Kenny Britt guarantees he’ll be a No. 1 receiver next year

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All expectations are that wide receiver Kenny Britt will be playing his final game with the Titans on Sunday.

Britt lost his starting job early in the season thanks to drops and penalties and has been a healthy scratch on multiple occasions for the Titans as the team moved on to Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter as integral parts of their receiving corps. Britt said Thursday that he understands the team’s desire to play two players they drafted early in the last two years, but he also said that he’ll be back with a vengeance next season.

“I am going to be a No. 1 receiver somewhere else if I am not here next year, and that is guaranteed,” Britt said, via the Tennessean. ‘I am definitely going to be a receiver that makes plays on Sundays and makes something happen for a team.”

Britt won’t be 26 until next season is underway, so there’s definitely time for him to get things headed in the right direction. Five years into his NFL career, though, Britt has shown only the briefest of flashes that he can be that kind of receiver. Injuries, off-field turmoil and steadily diminished production has eaten into the potential that made Britt a first-round pick in 2009 and no team is going to plan their passing attack around him as a result.


33 responses to “Kenny Britt guarantees he’ll be a No. 1 receiver next year

  1. Pretty reckless guarantee by someone that can’t similarly guarantee he won’t be serving jail time somewhere by the time Opening Weekend 2014 rolls around….but whatever.

  2. Kenny Britt isn’t gonna get #1 wr money.

    Too much legal baggage.

    If he could stay out of trouble and BE HUMBLE… I would like him as Andy Dalton’s #2 wide receiver.

    Unfortunately… I doubt he can be humble.

  3. He has got the skillset to be one… but he has got nothing to show for it… looking at min salary next year…

  4. Perfect opportunity for someone to sweep in and give him a nice “show me” 1 year contract. Paging the NY Giants (who are getting rid of nicks).

    Of course as a Giants fan id much rather have decker or jones….but I could deal with this clown for a year….hopefully he’s grown up.

  5. He is referring to the California penal league correct? I hear San Quentin needs a deep threat.

  6. This is now the THIRD player on this team who is out there where the trains don’t run regarding the future direction of their careers.

  7. Number-one receiver? He’s one mistake from being out of the league.

    Very few guys in the NFL realize how close they are to working construction.

    Every fan out there forgets guys who were on his team last year or two years ago but who are out of the league now.

  8. I don’t get why so many people are doubting him….he never said it would be a team in the NFL.
    I’m sure there are several semi-pro teams that would love to have him as their #1 and at least one of those leagues must play on Sundays.

  9. Damn him and Aaron Hernandez would make a deadly 1/2 punch. No pun intended. All jokes aside he has more talent than half the recievers in the league but not a humble bone in his body. Nothing will be givin to you Kenny. Let your play speak for itself.

  10. I can see the Patriots taking a 1 year flier on him, he is a total value signing, and if he screws up he is gone. He is a Rutgers guy too and given the Pats track record recently drafting Rutgers guys it is plausible to assume. Logan Ryan was a total find for them from there too btw.

    The key is if he comes in commited and focused, Brady will make him look like Randy Moss.

  11. It’s a shame that most people on this earth would give up almost everything to have a talent, skill, or idea that could generate them millions of dollars.

    This guy has the opportunity staring him square in the face and cannot seize the opportunity because he can’t help but functioning like a juvenile delinquent.

  12. Uh Kenny don’t drop that pass….

    Britt you aren’t playing because you have dropped soooo many passes this season when the ball hit you in the hands and you were wide open… No excuse…you are where you are by your own doing…KB

  13. Kenny I hear Paul Crewe is looking for a star wide out decon Jones gets out soon. Here is the catch though… get it catch you don’t because you can’t catch.

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