Marc Trestman: We’re prepared for Aaron Rodgers


The Packers will be starting Aaron Rodgers at quarterback in their NFC North-deciding game against the Bears on Sunday, ending his long absence from the lineup because of a broken left collarbone.

It isn’t news that has thrown Bears coach Marc Trestman for a loop. Like everyone else in the football world, Trestman was aware that Rodgers would be starting if he got medical clearance and he said Thursday that his team was prepared for things to play out this way.

“It didn’t surprise us,” Trestman said, via the Chicago Tribune. “If he could play, he would, and we prepared for that. That’s no disrespect to the job Matt Flynn has done. They have put over 60 points on the board the last two weeks alone. But if Aaron could play, we expected him to play, and we’re prepared for that. We know that Mike [McCarthy] was going to get his team ready to play, anyway, with whoever was available. He has proven he can do that year in and year out. And with Aaron back, they have a feeling they’ll be at their best, and we’re ready for that. Excited about it.”

Stopping an offense led by Rodgers is certainly a difficult task, but it shouldn’t change things for the Bears all that much. They’ve have had a hard time stopping offenses led by anyone this season and the defense’s ability to put forth a better effort will be essential to Chicago’s chances of extending their season beyond Sunday.

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  1. The Bears have no chance of winning this game. Trestman should be fired for not running away with this division with all the injuries the packers suffered, and Josh playing better than your “starter”. We all know the lions would implode as usual.

  2. This will be a classic Black and Blue Division game.
    Hopefully Green Bay will be able to pound the ball, and find the type of success most of the league has enjoyed against the Bears front 7.
    Allowing Rodgers the luxury to make big splashes with the play action pass.

    What I fear most is the Packers D allowing Chicago’s big play wideouts to roam all over our defensive backfield all day long.

    Another classic game, for two classic teams.
    One score will separate these teams, maybe a field goal at the end.

  3. A Lions fan saying Trestman should be fired for not ‘running away’ with the division, even though he has the Bears in position to make the playoffs with a win on Sunday, and even though the worst the Bears can finish is 8-8 in Trestman’s first year at the helm

    Meanwhile Detroit has…Jim Schwartz.

    I’m still laughing.

  4. Really? That defense hasn’t looked prepared for anybody this season. Trestman has fixed the Bears offense, but now of course the defense is abysmal. They need some kind of hybrid between Trestman and Lovie Smith so they can actually be able to field a team that can play both offense and defense.

  5. yes the defense sucks but it is kind of hard to put a good one on the field when everyone of your starters is injured. they have had what 13 different line combinations alone this year. add losing briggs for most of the season and tillman you tell me how they could play better. sorry lions fans are not allowed in any discussion about who should have won the division. you had it for the taking and could not do it. guess you will have to be happy beating a injured bears team as your playoffs as you could not back in this year like you did the last time you made them with Cutler out.

  6. We need to hire Lovie back…but as the Defensive Coordinator…:) Let Trestman coach offense and Lovie Defense. Offence looks good…go all in on D for the draft and a 2nd or 3rd round QB in the draft to develope.

  7. Gotta applaud both Chicago and Green Bay for being in this situation. They battled through injuries why the Lions played to lose. You never know what can happen when a team makes the playoffs!

  8. If Aaron gets hurt at least Flynn will be ready this time. But I still think Tolzein is the back-up of the future.

  9. Never count the Bears out, especially when they are underdogs and at home.

    In the end, this was more than I expected from the Bears with a first year O coach and first year D coach.

    You should all learn from the Bears mistakes… never hire a coach and tell him to keep the old system in place. Recipe for failure…

  10. After that fiasco in Philly, what team will show up on the grass of Soldier Field? This is a team that manhandled Dallas, then lost to Minn and St. Louis and looked like cream puffs in Phil. If they repeat their performance against the Eagles, their entire season is a loss. It will be great that Rodgers is back so IF, and that is a monumental IF, duh Bears happen to play like they did vs. the Cowboys and win, there won’t be any excuses. Matthews is out, but duh Team has injuries, too. Nobody gets any excuse……..NONE. Go Cream Puffs!

  11. A great NFL tradition built on respect…
    Green Bay versus DA’ Bears……

    both teams limp into a titlegame.
    Too close to call.

    Where is the LOUD MOUTH FANS of the purple team.
    How is that Dynasty working out these days,
    AP is not playing…huh and they claimed Rodgers soft.

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