Detroit Lions, at, the dome. He’ll be fine.

    He’s also playing for his team, his fans, not the rushing record.

    Storied franchise, National Football League, All Day, best fans in the world…

    Let’s play!

  5. Hmmm…AP wants to play and will make sure he does. Meanwhile, Rodgers hopes he doesn’t get cleared but will make sure he sits out if he does.

  6. Said multiple times at the beginning of the season that Jamaal Charles is the best RB in the game.
    In response, multiple clowns said A.P. was without a doubt the best RB in the game.

    Merry Xmas clueless clowns, can you hear me now?

  7. I love the guy who called the Vikings a “storied franchise”. A true horror story.

    Adrian Me-Terson’s career will be remembered as a guy who only cared about personal stats, and who’s talents were wasted on one of the NFL’s most embarrassing franchises.

  8. I would like to play in the Metrodome finale too! But seriously I will be sad to see that place go. One of the best experiences of my life was starting a game pitching in high school there.

  9. Peterson has been hurt for the better part of the entire season ans still has 1200 yards. The guy is a class act, but should not have played last week. He had openings to the outside that he normally would have taken off, but instead went back inside for a couple yards. He doesn’t have his normal burst, he knows it. Give the guy a rest Frazier, you will be gone after the game, so please don’t risk major injury to the franchise in a meaningless game the Vikings need to lose for a better chance at a franchise QB in the draft. Vikings are already playing their entire practice squad as starters, keep the franchise on the sidelines.

  10. Ap is one of the best rbs to ever play the game and certainly one of the classiest. Some of u people would hate on him for his charity work get a life and quit hating on his

  11. lets see, heres a guy last year coming off a horrific knee injury, and played the last 4 games with a sports hernia, and suspect ankle. no one can say he’s not tough

  12. sdsmooth says:
    Dec 25, 2013 11:19 AM
    Of course he doesn’t want to miss the game. He predicted 2500 rushing yards this season. He’s only about 1250 away.

    can u please let us know when lacy hits 2097 in a year? he may not even play sunday

  13. hehateme1 says:
    Dec 25, 2013 10:32 AM
    How’s that quest for 2,500 yards comin? Hmmmm…

    hows rodgers quest to ever get 50+ tds and over 5000 yards? manning has 5211 and 51 tds.

  14. sdsmooth says:
    Dec 25, 2013 11:19 AM
    Of course he doesn’t want to miss the game. He predicted 2500 rushing yards this season. He’s only about 1250 away.

    and so is lacy. peterson 4th quickest back to 10,000 yards tell me when lacy gets there

  15. according to nfl .com lacy has 1112 yards and a 4.2 peterson has 1266 peterson also has 86 rushing tds and 5 receiving in his career. does lacy have 1 td this season? tell you what with lacys ankle and asthma problems he aint going to hold up. peterson has avgd 1440 years a season with 1 bad year of 970 yards. yep lacy is the clear winner….oh wait its john kuhn.

    jim brown had 12312 yards in 9 seasons, id say he was pretty good. peterson only needs about 1100 yards the next 2 years to pass him. brown was at 5.2 for his career peterson is at 5.0 so get back to me will ya

  16. I don’t think it’s fair to say Adrian Peterson is selfish. He probably wants to play in the last game at the metronome for the fans There’s no way he can catch McCoy for the rushing title. Totally unfair

  17. I hope he does play, his last game as a Viking should be fittingly played in the last game inside the biggest toilet bowl of a stadium, the Metrodump.

    Considering the brand of football the Vikings have played all year, it is fitting that the Metrodump is home. My only wish is that a quick flush would take the smell away but alas, the Vikings will soon be drafting again this spring allowing their fans to claim yet another paper championship.

  18. Kind of lost all respect for him when I found out he has 6-7 children with multiple women. I hope the Vikings can somehow unload his contract to Dallas. He can go for his 2500 there and Minnesota gets a couple of players and draft picks.

    Best RB’s

    1. Brown
    2. Dickerson
    3. Sanders
    4. Payton
    5. Then (maybe) Peterson

  19. Adrian Peterson is far from being selfish. On and off the field, he is a team player, a classy human being, and last but not least has contributed greatly to organizations and charities in the Twin Cities.

    For all of you inhaling the varnish this Christmas day, he still has more yards than Lacy.

    And for you, schmokes-that’s what I said, storied franchise.

    Storied franchise, football greatness, Skol Vikings.

  20. Adrian Peterson is a classy human being? Yeah … he’s in the same “class” as Shawn Kemp and Antonio Cromartie.

    I wonder what those women and kids scattered throughout the country think of the “class” he exudes.

  21. AP has already bought out all of the seats on both endzones for his baby mamas’s. The rest will just have to watch from home.


  22. Both Peterson and Rodgers have been injured. Both have said they want to play.

    So the Viking fans look at it as Peterson wants to tough it out while Rodgers wants to sit out.

    This kind of logic comes only from Vikings fans.

    They certainly are a storied franchise, however- and the stories are hilarious.

  23. Only a Viking fan has the ignorance to call that football team “storied”…what a joke…stories of 5 Super Bowl losses the 2nd most Super Bowl losses by any team next to Buffalo…decades of ineptitude, and the team most notable known for the BIGGEST draft debacles in the NFL, taking Herschel Walker and catapulting the Cowboys to 3 Super Bowls in the process…they got some stories alright…LOL

  24. Here’s a funny Viking story-

    1998 NFL playoffs, game on the line, Gary Anderson misses a field goal that could tie the game, after not missing a field goal all year.

    Season over.

    Another storied moment in Viking history.

  25. Packer fans are ones that are so selfish, if their team is not playing well then they crap on the other stars in the NFL. Kudos to AP to WANT to play thru injuries unlike some lame duck qbs like discount daable chack.

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