Joe Flacco not on Wednesday’s estimated injury report


Several teams are taking Christmas Day off, leaving us with estimated reports about what their injured players would have been able to do if they had practiced.

Baltimore didn’t practice, for example, and they released their estimate on Wednesday afternoon. Quarterback Joe Flacco, who has a sprained left knee and was limited in practice last week before playing in the 41-7 loss to the Patriots, is not on it at all. Flacco said Tuesday he’s felt soreness in his knee since Sunday’s game and that he’ll be wearing a brace against Cincinnati in Week 17.

Running back Ray Rice (thigh) and linebacker Elvis Dumervil (ankle) would have both been limited while center Geno Gradkowski (knee) and defensive end Arthur Jones (concussion) wouldn’t have practiced.

The Bengals are also one of those teams taking the day off. Their report showed linebacker Vontaze Burfict and tight end Tyler Eifert among those that would have missed practice entirely. Burfict suffered a concussion last weekend, leaving him to be cleared by the league’s concussion protocol to return for the Bengals’ attempt to move into the  AFC’s second seed. The Bengals can bump themselves up a rung with a win against the Ravens and a Patriots loss.

Eifert is dealing with a neck injury and Jermaine Gresham would have been limited with a hamstring injury. Gresham missed the team’s Tuesday workout, so the Bengals could be thin at tight end this weekend. Cornerback Terence Newman, who has missed the last two games, was also listed as out.

11 responses to “Joe Flacco not on Wednesday’s estimated injury report

  1. Ted Robinson- radio call

    Ryan in the shotgun from the 10 yd line. It is 2nd down. Ryan takes the snap. Throws a slant to the left side. It’s wrestled, INTERCEPTED!!!!! The 49ers pick it! and NaVorro Bowman his redemption! NaVorro Bowman running it all the way for the td.! No greater redemption can a man seek. NaVorro Bowman who could not cover the onside kick , catches a deflected pass for an interception and runs it 7 miles for a td. (Eric Davis laughs)

  2. 1 year ago, some haters said that Flacco will never lead us to the super bowl, let alone win it.

    Today, some haters are saying that Flacco is overpaid…

    wow, haters, what else?

  3. Let me explain something to all of you people. Brees Brady Rothlisberger Manning and Manning and stafford, they’ve all received their big paydays after leading their team to Super Bowls and many victories. The second wave Romo Ryan Rogers and Flacco are all now being paid like elite quarterbacks based on what they have done after five years in the NFL . The next level which includes Dalton, karpernick Wilson and luck will be demanding elite pay in three years and will be screaming they are the best. It’s a cycle. It’s the nature of the NFL beast. Many are overpaid but it is the nature of the beast. Let’s see how many of these other quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl in 3 to 4 years.

  4. Jiggy, let all us explain something to you: the fact you list Stafford in the first tier of SB QB’s, and Rodgers in your second tier, means you know nothing about evaluating QB play. And this is from someone who thinks Rodgers is overrated, but no way Stafford belongs ahead of him.

  5. Flacco got paid what he would have gotten on the open market. After throwing 11 touchdowns and zero inerceptions to set an NFL playoff record he was going get the big payday from another team as a free agent if the Ravens didn’t pay him.

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