Aaron Rodgers says his layoff was a great learning experience

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will return to the field Sunday after missing seven games, and he believes he’s coming back with a new perspective on his position.

Rodgers said today in the Packers’ locker room that as much as he hated standing on the sideline instead of playing, he thinks he got something out of it.

“It’s a great learning experience,” Rodgers said. “Every time you’re faced with adversity you can take something away from that. For me it was to be able to step back and look at the team from a different perspective, be on the headset. It’s tough to not be out there with the guys but I think you learn a lot through the process, you find new ways to lead, you realize how important your attitude, your enthusiasm, your energy you bring to practice can be to the guys. I know they’re excited about my return but I think the way they believe in me, the expectations they have for me, I have the same ones for them. I believe in them, I have expectations that they’re going to play well. My coming back doesn’t alleviate any of the pressure on the guys. I think the pressure we put on ourselves, we can harness at this point and see how good we can really be.”

Rodgers sounds ready to lead the Packers into the playoffs.

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  1. He’ll be rusty but with an edge, the defense is as bad as the bears at times especially with Matthews out, Lacy’s injured, Starks will have to contribute, and Cobb will need to be activated of IR. It will be a close hard fought game. Expect some penalties.

  2. Flynn deserves to start this game. He’s the main reason the Pack are in this position to win the division. It just doesn’t make much sense sending out a QB whose collarbone is like holiday peanut brittle! If we’ve learned anything from the recent Bears QB situation, you ride the hot hand, regardless if a so-called “totem” of NFL QBs is coming back from injury.

  3. LOLOLOL, Packers D is just as bad as the Bears and you’re now missing your top pass rusher. But go on with your bad selfs as if that doesn’t matter.

  4. Should be a good game, the winner moving on to lose in the first round of playoffs.

    I would give GB the edge as there will be at least one phantom interference call for a first down on a GB WR and one “tackling erin too hard” penalty called on the bears defense.

    In a game with no defense, the refs will determine the outcome.

  5. It will be one great game, can’t wait. It will have drama, injuries, penalties, and larger than life moments, with an adversary we know as well as we know the Packers. I hope AR throws for 6 TDs, with Cobb getting at least one. Happy New Year and GO PACKERS!!!

  6. I’m gonna come out and say it. He’ll never be the same. Aaron has peaked and he may have a good game or two in the future, but he’ll never win another championship. All this injury did is get Matt Flynn some more money (the fleecing of the century). Everybody knows Christian Ponder will be out of the league in a year or two cause he’s football dumb and book smart. Leslie Frasier deserves to get fired for standing behind that noodle arm. Listen, Ponder is more concerned with his wife’s instagram pics than he is with MN Vikings football (storied franchise). Black Monday can’t come quick enough for me. As for the Pack, lightening won’t strike three times in the same place like you got it with Favre and Rodgers. Get used to Matt Flynn’s Majik throws.

  7. Does anyone even care the vikqueens and the Lions are playing the final game ever to be played in the metrodump on Sun?

    Hey lavender larry toads, how does it feel to be hysterically irrelevant?

  8. The world will be watching as one of the most important players in NFL history makes his glorious return to the gridiron on Sunday.

    Packers. Bears. Final game of the season. Win or go home.

    What could be better?

  9. of course favre wouldve played through this. that cheating scumbag was on painkillers for every game he played in the NFL, he never felt any hit, people act like he was some warrior, who wouldnt be when you are doped up on painkillers each game?

  10. Rodgers isn’t “soft” he’s a human being that happens to be a good quarterback.

    Farve wasn’t human.

  11. I can respect Rodger’s will to come back and fight for a championship BUT does the potential of winning a championship this year outweigh the potential of reinjury and the possibility of never competing for a championship again?

  12. Dec 26, 2013 5:19 PM
    Does anyone even care the vikqueens and the Lions are playing the final game ever to be played in the metrodump on Sun?

    Hey lavender larry toads, how does it feel to be hysterically irrelevant?

    No one really cares, due to the fact that we have been garbage the whole year, however it seems as though most of the stock holders from “wisconsins” one profitable company, believe that their game with chicago matters, considering that whoever wins will get crushed by their next opponent.. on the brighter side, The needy state of “wisconsin” has slipped from 32nd to 37th in futher job growth, as well as not having nearly double the national average of unemployment claims. good thing “wisconsin is open for business” huh? …
    So, let me ask you the same question, how does it feel to live in a “state” that is hysterically irrelevant??

  13. Two storied NFL franchises battling it out for the right to represent the NFC North. It seems every year the Packers or Bears earn a spot to the playoffs……. Then there are the Vikings and Lions, lost and trying to find the way.

  14. Maybe if “wisconsin’s’ one profitable company didn’t constantly try to use the Mr. Miyagi Method for trying to heal their players, they wouldn’t have to sit out so long. on second thought maybe if there was some sort of economy in that welfare receiving abyss, they could actually hire real trainers and medical staff. Even easier than that, they could have just brought Sharon to the Great State of Minnesota, where he could have received real life, non pretend health care… Just a thought ….

  15. My lay-off sucked.

    I did get some perspective on how it sucked to be laid off, and how everyone is just a little on edge when Daddy is always home.

    They are happy to have me back at work, and I’m happy to be back.

    But overall the whole experience sucked.

  16. Lots of immature posts by pansies calling Aaron soft, etc, over the weeks.

    I hope this game airs during the day and in my area. Should be must see tv.

  17. Prior to this stretch, he’s missed ONE game since becoming the starter in ’08. If that’s soft, the rest of the QB’s in the NFL must be downright pansies.

  18. Rodgers could have said anything in this press conference and the Packer rubes would have praised him.

    “I hated being hurt.” – he is such a competitor!
    “It was a great experience” – such a positive leader!
    “I will be rusty.” – he gives it to you straight!
    “They can’t win without me.” – willing to carry this team!
    “They could have won without me.” – so humble!
    “I should end my season now.” – putting the team’s long-term first!

  19. Not soft. Just on the arc of his career with an average team. Lightning won’t strike three times. Packers fans just got a taste of their future without him.

  20. Vi-Queen fan relying on 3 things: A hope, A wish, and A prayer…Packer fans rely on AR…something Vi-Queen fans haven’t been able to do…since…Fav-RE’…
    Bears will be hibernating this winter..AR comes back with a vengeance…BOOM!

  21. The pack is crazy for playing him, if he re-brakes the same bone after 7 weeks there is no trainer ,doctor , or therapy that will ever restore him to 100%. You NEED 2 healthy collarbones to throw accuratly, and hard. The Pack does’nt have the defense to sustain a post season run anyhow, just plain stupid, BUT, some one is gonna make a lot of ratings money by playin him!

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