Bengals announce sellout, no blackouts this year

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Apparently enough Ohio football fans got tickets in their stockings yesterday.

The Bengals announced that Sunday’s game against the Ravens was sold out, meaning they won’t be blacked out on local television this season.

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, that marks the first time since 2009 the Bengals have sold out all their home games.

The Bengals have a streak of 10 straight sellouts and 15 of their last 17 (with last week’s extension getting them there). Of course, that seems like faint praise for a team that’s fighting for the No. 2 seed in the AFC playoffs.

16 responses to “Bengals announce sellout, no blackouts this year

  1. Here come the Bengal bashers. We sold out 57 straight games. 3 losing seasons, 3 even .500 seasons and only 2 winning seasons. It’s hard to trust this owner after he has already stated it wasn’t worth going back to the Super Bowl because it cost him money last time. But once this team finally wins a playoff game, you’ll see this stadium sold out regularly like it was for 57 straight games. Skepticism is still very high in this city for this team.

  2. It says quite a lot when a perennial 4 win team in the same state is actually the bigger draw at the gate.

    Maybe Cincinnati will be the second city in Ohio to take a sucker punch to the jaw when they move the franchise to L.A. and become the L.A. Sabre Cats.

    Just Sayin’…

  3. Make the playoffs, exit game 1. Dalton is just not good enough. He can’t throw accurately more than 20 yards. He is afraid to scramble. He likes his stats and has decent ones, but he ain’t no championship QB. There are about 12-15 other QB’s I’d take over Dalton. If the Bengals had Brees, Rogers, Brady, Manning, etc … they could win the Super Bowl. But not happening with Dalton. Bengals stuck with him for next 10 years of .500 ball.
    Get rid of Marvin, make Zimmer head coach before someone else grabs him.

  4. Last game to not sell out was against the Raiders. Is anyone really going to blame people for not spending good money to see the Raiders?

  5. All you haters are hilarious.. Crappy fan base? The Bengals are just like every other team in the NFL when they are playing well it sells out, when they arent it doesnt.. Have you seen the Steelers home games this year?? Watch one on tv and look at all the empty seats. Cincinnati is a small city, with crappy weather, and a team thats inconsistant.. Of course we are gonna struggle to sell out games.. But the die hard fans are the best in the NFL.. For the guy who said Dalton and Marvin Lewis arent good enough.. Dalton has had his bad moments, but lets remember he does have 30 TDS this season. He plays in a division where all the other teams have top ten defenses.. and the Bengals played a crazy hard schedule this year.. As for Marvin Lewis.. Dude has 3 AFC North championships.. More than any other Bengals coach.. So to fire a coach with more division championships than any other coach in team history for a guy who has never been a head coach just sounds dumb.

  6. It’s always sad/funny listening to ravens fans pathetic overcompensation after losing their football team (The Colts) to another city.

    Yeah… great fans.


  7. baltimore fans were so bad… that their football team packed up in the middle of the night and left town.


  8. They’ll never win a playoff game as long as the Red Sausage is their QB and marvin Lewis is their HC.


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