Case Keenum on track to start for Texans


It’s not the biggest quarterback issue in the state of Texas right now, but the Texans haven’t named their starter for the season finale yet.

Case Keenum didn’t play last week because of a sprained right thumb, leaving Matt Schaub to return to the starting lineup in the loss to Denver. Keenum has been able to practice this week, though, and interim coach Wade Phillips said that Keenum was able to do everything that he normally would on a Thursday. Assuming he doesn’t return with signs of aggravating the injury, he’ll close out the year as the starter.

“He would start, if he’s healthy,” Phillips said, via the team’s website. “We should be clearer tomorrow on just how he feels. I think if he’s alright and able to grip it and throw it again tomorrow, then it’s fine.”

The Texans will sew up the first overall pick with a loss to the Titans this weekend and Keenum won’t be the starter next season whether or not they use their early pick on a new quarterback. He could return as a backup, though, and it looks like he’ll get one more chance to make his case for that gig this week.

6 responses to “Case Keenum on track to start for Texans

  1. It’s a shame he’s not getting a solid chance. He showed some promise the first couple of games when the team still felt like it had a shot, he is still technically a rookie. It’s just my opinion, but I think he should get a decent shake at the starting job. Somewhere else at least.

  2. His college QB play was a lucky success in the game against INDY….he has gone down hill since…..he might not even be a good backup but MCNAIR has SPOKEN!

  3. I truly thought that Keenum would learn how to better handle the rush as the season progressed, but his game has degraded as the season has gone on. It is amazing how well he did in college and how poorly he has performed in the Pros…These guys were in college too..when he was a star quarterback. I really thought he could be a “Drew Brees” type of player with a lot of field savvy and quick moves. I guess that is not to be. And yet, I have never seen anyone put a pass in a receivers arms as beautiful as Case when he connects.

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