Asomugha to retire as a Raider

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Once a Raider, always a Raider.

While cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha has spent the last two-plus seasons away from Oakland, he’ll retire on Friday as a member of the Silver and Black.  The team has announced that Asomugha will make his announcement during a 6:00 p.m. ET press conference.

Also attending the event will be Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson and former Raiders defensive backs Willie Brown and Lester Hayes.

A first-round draft pick of the Raiders in 2003, Asomugha played for the Raiders through 2010.  He joined the Eagles after the lockout ended in 2011, spurning the Jets.  After two lackluster seasons in Philly (possibly because of the way he was used), Asomugha was released.  He returned to the Bay Area, joining the 49ers but ultimately being released during the 2013 regular season.

The two-time All Pro and three-time Pro Bowler had only 15 interceptions, due in large part to the refusal of many teams to throw the ball in his direction during the height of his career.

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  1. “had only 15 interceptions, due in large part to the refusal of many teams to throw the ball in his direction during the height of his career.”

    That’s a myth. I’m a Raiders fan and Nnamdi was good but teams didn’t throw at him cuz he was the only mildly good player in the secondary and teams ran roughshod all over our ghastly rush D. He also had stone hands for the INT except for that one year.

  2. Nope, no way, no thanks…. You walked away and didn’t look back… I remember watching your first interviews with the smeagles….you thought you were big time lol and didn’t acknowledge that Woodson came to work for oak to be your mentor as he had been in the past…. You walked away from a 2 hall of fame players…brown and Woodson… How’s that pay day buddy… I’m sorry how many rings did you get ?? HE WAS THE BEST, only while playing for the Silver N Black!!


  3. “Also attending the event will be Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson and former Raiders defensive backs Willie Brown and Lester Hayes.”

    He’ll have to rent a minivan if lunch is being served….

  4. After the 2011 season there was a plausible argument that his struggles with the Eagles were because of the system. How can anyone possibly still believe this after the total disaster that was his 2012 season, followed by him washing out in San Francisco?

  5. He could have prolonged his career by switching to safety when his skills began to leave him. I bet Dick Shermans career goes the same way

  6. After two lackluster seasons in Philly (possibly because of the way he was used)???

    If you actually believe this, you’ve definitely had too much eggnog. So two different head coaches and three different DCs couldn’t use him correctly? Even deciding to pay him millions of dollars to let him go?

    He may not have been used the way he like the first half of the first season he played for Philly, but after that he showed that he just couldn’t cut it no matter how he was used.

    He got old and slow. Get over it. Proof is in the fact that he couldn’t play in San Fran either. He would have been an upgrade on Dallas though; a team he rejected, and took less money to avoid.

  7. bummer, i really don’t know what happened to that guy. he was on top of the mountain for a long time & just fell off.

  8. Eagles fan checking in here,

    No, he wasn’t released because of “the way he was used”, it was because he was garbage in coverage and slow. He also wasn’t a team player, as he didn’t even eat lunch with his teammates!

  9. Most overrated db ever. The tape never showed that he was a shut down corner. Most of the experts knew that, yet fans continued to act like he was. What happened in Philly was very predictable, no way you can blame how he was used, unless you mean teams actually realized he could be beaten pretty easily.

  10. Notrelated Asante Samuel? Really? There’s a reason the pats wouldn’t pay him. Good ball hawk, God awful tackler. The man is scared to hit or get hit. And don’t say it was because the pats don’t pay people, when the skills match the demands the pats pay look at Mankins, and Wilfork. Yes they had to hold out but in the end they got paid. Namdi was a heck of a player they way he fell off reminds me of Julius peppers and Shawn merriman. Great for a couple of seasons then poof, gone.

  11. God bless you and your family, NA. You were one of my all time favorite Raiders. Im sure you will continue the amazing philanthropy work with young people that you’ve been known for. Hopefully we will see you as a broadcaster soon as well.

    We Raider Fans Love ya!

  12. Once a Raider, always a Raider, never a winner. The way he was used in Philly was not the problem. This was proven when he went to San Fran and they cut him. He was overrated. He was a decent player who shined bright playing for a pathetic franchise. Raiders fans think its still the 70’s and their team is relevant. I think it’s cute how they still play dress up when they go see their team lose.

  13. Philly took a great press man cover corner….and had him play zone and off-man. How did that NOT work?


    initially, yes, you are correct. however, as the season progressed, Castillo tried EVERYTHING with nnamdi, and absolutely nothing worked. it got to the point where he would be matched up against the opposing teams’ number 2 receiver and he would still get routinely burned and tackle air

  14. adderal says:
    Dec 26, 2013 9:30 PM
    “He could have prolonged his career by switching to safety when his skills began to leave him.”

    Only works with players with smarts and the love of hitting. Nnamdi couldn’t tackle and 80 year old woman, why in gods name would anyone want him playing safety.

  15. Retire healthy and rich. I never thought much of as a football player, but he’s a hero to the community and partakes in many charities. Thanks. Best of luck

  16. The NFL is an amazing, amazing league: one minute, you’re the best thing since sliced bread. The next minute, you can’t even make a roster.

    You get old overnight in this league.

  17. Should of came to Dallas. Good thing you opted not too. Overrated! Before you thumb me down just ask yourself ” Terrence Newman and Adam Jones STILL bring good production but this guy doesn’t” #justkeepingitreal

  18. simple fact is, when you’re the best player on a crappy team for years.. you just look better than you really are.

  19. “…due in large part to the refusal of many teams to throw the ball in his direction during the height of his career.”

    Uhhh, that’s one theory. I’d go with the one where Al Davis SO overpays the guy, makes him out to be Revis before Revis was Revis, thus establishing expectations that could never possibly be met.

    Particularly in that he was never more than an ordinary NFL corner, better than some, not as good as many.

  20. Thanks for your time as another GREAT Raider corner. A class guy off the field. Best of luck to you in what ever you decide to do in life after the NFL


  21. Mr. Asomugha will always be a greater person than he was a football player. …and despite the detractors from his time in PHI/SF, he was GREAT player for the Raiders.

    Asomugha was ruined by a offensive line coach experiment as a defensive coord. If he had been allowed to shut down half of the field in Philly, there would be no debate over his greatness.

  22. Well said epitaph, I don’t get why ppl get so mad on posts over someone they never met and has no clue you exist. Use that energy to improve your life

  23. Oh man, there was a 6 to 7 year period there where within the AFCW, dude was a terror, and you just didn’t throw his way.

    Obviously his skills fell off quick at a certain age, but, give the guy his due, he was at one time a real talent.

    Dude was also pretty smart. He will do well I think post NFL career.

    Godspeed, scrabble. 😉

  24. Can’t remember ever seeing a guy with so much skill fall off a cliff so fast. He’s like the Trey Anastasio of football.

  25. Bizarre seeing a guy go from “best CB in football” to out of the league in 24 months, but that’s exactly what happened to Nnamdi.

    I remember being weary of his age when he got the big deal from Philly, but didn’t think he’d fall off that fast. He also may have been overhyped in Oakland given that the cornerback opposite him was usually an easy target.

  26. Bottom line is,he just didn’t care about the game. Very intelligent guy and an awesome person off the field,but as a player,he went for the big Money and simply threw in the towel. He may accomplish some great things off the field,but people will remember how he QUIT on the field.

  27. Go back and watch the film. Namdi was as good as any in the league for a 5 year period in Oakland. Not sure what happened, whether it was age or system, he lost whatever he had.

    He earned his pay day, just too bad for the Eagles he didn’t pan out. Glad he’s coming home, he was one of the few players you could actually buy a jersey for and be proud to wear it while in Oakland. Agree he should just suit up for on Sunday, why not.

  28. You can’t define a guy’s whole career by his last years. He was a great corner who lost his fastball very quickly. I understand Eagles fan reaction over his time there, but saying the guy was just hype his whole career is wrong.

  29. He never had great speed, even in his prime with the Raiders. It got to be a real problem in his final year with the team, along with nagging injuries.

    Raiders fans knew the end was near for him.

    As for the Eagles & 49ers, he left his heart in Oakland.

    Go take your place with the other great CB’s in Raiders history, Nnamdi. 🙂

  30. I was hoping he would sign with the Raiders and play safety in dime or nickel situations, and have Woodson in the slot. It coulda worked out. Oh well solid career Nam.

  31. I don’t think people consider how much leaving Cali really affected Nnamdi. He walked out of HS into Cal and from Cal to the Raiders. I just feel lke he was never prepared to move clean across the country away from everything he’d known in his football life and when he got there it killed his drive.

    I’ll always be a Nnnamdi fan and I know the dude will be a success away from the game.

  32. I cant believe people are still making excuses for him. It was the Eagles that made him bad. Then what happened in SF? He had a chance to play on the best defense of his career and he was still horrible. He had every opportunity to prove the Eagles wrong and all the excuse makers right in SF and he did the exact opposite.

    What’s the excuse now? Was his teammates to good in SF that he didnt shine properly? Or is it that the nobodies they picked up to replace him are actually superstars and that’s the real reason he got released?

    Hurry up and think one up your narrative is dying.

  33. The best and worst CB in NFL history .. he was so bad on the eagles .. on top of that he collected a lot of money .. persona non grata in philly !!

  34. Saying he only failed because of the system is a cop out. He got burnt in press man. He got burnt in off man. He looked like a fart in the wind in zone. What the heck is a 60 million dollar corner supposed to do? He failed at everything, and failed miserably at that. The Eagles didn’t eat all that dead money for nothing…

  35. I really liked him while he was playing for the Raiders. However, I must say that as crazy as most people thought Al Davis was, he could still evaluate talent. He must have seen something wasnt right! If you recall, Al’s contract was set up in a way that the team could acutally void his contract for remaining years if he didnt meet certain stats like ONE INT. If Al thought he was still a good corner he would have never let him go. Al loved corners! Al’s proble at the end wasnt that he could not evaluate talent, it was that he was desperate to win one more before his calling. Desperation makes us all do stupid things! He was right on with this one!

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