Eddie Lacy likely to play Sunday


While Packers rookie tailback Eddie Lacy sat out practice on Thursday with an ankle injury, he’s likely to play on Sunday when Green Bay plays at Chicago for the NFC North title, coach Mike McCarthy said this afternoon.

“I feel Eddie’s in a good place,” McCarthy said at his Thursday press conference.  . . . I expect him to play.”

McCarthy said that Lacy would not have to practice on Friday to play, but the Packers’ coach indicated he believed Lacy would participate in the club’s final major workout tomorrow.

Lacy, 23, has rushed for 1,112 yards in his first NFL season.

14 responses to “Eddie Lacy likely to play Sunday

  1. Great to have Eddie in the line up for the Divisional Title game.

    Please join me in raising a glass of Holiday cheer an “skol” the minnysoda vikqueens 53rd year of being irrelevant.

    They are undoubtedly the historical showcase of abject failure in the NFL. They should be extremely proud.

  2. I’m actually more concerned about Lacy than I am Rodgers. If this guy is at 75% he’s gonna have a big day.

  3. More good news for the venerable Packers franchise.

    It’s time to put the Viking-like futility of the last two months behind us and start planning for the February Super Bowl celebration up in Green Bay.

  4. Why does everybody think Lacy is so great? James Starks has been just as effective and has a higher yard per carry. Fellow rookie Jonathan Franklin had 100 yards in his lone start and also has higher ypc than Lacy.

    Is it Lacy, or is it that the Packers have a great offense and whoever plays RB gets some easy yards because defenses are more afraid of the pass?

    Any decent RB can have big numbers in the packers offense. Guys like Dorsey Levens, Ryan Grant, and Edgar Bennett weren’t great either but they put up good stats for the pack.

    Lacy is pretty good, but he’s nothing special.

  5. Since week 3, no one has rushed for more yards in the NFL than Eddie Lacy. Not AP, not LeSean McCoy. And that’s been against stacked boxes due to lack of a deep QB thread, and on a bum ankle.

    Lacy is the real deal and should get near unanimous rookie of the year honors.

  6. Lacy set the Packers rookie rushing record & he even missed 1 3/4 of a game or he’d be closer to 1300 yards. The closest rookie RB has about 600 yards & the other rookies in other pos. aren’t ranked very high. Lacy will win the R.O.Y hands down.

  7. Vikings already have a sponsor for their new stadium. Swiffer. So they can try & clean all that dust off their empty trophy case. What do u call a Vikings player w/a Super Bowl ring? Ex Packer player

  8. Sounds like people are confusing Lacy with Le’Veon Bell or Zac Stacy. bell and Stacy are the ones with no blocking and trying to go against stacked boxes.

    Packers don’t face stacked boxes very often. Don’t pretend Lacy is some one man show like AP. He’s not.

  9. LeVeon’s shadow…dude…best for you to get back to your bong and stay off the boards…ur comments are so ignorant they don’t deserve any response…everybody is laughing at your stupidity…

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