Coughlin has “something to prove” in 2014

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The Giants have said nothing about whether coach Tom Coughlin will return for an 11th season at the helm in 2014.  On Tuesday, the 67-year-old coach suggested that he has no plans to walk away voluntarily.

Sure, absolutely,” Coughlin said regarding whether he still has a passion for the job, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post.  “I mean, probably even more because there are a lot of those that are telling you that you didn’t do very well and you’re not a very good coach and you’re not this and you’re not that, so perhaps you have something to prove.”

With no postseason appearances in four of the last five seasons, there’s a chance Coughlin will have to prove something with a new team, pro or college.  In July, G.M. Jerry Reese made it clear that the team’s recent struggles could cause problems, if they continue.

“All I know is that we’ve been in the playoffs one time in the last four years and that’s really not acceptable for us,” Reese said.  ”That’s not our standards.  That’s not what we shoot for.  We want to put everybody on notice, myself, everybody is on notice that that’s not our standard.”

If people are on notice and another failed season occurs and no consequences emerge, then the notice was the equivalent of a hollow I’ll-turn-this-car-around-right-now threat.

It nevertheless would be jarring if Coughlin gets fired.  While the philosophy in the NFL has shifted over the last 20 years from “what have you done for me lately?” to “what are you doing for me right now and what can I reasonably expect from you tomorrow?,” there’s a sense that the two Super Bowls won by Reese, Coughlin, and company have earned for them the benefit of the doubt.

If that pair of titles will secure another chance for the current regime, it could be a good idea to make it clear that Coughlin is on the hot seat in 2014.  After all, he won both of his Super Bowls at a time when he was believed to be coaching not only for a championship but also for his job.

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  1. So basically what you are saying is a coach who in ten years produced 5 playoff births. Three one and dones and two losing seasons that match the two Super Bowl wins screams greatness. I guess those Florida marlins were dynasties then because they have accomplished just as much. He should be fired along with Reese and the coordinators. Why put off a much needed rebuilding for another year

  2. Coughlin shouldn’t take the fall this year. Look how hard the defense has played in recent weeks, this team hasn’t quit on him.

    Get healthy.
    Get an offensive line.
    Snap Eli out of his funk.
    Fire KillDrive. (Keep Fewell.. he’s not bad)

    go Giants!!

  3. Well, you take the record of one of the great coaches in NFL history, Bill Walsh, and what do we find? During his first 4 seasons as head coach he only had 1 winning season (and that was a Super Bowl-winning year). His record was 24-33 in those first 4 seasons. (There was one strike-shortened season.) It’s not Coughlin’s first few years on the job, but I do think you have to wait a little sometimes. Those 2 Super Bowl championships count for something.


    Second, Reese should be fired before Coughlin. This season has been the result of poor drafting. The offensive line and linebacker positions have been all but completely ignored since Reese was hired. Couple that with some really bad contrats to aging veterans and not safely (this bit you CAN blame on the coaches) playing down the string when the oppurtunity presents itself. End result was essentially playing a rookie offensive line at the start of the season after Snee, Deihl, and Baas were all nursing injuries.

  5. The guy won two Super Bowls in the last what like 7 seasons? I’d take him if the Giants don’t want him!

  6. While I’m no particular fan of Gilbride, I’m having some trouble with figuring out why him and not Coughlin. Does anyone really think it was coaching that got them to back into a couple of playoff appearances that ended in Super Bowl victories?

  7. Tom is a very good coach and a extremely good person he deserves to come back for another season. If there’s anyone who should be blamed for this lost season take a look at Eli manning by far the worst season of his career. BRING TOM BACK!!!

  8. I place a lot of the blame on Eli. I really don’t care if the OL was iffy at best, a great QB makes plays. He has 3 pretty good WR’s so its not as though there’s nobody to throw to.

    If Brady, Brees, Peyton or Rodgers were at the helm, the season would have been much different. It almost seemed like Eli was in a world all by himself this year. He was never “elite” (far from it) although this season takes the cake.

    I also blame Reese for poor player management and Gilbride for a very unimaginative office. As far as Coughlin, I like him, always have and he’s done a great job. Although I think he’s losing whatever connectivity he may have had with the players. Its just age catching up with him. He’s probably be better off taking a management position with the Giants and handing off the coaching to a younger guy.

    Overall, this team needs some massive restructuring. The old Giants who won those SB’s are long gone.

  9. Fire Coughlin! So Tampa Bay can hire him!

    Cannot stand another minute of Schiano. Poor game manager, no 1/2 time adjustments, not leveraging current talent to its potential.

    Coughlin to Tampa Bay!

  10. Fire the coach and all his assistants. They will not change how they do things and we will be doomed to more mediocrity. If I have to watch the same offensive schemes one more year I’ll die. No more draw play’s! Please hire a young and aggressive thinking coach.

  11. After an 0-6 start, the Giants have a very good chance of recovering to a 7-3 finish.

    I would only carry over two O-linemen: Boothe and Pugh. I keep Pascoe as the blocking tight end, and if Hynoski can’t go, I keep Conner as FB. Cruz, Randle, and Jernigan are the foundations of my WR corps. That leaves me needing a left tackle, center, right guard, receiving tight end, and a veteran WR threat.

    On defense, if Tuck and Kiwi are willing to give me a hometown discount, they stay. Otherwise, my DEs are JPP and Moore, and I build from there. DTs are ok. Beason is my MLB and I try to sign him for 3 years. Williams is my TE/RB-cover LB, Paysinger and Rivers are my tackling LBs. This is Herzlich’s 4th year in 2014 – he’s gotta show me he can be Beason’s backup or I have to move on. Prince and TT are my starting corners with Hosley in the slot. My safeties aren’t that bad with Rolle, Hill, Mundy, and hopefully a healthy Stevie Brown. I want a veteran CB/S who can play in the dime and draft a tall fast CB who can handle fade patterns in the end zone.

    Coughlin and Eli both support Gilbride, and I can respect that. But if Gilbride’s staying, they have to put a clock on him… he’s got to have the play to Eli as soon as the helmet speaker is activated and the personnel package on their way to the huddle – no more of this getting to the line at 8 seconds on the clock with no time to adjust/audible or read the coverage. Gilbride also has to understand that 10 years of the same baseline offense means 10 years of film on how to stop it… he needs a gameplan for 2014, not a revised gameplan from 2005.

  12. Football is not complicated. Absolutely must shore up the offensive line. Giants already have an adequate QB and the ever- changing rules favor the offense. More points and more time of possession automatically makes a marginal defense better. Eli has won with Gilbride but imagine what he would do with a creative OC. Not sure what kind of relationship exists between Coughlin and Gilbride but he is obviously reluctant to let him go. Maybe they both have to go to get rid of Gbride. Jason Garrett would probably work good as would others.

  13. Christmas list: Force Coughlin out (and Diehl, Snee, and Baas with him), give Reese 1 more year, fire Gilbride, Fewell, Quinn. Hire Adam Gase or David Shaw. Acquire better OL/LB/CB.

  14. I thought like rex(wasted 2nd on a QB BTW, as new coach won’t want a 60 qbr behind center) that coughlin was to be fired

    however in 10 years, the man has 2 super bowl WINS. that is pretty great.

  15. Coughlin is not as responsible as Reese is. This offensive line was terrible. Reese should have made offensive line depth a priority before the season.

    Let’s face it. Eli is a tree back there. He needs a strong offensive line to succeed. He is not a scrambling QB. He is a decent QB when he has time.

    In the offseason, draft and sign some offensive lineman. That should take care of most of the problems.

    You don’t need to blow up the team and staff. Coughlin should stay. He has shown he can win if he has all the tools he needs.

  16. NO coach on the planet could have won with the collection of old, slow and injured players coach C. was given. Eli alone was abysmal, an absolute turnover machine! If I were the Mara family, I would be taking a very hard look at the GM. TC has NOT forgotten how to coach.

  17. To all the Coughlin haters, keep this in mind. The team started out 0-6 due to bad offensive line play, horrible RB play, turnovers which a lot came from fumbles/tipped catchable passes/and Eli trying to force the ball to WR’s with less than 3 sec to pass the damn ball. Since that horrific start you guys do realize if/when the Giants beat the Redskins the Giants will have went 7-3 in the last 10 games, and that’s still with a horrid offensive line and 3rd, 4th, and 5th RB’s on the depth chart. I guess that doesn’t matter to most of you. In my opinion if players are having a hard time buying in to what Tom is selling it’s those ppl that need to go, not the coach. A team is only as strong as their offensive line is, if you can’t keep your QB up, and he’s not a mobile guy then you really have no hope. We all see what Eli can do with a clean pocket. Once again to start 0-6, then go 7-3 (barring a victory at home to the Skins) and I consider that a nice recovery, and believe Tom deserves to go out on his own terms. The man is asking for one more year, so give it to him. We at least owe him that

  18. The Giants, except for a couple of stretches after the 2007 Super Bowl where they looked like world beaters, have generally looked like a pedestrian team. They had a right concentration of talent in the right spots for what was happening in the NFL at that time, and in those playoff runs. I think if that group under performs, Eli becomes quite ordinary.

  19. He may have lost the team after 10 years, and it may be time to go.
    If so, imagine him taking over Detroit. All that team needs is some hard nosed discipline from a proven winner. Match made in heaven.

  20. All I can say is as a franchise long Jaguar fan, the day Coughlin was fired as the Jags HC I remember thinking who is the best coach available? Tom Coughlin was the answer. 2 Super Bowl Titles later for the Giants I still believe that. The guy can flat out coach. The GM should go before Coughlin. The Giants need players!

  21. Mara would fire Reese before letting Reese fire Coughlin.

    I think Coughlin should step down and enjoy retirement.

    I think the Giants would hire Cowher if he brought good coordinators with him.

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