McKinnie thinks Bills knew snap count

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So how did the Bills skunk the Dolphins on Sunday, bagging seven sacks and allowing zero points?  The man who’ll become Big Mac again once the season officially ends thinks he knows the reason.

Left tackle Bryant McKinnie believes the Bills defense knew the snap count.

“They were getting [a jump]. I feel like they were getting a rhythm with our cadence,” McKinnie said Tuesday, via James Walker of  “Me being around, I knew some things that we can do to help counter that.  So I definitely brought that to my offensive line coach.”

For some reason, McKinnie didn’t alert offensive line coach Jim Turner to the problem until the game ended.

If it’s a problem, it’s not a new one.  After a Monday night loss to the Buccaneers in November, left guard Nate Garner said he believed Tampa Bay game-planned the snap count.

Actually, the issue possibly dates back to 2012.  Texans defensive end J.J. Watt declared that he picked up the Miami snap count from watching HBO’s Hard Knocks.

If it’s a real problem, the Dolphins have overcome it to put themselves in position to make the playoffs.  If they’d addressed it sooner, however, they possibly wouldn’t need to couple a win over the Jets with a Ravens loss to Cincinnati or a Chargers win over the Chiefs to delay by at least another week McKinnie’s annual transmogrification into Big Mac.

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  1. Nothing new. This has been a problem all year. The coaches don’t see it as a problem. They don’t believe go=pass and go-go=run is a problem either. They are absolutely wrong. Couple the cadence/snap count with predictable plays and it is a miracle they get any yards at all

  2. If this is true then good for Buffalo. But lets think about this for a second. The Bills ravaged the Fins in their first meeting as well. This time they blanked the Fins. I will admit when I saw McKinnie give up that sack he had no chance as he was still in his stance when the defender was around him. Bottomline, are we to believe the Bills were the only bunch to figure out their snap count? I guess it is plausible since they have given up so many sacks…lol!!

  3. I was watching one of their games with a friend that is not a Dolphins fan a few weeks ago. I asked him if he could figure out what type of play they were running based on pre-snap stuff. He was able to figure out the “Go” and “Go Go” stuff within 1 quarter, while also pointing out that the snap is always about 1 second after Pouncey unexplainable looks behind him every single time.

  4. It maybe just me, but if I was a coach in the NFL I would probably have noticed that my opponent seemed to know the snap count. Coaches are kinda paid to make in game adjustments….

  5. Face it they kicked your butts. Too many sacks all year. The O Line stinks. And OC needs to go!

    Dolphin Fan since 1970.

  6. Well, when your party boat, party bus, obese buffoon left tackle can’t count to two it’s easy for the defense to know the snap count is on one. Try looking at the fact your too fat, out of shape and too old to stop anyone anymore. That and you only play the first two seconds of every down and then become a spectator. That’s probably why you lost to the Bills and it will only get worse against Rex Ryan who, with input from his friends, the Ravens, on your weaknesses, will beat you like a red headed step child. Have a nice winter, Miami, watching from home.

  7. I am not an offensive genius but I have been around a while and I know some things that the entire Fins Offensive line can do: PERFORM BETTER AT YOUR JOB AND BLOCK SOMEBODY!

  8. .

    Lost in the shuffle of the rookie QB / injuries to rookie QB year for the Bills is that they have some solid front seven players who can get after the passer.

    If the Patriots think they have a a soft week 17 opponent playing at home vs Buffalo, they may be sadly mistaken.


  9. That’s the innovative Mike Sherman for you, one Go = pass, two Go = run, they haven’t changed this the past two seasons.

  10. patriots123456 says: Dec 25, 2013 9:29 AM

    Before the days out someone will tie this into the Patriots filming.
    Really? You really are going to act like The NFL is against the Patriots?
    The team that gets miracle PI call everytime they are down?
    There is no doubt in my mind Robert Kraft has a deal with the refs and CBS. Look at that Browns game, Brady throws a bomb goes no where near WR the DB has no contact with WR BUT here comes the flag! Give it to the Pats on the 1 yard line and NOW camera shot to Kraft in his booth!
    Funny how the Patriots have yet to win a superbowl since they did get caught cheating though huh? A team that dominated everyone on CBS gets a superbowl then finally struggles against the Giants and then they lose?
    Patriots had no business being in that Browns game but the refs made it possible and that goes for every game the Patriots are down. Some how some way the flags always go their way especially on CBS

  11. What doesn’t make sense is that in a game where winning and losing may come down to the slightest advantage why the coaches would utilize the “GO” for pass and “Go Go” for run. They may as well just yell “RUN!” on the snap or “PASS” on the snap. Its the same result. Telling the defense what your doing. It boggles the mind why we would do that when its such an easy thing to correct. I just dont get it.

  12. There is no doubt in my mind Robert Kraft has a deal with the refs and CBS. Funny how the Patriots have yet to win a superbowl since they did get caught cheating though huh? A team that dominated everyone on CBS gets a superbowl then finally struggles against the Giants and then they lose?”

    So your theory is that the Pats have a deal with camera men to win regular season games against the Jags, Raiders, Browns, etc but decided not to make a deal for the superbowl?

    That’s their secret? A deal with CBS? And there is no doubt in your mind. smh. Not much else, either, apparently.

    Haters always welcome. Winning has become so commonplace for Pats fans, life would be boring without other fans whining and crying. Thanks for the chuckle.

  13. Excuses again from Bryant McKinnie. Hey, how about just saying they ran all over me because I’m fat, out of shape and lazy! Nothing else to say!!!

  14. The OL blows, not counting Pouncey. But the snap count is as predictable as it gets.

    I don’t know if I’m alone among Dolphins fans, but I want Philbin fired. If Philbin coached as well as Ireland has worked in the FO, than the Dolphins would have clinched a playoff spot already.

  15. Its about time the owner cleans house, because he is real smart and can see where the problem is, I just had to be nice because its Christmas, however tomorrow he will be just another dumb ass owner who has no idea about running a pro football team. Bill p.s. I want Miami to make it to the playoffs, however in a loss will help get rid of the OC then so be it.

  16. It’s just like when Flacco pats his ass twice he’s going to hand the ball to Ray Rice on 1st down for 1 yard. And when he calls an audible ‘Alaska Alaska’ it means the same thing!!

  17. But guys…. Tannehill and Mike Sherman worked together at Texas A&M. They already have a head start on the rest of the league. It’s why the Dolphins have the most dominant offense in the league. Why would they need to fix anything????

  18. What it looked like to me is that the Dolphins didnt have an answer for a 5’7 165 pound corner back named Nickell Robey lol. Great undrafted pick up by the Buffalo Bills.

  19. McKinnie is the worst player on the worst O line in the NFL…

    he’s got some major gall trying to blame it on spying.

    Yo McKinnie, stop letting your QB get blindside sacked 8 times per game and maybe you won’t imagine spying excuses anymore.

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