Bruno Mars prepares for cold-weather Super Bowl halftime show


With all the justifiable fretting over whether the weather on February 2 in New Jersey will impact the fairly important football game to be played there, the potential effect of the elements on the highest-profile halftime show in the world has gotten short shrift.

But Bruno Mars will be there, singing through whatever Planet Earth has to throw at him.  He recently joked about his plans for dealing with the conditions in an interview with the Associated Press.

I’m going to wear a beekeeper suit, I don’t know,” Mars said.  “I’m not going to know until I get there. . . .  I’m not trying to hype myself up too much.  I know it’s going to be cold and I just got to face it.”

It’s not as if Mars believed declining the offer was a viable option.

“[W]hat do you say? ‘Nah.’  What do you say? ‘Absolutely. Let’s rock,'” Mars said.  “It was something exciting for me and my [band].  It wasn’t too long ago when we were performing in clubs and bars and pubs, and even when I put [my first] album out, (we were) opening acts for a bunch of different artists, living in a van and traveling around and kind of putting in the work and time.”

They’ll be putting in potentially hard work at a challenging time, depending on what happens with the weather on February 2.  And while the day presents a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the temperature, wind, and precipitation, it’s still February 2.  In New Jersey.  Outdoors.

47 responses to “Bruno Mars prepares for cold-weather Super Bowl halftime show

  1. Not that my tiny little opinion matters, but booking this “artist” guarantees I won’t be watching the half time show. Heck, the past few seasons the SB might as well not even have a half time show with the crap acts they’ve been trotting out.

  2. Don’t want to be locked out of heaven for saying this but this may be a treasure of a halftime show. May slip away for part but likely that day I won’t feel like doing anything. But then again I got nothin on you who don’t want to watch.

  3. We were watching Looney Tunes cartoons during the famous “wardrobe mishap” a few years back. I’ve made this a tradition ever since.

  4. There may be fretting, but none of it is justifiable.

    This Sunday, the Packers are playing for a game in Green Bay this January. If the Giants and/or Jets were any good this season and clinched first place, they’d be playing at home in New Jersey all the way to the Super Bowl. If January is fine, then so is February.

    The only people who are going to have a problem with this are people on corporate junkets and sportswriters who get paid to watch the Super Bowl. No tears will be shed.

  5. One of the FEW singers who can actually sing now a days. Most of his videos have a late 70’s early 80’s theme to em.

  6. How is Bon Jovi NOT the halftime show for a Super Bowl being played in New Jersey???

    Bruce got it a couple years ago, so I can see him being excluded.

    Billy Joel to represent New York would work as well.

  7. At the risk of stating the obvious , it is my opinion that holding the Super Bowl outdoors in a Northern city is not only foolhardy (after all , isn’t the league trying to become an aerial circus ?) , but it essentially hands the Lombardi trophy to the Patriots , who play most of their December games outdoors , if they should advance to the title game.

  8. Roger GODell is ruining this sport. Football is suppose to be a manly atmosphere! Bring in AC DC, Metallica (But only if they play their old stuff) ZZ Top, Pay $$$$ to get Led Zeppelin on! Every time the half time comes on, i make a beer run and change the damn channel. You killing us Roger c’mon man!

  9. Super Bowl in North Jersey? sheesh, the best ya can do is this guy (umm, who is he ? are people really excited he’s on?!?) what, no Springsteen or Bon-Jovi ?

  10. I don’t know much about this guy but he seems better than some of the other performers of late. The halftime show is for the chicks to watch anyways. The planners just don’t want the guys to switch the channels and they won’t.

  11. Didn’t one NFL exec say something to the effect of they’re hoping for snow because the NFL is the ultimate reality show?

    News flash: that mentality doesn’t work for Jerry in Dallas and it’s not a very smart way to make decisions.

    How will all those celebrities get to the game if they can’t have a limo drop them off?

  12. I will say at least with Bruno you do not really hear of controversy following him around. No ‘Twerk’ gates, sex with dance poles gates etc. I hear he just puts out music that many peeps enjoy listening to and that’s it. I am not that familiar with his music but it is refreshing not to hear his name in the media for all the wrong reasons. Besides, it has to be better than 90 year old Rolling Stones doing the half time show 🙂

  13. It’s tough making hits when the temperature is below freezing, but playing a guitar under those conditions is harder. Stick to beating on drums and blowing horns because fingers won’t be very nimble if they’re frozen. Winter football in the North? Brilliant!

  14. I’ve done an outdoor show in Aspen during the Xgames when it was single digit temps outside and a lot of snow on the ground. The halftime show is over so quickly and the performers have so much adrenalin they won’t even notice the cold until they’re off stage

  15. Yep he can sing but I won’t be watching this either….would rather see a rock band up there not the trash that’s been the halftime show for the last few years

  16. I have heard the name, but don’t know who this guy is. His name sounds like he is trying the same thing as Elvis Costello – come up with an unusual name. The difference is, I know Costello had talent. Don’t know about this “famous” unknown guy.

  17. Count me in as not watching the half-time show — Who is in charge of finding the halftime entertainment? I guess someone likes him but it probably is not your demographic. I think I’ll give my dog a flea bath at half-time.

  18. I know it’s cool to not like a Top 40 act, but Bruno Mars and his band are really, really good. Almost like old James Brown good.

    I don’t feel sorry one bit for Bruno singing in the cold, it’s his band that I feel for…nothing is worse than trying to play your instrument outdoors in the freezing cold. I remember a gig that I did outdoors a few years ago and it was 25 degrees. You can’t wear gloves and the little pocket heaters only work for so long.

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