Santana Moss isn’t ready to reminisce about Redskins tenure

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The Redskins offseason could wind up going a lot of different ways depending on what happens with coach Mike Shanahan and who the team gets to replace him if he leaves.

One player whose future with the team is up in the air is wide receiver Santana Moss. He’s spent the last nine years in Washington and ranks third in franchise history in catches, but the 34-year-old is a free agent at the end of the season. A new regime may not want to bring back an aging wideout, even though he remains a useful player. Moss knows that his departure is a possibility, but says it is something he can’t control and, therefore, isn’t thinking about right now.

“It’s been a beautiful experience. It’s nothing I can ask for more. But I’m not trying to have that conversation now, about how much fun and all that,” Moss said, via John Keim of “That’s something we’ll do down the road. I enjoy every day regardless of what day it is or what year it is. Even my four years before these nine years, I enjoyed those also. Every year it’s going to be something different.”

Moss has played in a variety of systems over the course of his career, so he’d likely be able to offer something to other teams who might be looking for a veteran slot presence this offseason if the Redskins decide to part ways with one of their constants over the last decade.

12 responses to “Santana Moss isn’t ready to reminisce about Redskins tenure

  1. Santana is a legend and I’ll always thank him for the Monday Night miracle catches in 2005 vs Dallas on MNF. But he got a bit too chatty this year and needs to retire. Salutes to you Mr. Moss. You are the best Moss at WR in NFL history. Top 10 WR of alltime in my estimation. #HTTR

  2. As a 5’8″ tall man, the 5’10” Santana Moss always gave me hope that I too could be an NFL wide receiver.

    Of course, his vertical and 40 time were somewhat more impressive than mine, but still.

  3. Just another reason why the Redskins will never be a good team. No team has has ever won with the Moss’s@Garcons of the world!! HTR(hate the Redskins).!!!

  4. You know the term safety valve, that’s what Moss has been for our QBs over the years. I think every team needs a WR to bail them out periodically and hope that the Skins & him can agree to a amenable contract for both sides.

  5. Moss has been great for the Redskins and great for the DMV community. Hope we see fit to keep him here. He’s a character guy, still productive and a good teacher if we could just get some more young talented receivers on the team for him to mentor. Good luck 89 and thanks for all you’ve done.

  6. Moss is a guy with a great history in DC…. If ya can keep him for vet minimum why not? But if he wants significant $, I’d let him go… Unfortunately, right now, he’s the second best WR on the roster.

  7. Redskins Redskins Redskins! Give up the hatred of the name and try to have the two brain cells fighting with each other in that thick head of yours work together to have an intelligent conversation with the rest of us. Moss has accomplished WAY MORE than any of us fat slobs, so congrats to him in his career and I wish him all the best!

  8. Moss is a soldier on the field that played with his heart always owning his mistakes and never pointing fingers. He speaks the truth, regardless of who’s feet he may be stepping on. He’s got his team’s and his opponents respect because of the kind of man he is. I’d like to have him back in the slot and use him like we should’ve used him this year. He’s faster than Welker and can be the same kind of threat Wes has been for Brady and Manning. What ever happens though, Santana Moss will be starting for somebody in 2014.

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