Munchak says he’s not interested in Penn State job

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As a Penn State coach with NFL connections reportedly plans to leave the school, NFL coaches with Penn State connections reportedly are interested in replacing him.  Especially since those two NFL coaches currently are believed to be on the hot seat.

Previously, Bucs coach Greg Schiano has denied interest in the job.  Now, Titans coach Mike Munchak has done the same.

“I did not reach out to anybody, and nobody did on my behalf. And I don’t have an agent,” Munchak said Wednesday, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “They have a coach there, and I have a job here.  So it’s just not true.”

Munchak needed to speak out against the report, because the last thing he needs at a time when Titans CEO Tommy Smith is agonizing about whether to keep Munchak around.

“I am fighting for this job, to make it work,” Munchak said. “I am not looking for another job, and no one is looking on my behalf. I don’t know where [the media] comes up with that kind of stuff.”

Here’s a possibility — maybe folks connected to the Penn State program are leaking the names in order to create the impression that the job is desirable.  A couple of weeks ago, Texas seemed to be doing the same thing.

Two years ago, Munchak reportedly was “torn” about the school’s interest in hiring him as he completed his first year on the job in Tennessee.  If Munchak ultimately is fired by the Titans and a vacancy arises at Penn State, it would make sense for the man who has worked for only one team since leaving Penn State to consider returning there.

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  1. Hopefully Bill O’Brien stays atPenn State. He’s doing an incredible job with that program after the NCAA decided they have the authority to impose crippling sanctions in a situation that is horrendous but is a criminal matter involving individuals acting on their own sick, twisted needs and has nothing to do with NCAA competition.

  2. Who would be interested in Coaching for a University that thought a Football Program was more important than a children being violated. It does not matter who was there than and now. Bottom line it is still the same alumi scum that is there. They should of discontinued the program and showed some diginity instead of worrying about money. PSU is a scumbag university anyone who supports it is just the same..

  3. So…in other words, he’s assembling a staff and ready to hit the recruiting trail? (I really do hope BoB stays, tho)

  4. Munchak has never coached college. NFL is all about x and o. College is like 70% or more about recruiting. Munchak has no experience setting up a recruiting program. He has no contacts with high school coaches.

    O’Brien came from the Pats but before that he had extensive college coaching experience.

    Look at Nick Saban. He didn’t do that great at Michigan State, or with the Dolphins. Then he goes to the SEC at LSU and then Alabama and he’s an instant genius because now he can recruit anybody with the sec lax academic standards and other “incentives”.

    The best candidate for Penn State would be former PSU player and current Miami coach Al Golden. He won at Temple and he has Miami winning even though they are under sanctions.

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