Alex Mack says he’ll give Browns chance to match a free agent offer

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Browns safety T.J. Ward said earlier this week that he wants to return to the Browns in 2014 and he’s not the only impending free agent that feels that way.

Center Alex Mack is also up for a few more years in Cleveland. Mack says that he will “absolutely” give the Browns a chance to match any offer he gets on the open market.

“Being in Cleveland is nice,” Mack said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “I have good friends on the team, I like the coaches, it’s a nice place.”

Mack has started every game the Browns have played since they drafted him in the first round of the 2009 Draft and made the Pro Bowl after the 2010 season. He scored a touchdown in that Pro Bowl game after receiving a lateral, something he has yet to pull off in the regular season.

Mack’s turned in another strong season for the Browns in 2013 which will make him a valued commodity if he does wind up hitting free agency in March. With Ward also poised to hit the market, the Browns could use their franchise tag on one of them in hopes of ensuring both players stay in Cleveland for the long term.

16 responses to “Alex Mack says he’ll give Browns chance to match a free agent offer

  1. We did well taking our last free agent center from Cleveland (Ohara). Lord knows we could use another now.

  2. The Browns better react now and sign him to an extension, because he’s one of the best centers in the NFL and he’ll command big money or they’ll have to use the franchise tag on him. If TJ Ward really likes it, I’d start with him first.

  3. All You Cleveland haters watch out cause Browns are on the rise and we r gonna take this devision for the next ten years .. Hear We Go Brownies Hear We Go! ..

  4. I REALLY want to keep T.J. Ward, but wouldn’t break the bank on keeping Mack. He & our O-Line, despite Joe Thomas, are overrated. Took 2/3 of the season to start run blocking properly.

  5. I mean you delusional fans need to be put in check! You guys are banking on either Hoyer, who had a couple good games and then ripped his knee up, or a 1st round draft pick qb, who is not likely to have success in the division they play in. It would be different if the browns were in the AFC East, where defense doesnt exist. Like Tom Brady, making a living off of no defense having teams for 15 years almost. But more importantly, You have 1 receiver and no running back. Its just idiotic to think the Browns are any closer to being competitive then they were 2 years ago when they beat the saints. This is your life Cleveland, Ohio. Hopefully the Indians can do something for you.

  6. What are you talking about, we have a lot of cap space and and good draft. I think we are gonna draft a WR with the 1st pick and with a second pick in the 1st round we r gonna draft a OG and in the 2nd round we r getting a RB and a good free agency BROWNS are on the TOP Of a AFC North

  7. Never overpay for a center, some of the best centers in the NFL were late round picks. Keep that in mind Cleveland when you are set to overpay to keep him.
    Oh by the way Browns fans remember that Mangini passed on Clay Matthews Jr. 3 times to take Mack, but wait…they did get Massaquai, Robiskie, Veikune,Maivia, oh yeah, none of them play here and a few of them are no longer in the NFL.

  8. Alex knows what this is about. Be classy to the fans, give the organization a chance, but make your money. Joe Banner and Jimmy Rebate are not gonna match a big payday. Everyone gets what they want except Browns fans.

  9. Listen Cleveland brass, when you only have a few players with serious talent and they want to stay on a team that hasn’t totaled 20 wins in four season, you keep them. Why let Mack test the market? Why even put the thought in Ward’s head that he isn’t wanted? This team is on its way and those are two reasons why. Don’t be stupid. Sign them soon.

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