Josh McCown isn’t sure he’ll play next season


When Jay Cutler was out with an ankle injury earlier this season, Josh McCown stepped in at quarterback and did an excellent job for the Bears.

That to some wondering about both how McCown’s play might impact Cutler’s future in Chicago and what kind of contract McCown might get from the Bears or someone else in the offseason. Before that can happen, though, McCown has to decide he wants to keep playing.

That decision is more involved than you might guess. McCown’s wife and four kids aren’t with him in Chicago and McCown said this week that he isn’t sure if he wants to keep playing if it means continually missing moments in their lives.

“But for me, I know that there is a time coming where it’s going to get harder and harder. I kind of have a thought process in my mind of: I don’t know if I want to do this and let her get out of my house having done this the last four years where we live apart,” McCown said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “There’s not enough money in the world to justify and make it feel OK to miss those games and stuff like that. It’s a process. It’s things that we think about, quite honestly, moving forward in my career in the direction, ‘Are we going to keep playing?’ All those things, because it’s a real question, because those things are hard.”

McCown is going to have suitors vying for his services this offseason, be it as a potential starter or the kind of reliable backup he has proven to be with the Bears. That will make it hard to walk away from the game, even with reasons for staying home that are as compelling as the ones that McCown has in his life.

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  1. career journeyman. is he just a product of a good system in chicago? all that aside, hope he stays and gets that one last contract with another team as a gap quarterback and ride the money into the sunset. either way, good luck to him!

  2. This goes to show you that, even with millions of dollars at stake, athletes are still human. Football fans have a tendency to forget that from time to time.

    p.s. Please leave Jay Cutler out of this. The decision is McCown’s to make, not yours.

  3. He’s playing well enough that he might get a shot at being a starter next season. I’m pretty sure that will greatly affect what his decision will be.

  4. McCown has always been one of my fav players back to his Arizona days. I’ve always admired his playing style and mentality. Im glad he’s had the recent success he’s had and wish him the best.

    Go Ravens!

  5. I hope he keeps playing so I can see some loser franchise dump a bunch of money on him and come up with nothing after he crumbles back to backup status which history shows is certain to happen.

  6. military families have to make it work, they don’t have a choice. McCown has enough money where he can make that choice. Really stupid comparison you’ve made.

  7. He is saying he was smart with his money and can now retire from football and work when he wants and do what he wants until his kids are older.

    If I were in the NFL Money, i’d quit as soon as I had the word from my financial advisor that I could live good for 40 or 50 years.

    Not many players walk away when they can still walk. McCown is going on 35 years old.

  8. Military families are also sacrificing for their country – football players are playing a game and they (hopefully) know it. At the end of the day all that matters is whether it’s worth it to play. All that B.S. about playing for the guy next to you really only applies to the military.

  9. The Bears are silly bench him for the playoff push…

    Even though their hands are tied, because they want to find out if Cutler can be “the man” I thin most reasonable fans know the answer to that question.

    Strong arm can only do so much for a player ask Favre, or Vick.

    The other thing they are going to have to deal with is if Marshalls broken heart after they let Cutler go. They better hope he doesn’t become disgruntled.

  10. Translation. “I know that I’m the best backup QB in the league and I want to make sure that if I’m not starting on a team next year then at the very least, I’m the highest paid backup in the league by threatening to retire.”

    If I’m wrong then so be it but this really feels like a situation where a guy is trying to create leverage to make sure he’s paid what he wants to be paid.

  11. I understand and highly respect his desire to be with his family, but I think he could probably afford to rent an apartment and have them live with him wherever he ends up next season. My guess is that he’ll earn enough money based on this season to afford his mortgage payments wherever his permanent home is. But he needs to do what’s best for himself and his loved ones.

    Personally, I would like to see him in Oakland with Gruden at head coach. Rich Gannon redux baby!!!

  12. Anyone remember the year that career journeyman Todd Collins had a nice job filling in and the next year the Redskins tried to make a starter out of him? Kelly Holcomb and the Browns/Bills?

    That said, I like McCown a lot. Excellent personality and character. As a Cardinals fan I really wished it had worked out better for him in Arizona.

    Good luck Josh!

  13. Is his hometown anywhere near a team that needs a QB?


    Well he’s from north Texas. Dallas could probably use him.

  14. Give the guy a huge amount of credit. Taking care of his family and himself and using his talents productively. Need a lot more guys line this and a lot less guys like former Pats #82

  15. Tired of all the military comments on this page. McCown didn’t question the sacrifice of military personnel. He handled this as any respectable person would, and should people make the same comments when you contemplate retirement? I have the utmost respect for military personnel, having some family and friends who have served, but those that serve now chose their path.

  16. nobody will be chasing him as a starter. he was in the league how many years as starter and doing nothing? he did what he was suppose to do with the bears and that is be a good backup thanks to a great system and surrounding cast. it would be nice if he came back in the same capacity next year but he needs to do what is best for his family, but expecting a big contract based on 5 games in his career is a big reach.

  17. so for you idiots who keep comparing the military to what josh is saying. 1) Military personnel don’t have a choice to begin with. 2) the Military has the Highest divorce rate in the country for that same reason. 3) most Military spouses don’t really understand what a service member actually goes through. 4) it is very rare that spouses stay loyal to each other while the member is deployed and vise versa. there are on rare occasions where the commitment between service member and spouse is an actual honest one. so unless you’ve served in the military and knows how things get played I would suggest you keep your comments to yourself or actually take the oath to serve and defend this country. Josh loves his family more than the game so I can’t blame him if he doesn’t return next year.

  18. I bet he comes back. This may be his last chance to be “the guy”, and he could actually make something of it this time. He’s definitely talented enough. At the same time, his reasoning for walking away are just too. He’s got a tough decision to make either way.

  19. I admire his thought process as a family man. I suppose it depends how fixed he is for the future financially. Surely, the salary he could command with his impressive audition would also be considered as a family decision regarding substantial security for his family. If I had four children, I would be thinking about the cost of college times FOUR!! The private university from which I graduated in ’73 cost $6,000 per year for tuition, room & board. This same university NOW costs $55,000! I hope he thinks it over very seriously!

  20. Josh come on man, you know full well Oakland is ready to have you back and will pay a “Matt Flynn-esqe” ransom to do it. Just take the money and run, like all the other Raiders QB’s have done. You’ll be at home by the 8th game of 2014 and have a pocket full of signing bonus.

  21. Wife and Kids live in Chicago would solve that issue…….What is wrong with that? Not sure my wife would say, give up your lucrative job and stay here (wherever) with me because I won’t be moving with you to the new job……

  22. Family first right on. Your making the trophy parents anxious. Way to go Josh enjoy those moments with your kids they will never come back

  23. It’s amazing how how many of you think it’s so easy to move a wife and four children to another city. I don’t know the ages of his children, but there must be a million logistics involved. Especially where schools are concerned. And perhaps where his family lives now, there is a family support structure in place to help with those 4 kids. relatives, in-laws and such. Plus, at this point, he doesn’t even know what city he is going to be in, let alone how much longer he’s going to play.

  24. If Jay Cutler were half as nice as this guy it would be a no-brainer to sign Cutler to a long term deal. But the fact remains: Cutler is what he is. And that is he comes off as an arrogant jerk. And not a great team leader….

  25. What does any of this have to do with Brandon Marshall beating up his girlfriend and mother anyways? I don’t get some of the comments here.

  26. What’s wearisome is the knee jerk comments about comments that mention the military. Something is lost in the translation and obscured by the perspective. There is one universal truth about any profession, at some point there was a choice, a path chosen and a commitment made. McCown is younger than most who find themselves at this crossroads however and considering his relative youth, coupled with his journeyman status as an NFL quarterback, his position is understandably enviable to most of us shlubs. Another truth is if you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into when you signed up, who’s fault is that.

  27. Not sure I get all the military comparisons. Both parties miss each of their families more than anything in the world, so why does it matter? We want these guys to be human and he’s just a guy talking about wanting to see his kids grow up. Sad that so many people on here feel the need to rip him, ESPECIALLY when there are so many NFL players that are terrible fathers.

  28. It takes a real man to make a decision such as this one. You only get the chance to see your kids grow up once. McCown has his priorities well in order!

  29. People ate saying there is a great system in Chicago?…my how the times have changed huh, and McCown came back to play for the love of the game..have any of you even heard his press conferences??? Or heard him talk about football?? It’s a passion for him, not all of you who don’t know jack about the guy say…do your research before you tag a person…

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