Kyle Orton: “It’s not like I just walked in the door”


While there’s a reasonable degree of hysteria about the condition of Tony Romo’s back and the Cowboys’ playoff hopes, the guy who will likely decide the latter is fairly calm.

“I’ve been here a couple of years,” Cowboys backup quarterback Kyle Orton said, via Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News. “It’s not like I just walked in the door.”

While he hasn’t played this season, he did have the run of the Cowboys offense most of the offseason while Romo recovered from a procedure to remove a cyst in his back. So there’s a degree of familiarity with the receivers and the system that gives them some degree of comfort.

“I’m excited,” Orton said. “I really feel like my game is in a great spot right now, and I’m really confident heading into the week. . . . I’ve played a lot of games in this league and had some success, so [I’m] just excited with the group of guys I’ve got around me.”

The 31-year-old Orton was brought in for just this kind of opportunity (if the General Manager must say so himself), but the pressure’s a little more real now.